7 HR Roles Of the Future: What They Are And How To Land Them

HR roles are very crucial for the success of any organization. Though, it is an excellent career choice for anybody who is interested in employment opportunities.

However, to be successful in this career, there is a great need for you to properly understand what is required of you as an HR specialist such as your daily duties and tasks.

This article will provide you with insights into the topmost HR roles for the future that will go a long way in giving you an edge above your equals.

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HR Roles For The Future: Top 7

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been great adjustments in the various ways that companies all over the world operate as well as the role of the Human Resource Managers.

So, if you want to have a thriving career in Human Resources, it’s important to understand how the function of Human Resources is changing, and what types of roles are going to be in demand in the near future.

Below, we will take you through the Top HR roles of the future as well as explaining to you why they’re going to be so in demand in the coming years, and what you can do to prepare yourself to land one of these desirable positions. 

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1. Head Of Remote

In March 2020, many companies all over the world were forced by the unexpected infestation of the COVID-19 pandemic to shift from working physically to working fully remotely. That’s engaging in remote operations.

Though, many organizations started discovering the benefits of working remotely which one of the benefits was the reduction of overhead costs.

Research has shown that in September 2021, a lot of employees in white-collar jobs, 67% reported working from home either all of the time (41%) or some of the time (26%).

But regardless of how beneficial it was, managing a remote organization is quite different from operating in person, and companies will need HR to lead the charge on remote work. 

As the Head of Remote or a Chief Remote, you will be in charge of everything that concerns remote within a company, from remote strategy to hiring and onboarding, and every aspect of a business related to remote practices. 

By this, it means a senior-level role.

So therefore, to be able to land a job as a Head of Remote, you will need to be grounded on everything that concerns Human Resources since you will have to manage different varieties of junior HR professionals.

2. Remote Culture Manager

As a Human Resources personnel, maintaining a strong company culture can be challenging especially when your team is working in different locations across the globe.

As many companies are adjusting to remote work, they will be needing Human Resource professionals who will help to develop and implement strategies that will go a long way in putting their culture in check irrespective of wherever the employees are residing.

This is where the remote culture manager comes in. As a Remote Culture Manager, your sole responsibility will be to build a sense of belonging such as developing programs to communicate the organization’s mission and values to your remote employees, planning virtual team-building events, and working with managers and directors to ensure consistency in company culture across departments even when employees are in different locations across the country or the world.

3. Recruiter

Recruiting has been a long-standing function of every Human Resource but as many companies are going partially or fully into remote work, recruiting and other necessary things that recruiters do will become more crucial than ever.

This causes recruiters to be in very high demand since the jobs are remote and there will be more talent to access.

There will be more applicants that will be available Nationwide than just in a commutable area as in the past.

So therefore, with more talent, organizations/companies will need to seek more skilled recruiters to help sift through candidates wherever they may be and find and attract the best talent for each role.

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4. Learning And Development Manager

Learning a remote team is much more different compared to leading an on-site staff. So it will bring about leaders wanting to go through additional training in order to ensure that they successfully manage and lead their remote teams that will be able to depict a new way of working.

With this, organizations will seek out someone who will take charge of training these individuals, someone with the knowledge and experience. The best pick will be a Learning and Development Managers (L&D) Manager. This is going to be a huge high in-demand Human Resources role in the future.

So in order to stay on top of this changing environment, learning and development should be a priority for you.

Furthermore, you need to ensure that employees are up-to-date on all the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, and keep them interested and engaged in the process.

5. Chief Wellness Officer

In the future, there will be a great need for a chief wellness officer in an organization. Someone who will be in charge of evaluating and running a check on the health of the organization’s employees while working remotely and able to give them the support that they need especially during challenging times.

This can be done by securing a budget to provide ergonomic workstations to remote employees, evaluating benefits plans to ensure adequate mental health coverage, developing corporate wellness programs, and hosting wellness events, such as virtual yoga or midday meditation sessions. 

Furthermore, employees’ health and well-being are at the core of a healthy, productive organization which is what a Chief Wellness Officer will help the organization to ensure amidst its employees.

6. Employee Engagement Manager

Engaged employees are very critical to an organization’s success, and it takes different skills and methods to keep in-person and remote employees equally engaged which is why an organization will be seeking out an Engagement Manager in years to come.

In order to effectively carry out this task, the Employee Engagement Manager will conduct an employee survey to identify areas where engagement can be improved. Afterward, derive new programs that can help in solving the problem.

Employee Engagement Managers keep employees engaged, no matter where they’re working, and because engaged employees will continue to be the foundation of successful organizations, these roles will be in major demand in the future.  

7. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, And Belonging (DEIB) Manager

The organization will need to hire more DEIB Managers to develop and lead these initiatives across the organization.

DEIB Managers are responsible for creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment for all employees which includes developing programs to hire and retain more indispensable talents, managing DEIB-related complaints in the workplace, and reviewing company policies and procedures to ensure they’re in line with the company’s DEIB goals, and changing or updating those policies and procedures as necessary.

Since, diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging have become important aspects of the success of any organization, the DEIB Managers will become an effective tool in the years to come.

How To Become Successful In Any HR Role In The Future

Let’s take a look at the three best ways that you can stand out among your equals in any Human Resources position that you find yourself in the future.

1. Know What You Are Looking For

In the future, there will be many different types of Human Resources roles available to pick but the most important thing is to know exactly which one you are going after, preferably the one that suits your bills, and focus on the strategies.

If you want to be an HR as an administrative assistant or coordinator, then apply for those roles. 

If you also want to be part of an impactful change that can drive any business or organization, then find the roles and focus on it.

2. Seek Out Remote Experience.

Many HR jobs of the future will have to do with the shifting of workplaces to either fully remote or hybrid operations. 

So if you want to set yourself up for success in the future, try to seek out experience in the remote realm. 

For instance, if your company is making an adjustment toward working remotely. Volunteer to work remotely and also help with coming up with some creative policies as well as procedures that will help for effective remote work.

The more remote experience you can get, the better you can position yourself to secure an in-demand HR role in the future, and thrive in that position. 

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3. Develop A Well-Rounded Skill Set.

There is a saying that the most competitive HR candidates are the ones who bring a variety of skills to the table.

So, if you want to make yourself the most competitive candidate and land yourself an in-demand Human Resources role in the future, it’s crucial to work on developing a well-rounded skill set. Especially skills that can help your HR role.

For instance, if you want to have the skills to have direct, difficult conversations with employees, then you must work on your emotional intelligence and how best to work with difficult co-workers in order to be of assistance to the employees in the office.

Having said this, if you want to land yourself in one of these Human Resources roles in the future, don’t wait to start acquiring and honing these skills. 

You can start as it is now.


As the world is changing so is the workplace changing as well. Knowing that Human Resources is an indispensable tool in this evolution as companies are creating and filling the Human Resource roles that will be needed for this change up front.

Having read through this article, we hope that you have properly understood what type of Human Resource Professionals the various companies will be looking out for and hiring in the months and years to come.

So you need to prepare yourself ahead of time by engaging in those things that will give you an edge over all other of your competitors in whatever future HR roles you might pursue.

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