Maxim Time Clock Pros And Cons

We can agree that the times are constantly changing. It’s the 21st century and virtually everything has gone digital which of course, does not exclude timekeeping. 

‘Digital’ is the new trend and who wants to be left behind?

Using paper for timekeeping has become obsolete and many organizations now use a maxim time clock for their timesheets and to keep track of their day-to-day activities.

Sure you would want to know all the maxim time clock entails. In this article, we will be discussing the maxim time clock in detail and its pros and cons. 

So sit tight and follow us closely. 

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What Is The Maxim Time Clock?

The maxim time clock is a web-based platform that helps employees facilitate a complete-time card through the use of their computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. This platform keeps a record of the signing in and signing out of employees. 

This time clock enables employees to enter the number of hours worked daily by keeping a track record of start and end times on an hourly basis at different job locations.

The maxim time clock is also called the punch clock, clock card machine, or time recorder. 

Although this time clock is very beneficial to employees because of its convenience, it also helps employers to count the number of hours worked easily. Employers can also receive weekly mailed timesheets for e-approval. 

The maxim time clock simplifies the process of collection, review, and approval of timesheets. 

Also with the rise of the pandemic; COVID 19, it has become essential to promote social distancing and avoid unnecessary physical interaction which is more reason to consider using a digital time clock. 

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Pros Of Using A Maxim Time Clock

The maxim time clock is very advantageous in the workplace. Here are some benefits of using this time clock:

1. Highly Mobile-Optimized

Maxim time clock allows users to navigate, read, and act on the site frictionlessly.  Users are able to use their smartphones, laptop, or desktop computer to access the site wherever they are and at any time. 

2. Freely And Easily Accessible

Access to the maxim time clock is free. All you need is an internet connection and your device and you’re in. 

3. Easy To Use

This time clock is very easy to use. It doesn’t involve complicated protocols or procedures to navigate.

4. Requires A Minimal Setup

For individuals who aren’t tech-savvy, you do not need to worry about setting up your time clock. This time clock requires minimal setup which includes filling out forms, digital card submission, and the approval platform. 

5. Keeps Archived Timesheets

The maxim time clock is designed in such a way that it saves past and present timesheets. So you don’t have to worry about losing any information and you can access them at any time. 

6. 100% Paperless And Effortless

The time clock is entirely paperless and requires less effort to use. All entries are done digitally. 

7. Multiple Timesheets

With the maxim time clock, you can work on different timesheets, and navigating between them is super easy. 

8. Promotes Social Distancing

Since all entries i.e clocking in and clocking out are done digitally, the time clock reduces your interaction with people thereby promoting social distancing. 

Other benefits of the maxim time clock are that it saves money and time, it increases productivity and accuracy, and reduces the risk of fraud. 

Cons Of Using A Maxim Time Clock

No doubt the maxim clock is very advantageous. However, it comes with its downsides. They include; 

1. The timesheets are inaccessible where there is a poor internet connection.

2. While the super administrator has full access to the whole account log, managing managers, business settings, etc, the administrator is restricted from having access to the business settings.

3. While it gives access to tracking time, accuracy, and compliance, concentration and spending time to grow the business are reduced. 

How Does The Maxim Clock Work At Every Level? 

Super Administrator

The super administrator holds full access to the time clock without any restrictions. The time clock aids the super administrator in overseeing the entire account log and managing managers, employees, and business settings. 


The administrator’s rights or access to the time clock are similar to that of the super administrator. 

However, the difference is that while the super administrator holds full access to manage the entire outlook of managers, employees, and business settings, the administrator is limited to the managers and employees and is restricted from having access to the business settings. 


In the time clock, employees are provided with access to viewing schedules, changing shifts, receiving messages from the higher staff of the organization, viewing recent timesheets, clocking in and out, and many more.


Maxim Time Clock provides ease and convenience to both employees and employers making the whole process of clocking in and out, calculating worked hours, and monitoring activities fluid. 

And although it has some downsides, they do not outweigh its benefits. 

What are your thoughts? Do you think the maxim time clock is preferable or we should continue with the use of paper? 

Kindly share your comments in the section below. 

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