How Do Nonprofits Make Money In 2023 |7 Best Practices

Does the word “Nonprofit” sound confusing to you? Have you ever thoroughly figured out what “Nonprofit” means? If such organisations truly do not acquire earnings, how do they function consistently? 

It is alright to seek answers regarding these questions, particularly if you are just starting your own nonprofit organisation in 2023 if you are a participant in one, or if you are a donor of money to one. 


It is important to understand how these organisations function and how they manage their revenues to keep the organisation functioning.

This blog article answers the question: How do nonprofits make money in 2023? Providing 7 best practices and ideas through which nonprofits make earnings.

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About Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofit organisations need to be consistent in strategising best practices through which they can make money in 2023. 


The primary goal in a for-profit business is to make money, a profit that will be distributed among the owners and shareholders. 

However, when an organization officially registers as a federally recognized nonprofit organization, they make a claim to invest any additional money they make back into the organization. For this, they are exempted from paying taxes.

From a non-financial perspective, nonprofits come together under a common cause and shared vision, usually working to provide a service. 

In economic terms, it is an organization that uses excess revenue to offer additional or complementary services, for which it is rewarded with tax-exempt status.


Why Is Making Money Important For Nonprofits?

All organizations need money to survive, and nonprofits are not exempt. It is perhaps the primary way nonprofits can engage freely and successfully with the general public.

A flexible and diversified money-making strategy can keep nonprofits afloat and build a strong bond with the general public. In addition, making money is critical to helping nonprofits fulfil their missions.

Whether a nonprofit is helping hospitals purchase medical equipment, supporting a local library in upgrading its computers, or helping a park protect local wildlife, each milestone can be achieved by leveraging the different ways they raise or make money.

How Do Nonprofits Make Money In 2023?

1. Establish A Membership Program 

Commencement of a membership program is a perfect strategy to offer support and raise funds for a functioning nonprofit organisation. 

Membership programs enable willing individuals to donate some money according to schedules -usually monthly payment schedules- these donations serve to provide support to the management so that they can efficiently handle the nonprofit’s operational expenditures.

If the donations consistently comply with the appointed schedule, all plans for the operations of a nonprofit will run very smoothly.

In addition, it is essential to continue keeping in touch with all donors in the membership program. The reason for doing this is to make the donors feel valued and update them on how your nonprofit organisation is using their donations to achieve its purpose.

2. Generate A Donation Social Media Platform

This practice is effective, and there are different types of nonprofit organisations that own a donation platform. A donation social media platform or website can enable generous donors to donate money and support your organisation.

An important strategy to make money through a donation page is to ensure that the payment link on the page is easily accessible and easy to comprehend. 

Your donation page must be created in a professional, navigational, and mobile-friendly way, and it must be flexible enough to offer different donation amounts for a donor to choose from. 

This is because charity donors who wish to support your organisation will tend to lose their patience whenever they encounter a payment link that seems impossible to operate.

3. Explore The Benefits Of Combined Sponsorships And Partnerships

Looking out for well-established brands willing to sponsor your organisation is a win-win for both the sponsor(s) and the partner(s). 

The cooperative body enjoys the prerequisites of consistent publicity and tax payment exemptions, and they also utilise the opportunity to offer generous support to a charity organisation that matters to them. 

While nonprofits enjoy the prerequisites of generous support from the cooperate sponsors, which enables them to extensively achieve their goals beyond how far they could have gone in their achievements if they were working independently.

Attaining partnerships can improve fundraising to increase your organisation’s visibility and income/revenue. 

Ensure that whoever you choose to work with corresponds with your nonprofit’s standards and values so that they can willingly and happily make donations.

4. Utilise The Possibility To Attain Grants

A grant application is one of the best practices for operational nonprofits to make money in 2023. 

It is also possible to apply for grants in foundations, government agencies, corporations, public charities, family foundations, communities, and brands and secure them. Grants are actually essential for nonprofits because they serve to fund plans which would be quite expensive. 

In addition, it is possible that a grant contributor will request various application requirements and also ask for reported updates explaining how the contributed grant was used to achieve purposes.

Providing application criteria for creating a good name for your nonprofit and making it eligible enough to be rewarded with the grant before the deadline can be very annoying and stressful. 

However, it is said that if there is no pain, there is no gain – the reward of going through such a process is very much worth it.

5. Sell Valuable Goods And Offer Services

This is a popular fundraising strategy that nonprofits utilise, but it comes with so many regulatory rules by the internal state revenue.

Well-established nonprofit organisations are most likely to enjoy prerequisites from selling valuable goods and providing services because they are well known, so they will have a large patronage rate.

Meanwhile, upcoming nonprofit organisations that are not yet popular cannot put all their hopes into raising money by selling valuable goods and offering services to the public.

If you are running a nonprofit organisation, you can charge small payments in exchange for the services you have to offer, and you can sell valuable goods such as branded t-shirts, designer t-shirts, cookies, popcorn, kitchen wares, Tupperware, mugs and movement tote bags to generate income to your nonprofit organisation. 

6. Accepting In-kind Donations

Nonprofit organisations such as safe houses, maternity homes, orphanage homes, humanitarian aid organisations and animal shelters will find In-kind donations like raw food, clothing, medicines, and water very beneficial. 

Accepting In-kind donations can enable nonprofits to save enough money as possible. Also, In-kind donations can be useful if your nonprofit already has plans to generously provide food, water and clothing to communities affected by floods, hurricanes, tornados or erosion.

Another way to make use of In-kind donations is to auction them in events to raise funds.

7. Establish And Host Auction Events

Auction event hosting is a very beneficial strategy for raising funds. Organise the event to attract different distinguished personalities, provide fancy dinners and bouquets, live music and ensure that the event will be fun.

Establishing a fun and engaging auction event will keep your donors happy and satisfied enough to celebrate you and support your nonprofit organisation. You can raise funds through ticket sales, live auctions, auctioning In-kind donations, and merchandise sales.


What Is The Largest Source Of Revenue For Nonprofits?

Donations are funds individuals, corporations, and other entities provide to nonprofit organisations. Individual donations: 69% of nonprofit organisations’ funding comes from individual donations.

What Are The Three C’s Of Fundraising?

Capacity, commitment, and connections should be firmly established before fundraising for a building renovation or grant campaign.

What Is The 7 Rule In Fundraising?

Experts recommend connecting with your donor seven times yearly so that when you’re ready to ask the following year, the donor is confident in your mission and guidance. This simple but powerful concept is known as the “Rule of 7.”

What Are The Five Pillars Of Fundraising?

To create the framework for a strong culture of philanthropy, you need to focus your energy on five pillars: inclusion, transparency, empowerment, collaboration and celebration.

How Do You Source Money For An NGO?

Many NGOs list their donors on their websites or annual reports, which is a good place to start. Check databases and online directories. Some lists are free, while others require payment or a subscription.

What Is The Focus Of Most Nonprofit Agencies?

To generally improve the quality of life for others on a community, local, state, national or even global level. These organisations are not focused on private or financial gain but on promoting the public interest.

What Is The Most Popular Type Of Nonprofit?

Public charities are the most popular type of nonprofit. They are private foundations or public charities and must apply for tax-exempt status.

What Is The Difference Between Donations And Fundraising?

Donations are often the result of fundraising by businesses and individuals because they have a connection to a charity or a specific project. Additionally, donations make people feel good because they realise they are contributing to a good cause and helping to make a real difference.

Who Is The Highest-Paid CEO Of A Nonprofit?

In 2018, Bernard Tyson, then CEO of nonprofit healthcare giant Kaiser Permanente, earned nearly $18 million, making him the highest-paid nonprofit CEO in the country. The 10 highest-paid nonprofit health system executives each earned $7 million or more in the previous year.

Which Is Better, For-Profit Or Nonprofit?

Since for-profit companies generate profits for their benefit, they must pay taxes as required by law. However, nonprofit organisations are exempt from paying taxes because they generate profits to help society. In addition, individuals and businesses who donate to nonprofits can claim tax deductions.


Engaging in fundraising activities is essential to nonprofit organisations in order for them to thrive and function properly.

In order to generate income in future as a nonprofit organisation, it is crucial to be very flexible and versatile with fundraising strategies. 

With these 7 best practices on how to make money as a nonprofit organisation in 2023 at your disposal, you can definitely be able to generate more revenue to reach your organisation’s goals.


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