Emirates Airline Recruitment 2021/2022

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Emirates airline is the largest airline and one of two flag carriers of the United Arab Emirates. It is based in Garhoud, Duba. The airline is a subsidiary of The Emirates Group, which is owned by the government of Dubai’s Investment Corporation. 

With an estimable workforce carefully selected from over 160 nations around the world, bringing their expertise and diverse experiences to deliver the best products and services for its global customer base.

Want to find out what it’s like to work with the world’s largest international airline;

the diverse roles behind its smooth operations, and the people behind its award-winning service? 

Log onto; www.emirates.com 

Emirates Airlines is big on providing the best, most affordable and reliable services through a team of dedicated staff. But what makes the airline stand out the most? It’s a team of hostesses, brilliant, beautiful, and accepting the bold challenges that come with flying on a regular basis. 

Emirates Airline(s) Women.

Across the world every day, Emirates’ flights are connecting people and businesses, enabling travel comfortability, and promoting tourism and trade.

Whether from the cockpit, or inside the aircraft’s cabin, to the ramp or at the hangar, at service desks across the world or from its headquarters in Dubai, Emirates’ female employees make an important contribution to the successful operation of each one of the airlines’ flights, on a daily basis.

Emirates Airline Customer Service.

With A warm welcome, a fast-growing fleet backed up with  fast-growing careers

Emirates airlines are adding at least 200 more wide-bodied aircraft to its fleet of over 250 aircraft. And that means a lot more options are open for ambitious customer service professionals. As they’re often the first sets of persons to encounter customers and passengers as “flight attendants” hence there’s a need to ensure that an impression is created beautifully and an imprint is left on each passenger as they are also met with beautiful smiling faces, both on arrival and exit.

Customer care serves an ideal position for outgoing and detail-oriented persons, who are passionate about service delivery that contributes to driving the business forward.

Customer Service is an integral part of the organizations’ success. From check-ins to the front desk, to meet and greet agents, the team works together to provide the best customer experience that they’re known for.

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Emirates Airline, Job Vacancies.

The following jobs are available and open only to eligible candidates;

  • A licensed aircraft technician/engineer.
  • Cabin crew/ Air hostesses. 
  • Airline/Airport operations manager.
  • Pilot.
  • Customer care service representative.
  • Corporate and Commercial service manager.

Payment and Benefits Structure. 

Whatever role you are interested in as a possible employee, Emirates airline offers you a competitive total pay and benefits package. With a diverse range of opportunities embedded within the Emirates Group. The packages vary from role to role to ensure that we attract and retain the talent needed to continue thriving successfully.

Fixed Compensation for Emirates Dubai.

A competitively based salary paid tax-free and reviewed annually.

Accommodation or a cash alternative.

Transport or cash alternatives.

Variable compensations.

Special Jobs Allowance– applicable and payable to those in specialist roles, with very special skills.

Eligibility for Emirates Group Profit Share scheme – an annual scheme that pays out to all eligible colleagues if the Groups’ profit target is exceeded.

Eligible candidates should visit; http://www.emiratecareers.com for all needed information and application procedures. 

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