Nigerian Red Cross Society (NRCS) Recruitment 2024.

In 1960, the Nigerian Red Cross Society (NRCS) was established through an Act of Parliament.  They are known to proffer First Aid skills which equip volunteers and empower communities to save lives as an emergency response.

We are the leading organization in the delivery of First Aid Services and Certification to business groups, other humanitarian organizations, and individuals.

The NRCS set out on a mission of the National Society to alleviate the situation of the vulnerable people which include those affected by disaster, epidemics, armed conflicts, and the poorest communities in both urban and rural areas amongst whom are women, children, aged, displaced and other vulnerable people.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement were born of a desire to bring assistance without discrimination to the wounded on the battlefield, endeavors in its international and national capacity, to prevent and alleviate human suffering wherever it may be found.

Its purpose is to protect life and health and to ensure respect for human beings. It promotes mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation, and lasting peace amongst all people.

Article Road Map

NRCS Vision

  • To build a strong National Society that will continue to respond to both conflicts and other emergency situations with the required professionalism and reliability.
  • To build a visible and respectable National Society in terms of activities, integrity, accountability, and internal and external relations.
  • To be able to develop focused and strategic systems that will enhance efficient service delivery with the required impact.
  • Ensure growth and develop the potential in young people with the aim of mobilizing them for the purpose of service delivery to the vulnerable.
  • To put in place human and material resources for achieving the above-listed visions.

NRCS History

The Red Cross activities first took place in Nigeria back in 1917 when an Adamu Orisha Play was staged in Lagos to raise funds for the Red Cross to provide relief for returning soldiers of World War1.

Later in 1951, the Nigerian Branch of the British Red Cross was opened in Lagos by the Governor-General, afterward a period of rapid expansion of the organization throughout the country followed.

In August 1960 the two legislative houses passed both the Nigerian Red Cross Acts and the General Conventions Acts, with the formal handover by the Vice Chairman of the British Red Cross Society, and the Countess of Limerick to the Prime Minister of the Federation and the Hon. Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa.

The Nigerian Red Cross Society became an independent National Society in February 1961 following the official recognition by the President of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent; Nigeria became the 86th member nation of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Committee in Prague in September 1961.

At the same time, the Nigerian Red Cross Society was elected to serve on the league of Executive, of the International Federation.

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