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Instacart has a variety of job positions available for new hires who signify interest to work with them. 

The job positions available in Instacart Shopper are in human resource, paralegal, website design, business administration, engineering, finance and personal shopping departments.

As an individual in search of a job position in Instacart, you can apply for a job and undergo the application process. 

This application process will also involve a thorough Instacart background check. These checks can be quite unpredictable as one does not know what to expect. 

This article will serve you with a well-detailed analysis of the Instacart shopper company and what their background check encompasses. 

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About Instacart Background Check 

It is an employment policy that every Instacart job applicant must undergo a background verification check procedure before they are considered eligible to work for the company.

Instacart uses every job applicant’s social security number to analyze and investigate all database systems – both private and public – that have essential information about the individual.

Who Gets Background Checked On Instacart?

Instacart Shopper runs a background verification check on every candidate, from the shopping site’s web designer down to the delivery drivers. 

On being aware of this fact, the best approach to get ready for a background check process by an employer is to read through the fair credit reporting act and equip yourself with knowledge of your employee rights. 

Have an In-depth understanding of the personal information your potential employer is allowed to investigate, an understanding of what it means to give consent for a background check to be run on you and the importance of having essential information of the background screening company that provided information about you.

Who Manages Background Checks On Instacart?

The potential employees and employees of Instacart are valued greatly and they provide a satisfactory background check experience by using a third-party consumer reporting agency known as Sterling Talent Solutions to conduct the verification procedure.

The consumer reporting agency that Instacart uses to conduct background checks distributes the background check results of every job candidate to Instacart. Instacart then distributes the background screening results to the job candidates.

The distribution of background check results is important so that the job candidates will at least know the company that ran the background check on them just in case there are discrepancies observed in future.

The Documents Required For An Instacart Background Check 

As a job applicant, you will need the documents listed below for Instacart to effectively run a background screening process: 

1. An updated and valid driving license that clearly shows your full name, passport picture, home address, and date of birth.

2. A valid social security number

3. A copy of your utility bill or any other document that can prove your area of residence.

4. A copy of your secondary school graduation certificate

5. A document that clearly shows your employment history. The document must state all job start and end dates, job positions you have managed, and the contact information of all your past employers.

6. A document that shows your credit report

7. A signed form that gives clear consent for Instacart to run a background screening on you. The consent form is always provided on the official Instacart website. 

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What Information Does Instacart Look For In A Background Check? 

Every company or firm has a specific requirement (s) for their background screening process depending on their industry’s culture, rules and regulations, standards and the types of job positions they offer.

For Instacart Shopper, the basic background screening requirements are information on each job candidate: 

Driving History

During the driving History background check, Instacart Shopper investigates for information on the following:

  • Past convictions as a result of driving under the influence of illegal substances or alcohol.
  • Road fatalities as a result of alcohol intoxication
  • A record of fleeing from the scene of a fatal accident the job candidate caused
  • A record of multiple traffic violations and convictions as a result.
  • A record of careless driving
  • Driving regardless of an expired, suspended or disqualified driving license.

This information is found mostly on public and private databases and possession of these negative driving records on your profile may cause your job applications to be revoked.

Criminal Background Record

During the criminal record background screening, Instacart Shopper investigates for information on the following:

  • Prior convictions as a result of engaging in criminal activities
  • Past felonies and misdemeanours
  • The nature of the felony committed 
  • The severity of the felony committed
  • When and where the felony took place
  • Past convictions as a result of engaging in sexual assaults
  • A record of burglaries and robberies
  • A record of fraud & embezzlement charges 
  • Past convictions for trafficking, manufacturing and dealing illegal substances 
  • Convictions for attempted / successful murder, arson, larceny, firearm offences

How Often Does Instacart Shopper Run Background Checks?

Instacart Shopper prioritizes the safety of their company, their customers, their elite sponsors and partners, and employees, which is why background checks are run on employees by Instacart at least annually. 

They also run background checks on any applicant who is interested in working for them.

If you manage to maintain a clean record after the very first background check that was conducted on your behalf as a job applicant, it’s safe to say that for as long as you keep working with Instacart Shopper. 

You will likely be safe during the annual background checks because they would not pick up any discrepancies that may jeopardize your role in the company.

How Far Back Does Instacart Shoppers Background Check Process Go?

The determining factor of this query varies depending on the background check policies and guidelines of the states, federal and local governments in which every Instacart Shopper app operates.

The sterling consumer reporting agency works with all Instacart Shopper organizations to investigate background information histories based on their location’s state and federal laws.

Some state, federal or local government laws may require that sterling goes as far as five to seven years backwards to run a background check and some laws may require a background history of your whole life.

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How Long Does Instacart Background Check Take?

The period of time Instacart takes to give feedback concerning background check progress to job applicants varies based on different factors or situations such as: 

  • As some job positions require an extreme level of security, trust and safety. The type of job position a candidate applied for can affect how long his or her background check will take.
  • The number of felony convictions on your criminal record.
  • The severity of felony convictions on your criminal record.
  • Multiple changes to residential areas were made by the job applicant.
  • Multiple changes of job positions made by the job applicant
  • The high level of security clearance valid for the job position applied for
  • Lack of the essential information needed to complete a background check.
  • The amount of time it will take you to provide every necessary document.

Why Is Instacart Suspending My Background Check?

Instacart may be suspending your background check because they find it impossible to complete the procedure due to a lack of all the essential information needed.

However, if you make further investigations and realize that there are background check errors, you are allowed to contact Instacart customer service to make corrections.

Why Does My Instacart Background Check Status Read Denied? 

1. You may possess a felony record that the shopping company does not pardon.

2. You may have been dishonest about your personal information.

3. The content on your social media may not correlate with instacart’s hiring policies and guidelines

4. Your driving record may be too faulty for the company to employ you

5. You may have unfinished business with the police department

6. The consent you gave to Instacart may not have been properly given. 


Individuals who want to be a part of Instacart’s staff should prepare themselves properly for the compulsory background screening process that they must go through before being considered for employment. 

Nobody can work for Instacart without going through a background check, every aspect of your history that can be accessed through either public or private databases must be investigated. 

Furthermore, when it comes to misdemeanours or an engagement in questionable activities in the past, you should be aware that they will likely show up on your background check regardless of the age of your conviction (s). 

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