Top 10 Jobs For Nurses With Suspended License

Nursing is one of the most fulfilling Professions one could choose, but it is also one of the most difficult and demanding to perfect since it could lead to a nurse license being suspended.

Fortunately, nurses  with a suspended license can still find jobs in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and clinics. In addition, many states allow nurse practitioners to practice without a license.

In this article, you will discover the best jobs for nurses with suspended licenses and make a successful living for yourself.

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What Are The Top 10 Jobs For Nurses With Suspended License?

Many nurses with a suspended license find themselves looking for a new occupation. The following are the top 10 jobs for nurses with a suspended license:

1. Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are in high demand due to the increasing number of people with medical conditions.

Jobs for medical assistants range from hospital work to outpatient clinics. There are many opportunities for medical assistants, including jobs in nursing homes and doctor’s offices. 

Many nurses with suspended licenses can still find jobs as medical assistants. Certification is not required, and many employers prefer employees who have completed an accredited program. Some hospitals also require a minimum level of experience as a medical assistant. 

Nurses who have been suspended should be aware of their rights and responsibilities when applying for a job as a medical assistant.

They should also be prepared to provide proof of their licensure status and any relevant certification or experience.

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2. Travel Nurse

If you have your nursing license, but it has been suspended, there are still opportunities for you as a travel nurse. Many hospitals and nursing homes are in need of nurses with temporary licenses, so you can work while your license is pending. 

Be sure to research the hospital or nursing home you will be working for and make sure they are okay with having a licensed nurse with a suspended license. 

You should also make sure that you have all of the required paperwork in order, such as your licensure certificate and proof of insurance.

You will need to have references and pass a criminal background check before you can start working. Keep in mind that some states have laws that make it difficult or even impossible for a suspended nurse to get back into the nursing profession. 

However, by traveling and working as a travel nurse, you can keep busy and financially stable while you wait for your license to be reinstated.

3. Patient Advocate

When a nurse’s license is suspended, the patient advocate role can take on an increased sense of importance. There are  different things that a patient advocate can do in order to support the nurse while their license is suspended. 

A patient advocate is a nurse who acts as an intermediary between the patient and a medical team on behalf of the patient’s preferences, informing them about their illness, educating them on potential treatment, and assisting them in making informed decisions.

They ensure patients understand medical bills and payment options. There are some categories of patient advocacy in nursing, and they often include;

1. Medical Facility Advocacy

If a patient is given the wrong diagnosis or is sent to a hospital that is not so safe and tidy or the patient is uncertain about their medical reports or diagnosis, the nurse will inform the team leader of this circumstance and assist the patient to resolve it.

2. Family Advocacy

In comparison with this type, nurse advocacy is for more individualistic patients. However, in this kind of circumstance, a nurse acts just like a family advocate by serving as a mediator between the two parties for consensus on the type of medical treatment needed.

4. Personal Care And Home Health Aide

Personal care and home health aide jobs are always in demand, nurses with suspended licenses can easily find work as home health aides. 

Personal care aides help the elderly, disabled, and other people with special needs live in their own homes.

Home health aides work specifically in the home health care industry. They may help to monitor patients’ condition and adjust their treatment as needed. 

In order to be a successful personal care aide, you need to have strong communication and interpersonal skills. You must be able to keep up with the pace of the home and be able to handle stressful situations quickly

5. Nurse Assistant

Nurses with suspended licenses as the option of being  assistants and are responsible for many tasks in the hospital setting.

They must check patient charts and ensure that all required information is documented. 

They often help the nurses with bedside procedures and can give Medications as needed. 

In some cases, they may be assigned to provide care for specific patients, such as those with dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

Many nurse assistants work in hospitals, but they are also common in nursing homes and other health-care facilities.

6. School Nurse

They are medical personnel who work in a medical school environment to provide medical assistance for students and ensure they can access appropriate medications if any health issues arise. 

In addition, promoting health-related culture is an essential part of the job, such as proper hand washing, eating right,, carrying out screenings and recommending medical tests, and writing health prescriptions for the students.

Nurses with a suspended license can still get this job  as long as they possess the proper credentials and references.

7. Health Educator

Nurses with suspended licenses typically find this occupation since the demands are less demanding.

A health educator educates people and local communities about ways to stay healthy and avoid bad habits, such as smoking or excessive alcohol consumption.

They use customized development plans and treatments in the slightest to maximally address the patient’s condition as stipulated by the organization.

8. A Nurse Freelance Writer

This freelance job may not seem obvious because writing isn’t generally considered a job like nursing. Nonetheless, the job is very financially rewarding. It does not require a certification.

If you prefer to write, then writing while your license is suspended may be an option to consider this job for a nurse.

Your experience as a nurse will provide you with the ability to provide high-quality medical articles and other types of material.

 They can also do medical writing for health organizations as well as medical journals, healthcare magazines, blogs, and academic papers.

9. Medical Records Technician

Your experience as a nurse may qualify for you to perform this job’s duties. Because of this, it is one of the jobs that apply to nurses with suspended licenses. It’s mostly work that doesn’t interact with patients and requires no medical knowledge or supervision.

You mostly work with lab scientists, medical professionals  and technicians.

10. Medical Secretary

This is another job option for nurses with suspended licenses to choose as a career path.

Medical secretaries have the responsibilities of being familiar with Microsoft Word  and excel as they document patient health history, drugs,  appointments with the doctor.

Nurses with suspended licenses are more likely to work in a hospital with a medical practitioner’s private practice or consultancy work.


If you are a nurse and have had your license suspended, the jobs mentioned  in this article are some jobs available to you. However, you will need to work hard to prove that you can be a safe and effective nurse. 

If you can do this, then your suspension may just be a blip on the radar ( insignificant) and you can resume your career with ease.

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