Career Jobs that Start With C

Are you looking for some profitable career jobs that start with C? People often engage in these kinds of searches out of curiosity to know if, indeed, there are jobs for all the letters of the English alphabet.

Well, in this article, we have made known some of the best career jobs that start with the letter ‘C,’ and we can guarantee you that you will find something to meet your desires and needs here. Let us take a look at them.

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List of Career Jobs That Start With C

1. Chef

Being a chef in the United States is one of the most respectable positions; you get to handle what people eat, which means so much. Chefs work in Food restaurants, inns, and other establishments. 

However, they are in charge of ordering supplies and maintaining kitchen safety. They also supervise the staff in the kitchen. 

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a chef is around $45,000 annually.

2. Construction Worker 

Construction workers are known to build and maintain engineering structures, such as roads, buildings, large investment houses, etc. 

The best is, however, required of them as they form an important part of the construction labor force. 

They need good physical skills and a good understanding of engineering principles to succeed. 

The average salary for a construction worker is around $30,000 annually. 

3. Carpenter 

Have you met someone who can design structures with wood? They make chairs, beds, and other beautiful pieces of furniture as well. These ones are called Carpenters. 

Carpenters show extensive knowledge of different types of wood and how to use them correctly for building and construction projects. 

The average salary of a carpenter is about $40,000 each year.

4. Computer Programmer 

Computer programmers create computer software websites and other known applications using their programming skills and prowess.

However, computer programming requires that the programmer maintain adequate technical expertise and creativity to solve complex issues.

The average salary for a computer programmer is around $60,000 annually.

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5. Custodian

Who is a Custodian? A Custodian ensures the organization, cleanliness, and maintenance of commercial or buildings by cleaning and disposing of waste. 

Custodians also perform minor repairs and inspections of facilities. Moreover, Custodians earn an average salary of about $28,000 annually. 

6. Cashier 

Cashiers are everywhere. You can see them at banks, hotels, and schools; anywhere there are transactions that have to do with money, you will find a cashier.

They should be friendly and patient when dealing with customers’ inquiries or concerns, as in most cases, their earnings are dependent on the customers brought into the firm.

7. Courier 

In the United States, Couriers pick up and deliver items from place to place. As with people, Couriers can also be machines. Being a good courier involves sending packages, letters, and documents.

Couriers also may be required to handle huge tasks related to scheduling and signing off deliveries. 

The average salary for a courier is around $23,000 each year.

8. Caregiver 

So many names are given to people who provide care at home, hospitals, and other responsible areas where care is needed. However, the general name used to refer to these ones is Caregivers.

Caregivers provide emotional support, help, and care to older adults and those with special needs. 

This care involves helping these aged ones with menial activities such as bathing, eating, and taking medications. 

The average salary for a caregiver is around $25,000 per year. 

9. Customer Service Representative 

You will find a Customer Service Representative in almost any industry as the intermediary between the organizations and the customers.

CSR handles customer complaints and concerns over phone calls or emails. They also tend to maintain good communication and problem-solving skills, creating a good image for the customers.

A Customer Service Representative earns around $32,000 annually. 

10. Credit Analyst 

In every organization, Credit Analysts assess all credit risks that are associated with loan applicants using thorough financial statements, good credit scores, and other documentation. 

They generally decide who is worthy of being granted credit at any time. 

In the United States, the average salary for a Credit Analyst is around $46,000 annually. 

11. Cosmetologist 

A Cosmetologist focuses on providing beauty treatments, including hair-do, makeup, and manicures. 

In some states, Cosmetologists need to obtain a license to operate legally.

As one of the career jobs that start with C, this is one of the fun jobs across the beauty and entertainment industry.

The average salary for a Cosmetologist is around $26,000 annually.

12. Copywriter 

Copywriters are known for drafting and making copy or content for magazines, blogs, websites, and other media mainframes. 

However, copywriters must be creative to capture the reader’s intent and attention and send good persuasive content.

The average salary for a Copywriter is around $45,000 annually. 

13. Contractor 

Contractors generally oversee the jobs done by a construction worker, as mentioned above. They oversee the construction of buildings and industrial plants. 

However, Contractors must ensure the project is completed within a specific timeline as assumed by the clients.

The average salary for a Contractor is around $65,000 per year. 

14. Civil Engineer 

Civil engineers are known to design and construct roads, dams, and other infrastructure projects. Yes, not all construction workers are Civil engineers, but they should be. A lot of knowledge comes with understanding how to do certain constructions.

However, they must have strong analytical skills to complete their work. 

The average salary for a Civil Engineer is around $80,000 per year. 

15. Coroner 

Coroners are in charge of investigating deaths that are caused by unnatural causes such as accidents, suicide, and even natural causes. 

Coroners conduct autopsies, evaluate the evidence of death, and determine the causes of each death. 

Coroners earn an average salary of around $53,000 annually. 

16. Court Reporter 

Court Reporters are in charge of recording proceedings during court and judicial meetings. They use specialized equipment to transcribe spoken words during these proceedings. 

The average salary for a Court Reporter is around $55,000 per year. 

17. Customs Broker 

In the United States of America, Customs Brokers help in international trade transactions between countries. 

They also enlighten customers on laws and regulations about importing goods into the country. The average salary for a Customs Broker is around $54,000 per year. 

18. Curator 

Curators are in charge of planning exhibits and selecting pieces of good art displays at museums and galleries. 

Curators often research the background information of each piece before deciding where to place them on the exhibit. 

The average salary for a Curator is around $44,000 each year. 

19. Cyber Security Specialist 

Cyber Security Specialists protect our computer networks from malware and malicious attacks from unauthorized sources. 

They monitor the cyber networks for suspicious activity and respond swiftly when needed. The average salary for a Cyber Security Specialist is around $90,000 annually.

Other Career Jobs that Start With C

  • CCTV Operator
  • Ceiling fixator
  • Cemetery worker
  • Ceramic designer
  • Character artist
  • Charity collection
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Chemical Engineering Technician
  • Chemical plant worker
  • Cardiac physiologist
  • Care assistant or support worker
  • Career counselor
  • Cartographer
  • Casino dealer
  • Catering manager


The Letter C has so many jobs you can think of; however, how many of those jobs are worth doing? 

With our article on the best career jobs that start with C, you can place a handle on some of the best “C jobs” there are. 

We hope it has been fun and insightful. Do well to share with your friends and loved ones.

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