Does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid?

Does Walmart change transmission fluid? This is one question motorists in the United States ask.

Keep reading this blog post and find the answer to the question “does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid?

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Does Walmart Change Transmission Fluid?

Walmart is a multinational company specializing in retail food sales, pharmaceutical products, auto services, and many more. 

From oil changes to battery services and tire services, Walmart provides a vast range of services for its users.

Regardless of the wide range of auto services this multinational company offers, Walmart doesn’t change Transmission fluid.

You might be asking why? This is because Walmart doesn’t want to be held responsible for any damage that occurs to your vehicle so they don’t offer this service.

However, Walmart offers fluid-changing services and also tools you will need in servicing your vehicle yourself.


Can One Buy Transmission Fluid At Walmart?

You can buy different types of transmission at Walmart. Before you choose a Transmission fluid you must check out your car manual to ensure you are choosing the right one for your car.

The service men at Walmart can assist you in selecting the right transmission fluid for your car model. 

Furthermore, they also have books in their aisle that would guide you through the different type of transmission fluids that is available for several car models.

If you use the wrong type of fluid on your car it can damage your car, this is why you must put the right fluid in your car.

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 Why Do You Need To Change Transmission Fluids?

You will need to change your car’s fluids if you use your car every day. 

Most servicemen and car manufacturers propose that you change your transmission fluid every 20,000 miles.

Cars that are driven daily use more transmission fluids to operate. You can change your car’s fluid yourself or visit your mechanic.

Ensure you keep track of the days you change Transmission fluids if you decide to do the job yourself.

If you take it to a mechanic you will get a sticker or card that keeps track of the days your transmission fluid should be changed.

You can also book an appointment on time or sign up for a newsletter from your mechanic to remind you of your transmission fluid’s due date.

What Are The Signs One Would See That Shows The Transmission Fluid Needs To Be Changed?

If your transmission fluid needs to be changed. There are some signs that you would see on your car.

Read on and find out what these signs are.

1. Leaks.

When your car being to leak fluids, you can easily recognize it. However, An Automatic Transmission Fluid is responsible for the operation of your vehicle’s transmission.

Lubricate your vehicle with An ATF to prevent, overheating and friction when in motion.  An ATF is also used to reduce friction on the gears so the car can move easily.

Furthermore, ensure your car doesn’t run low on transmission fluid as it may overheat and cause serious damage to your car.

If transmission fluid damage occurs it must quickly be attended to, to prevent more damages from occurring.

Whenever you see a red or amber puddle of fluid underneath your car, you need to take it to your mechanic as soon as possible.

In addition, the transmission power flush might have been damaged. If this happens, you might spend so much on repairing it. 

This is why you should visit your mechanic at the right time.

2. Strange Sounds.

When you being to hear strange sounds from your car, it’s a sign that something is wrong with your vehicle. 

The transmission fluid line of your car might be leaking or clogged. Ensure you fix this issue as soon as you notice it.

 3. Overheating

Overheating is one of the issues that can happen to your vehicle when your transmission fluid gets bad. Whenever your cooling task gets hurt it can cause damage to your car.

Cooling the car requires that the transmission fluid must flow throughout the car. 

Friction and slipping are factors that contribute to the generation of heat in your car. It immediately affects your engine thereby causing your car to overheat.

If you notice your engine is hot, immediately check the transmission fluid and the cooling system as well as other components of the car.

4. Dash Lights Are On.

Did your dash light suddenly come on? If yes, you must check out why it suddenly came on.

Don’t ignore this message or assume that it came on by accident because the dash light notices you of potential problems.

The car’s detector triggers an indicator light on the dashboard notifying its user of a problem. Ensure you inspect your car as soon as possible and find out the reason for the notification.

Furthermore, take your vehicle to an experienced mechanic shop as soon as possible to find a solution and prevent more problems from occurring.

Don’t be scared if something like this happens because your car might need a little repair rather than an expensive one.

However, it might also be a serious repair that is needed. Before you conclude, ensure you take it to a professional to examine it first.

5. Gears Slipping.

The longer the transmission fluids stay in your car the more it gets ineffective. This can lead to the loss of hydraulic power.

This means the power produced by the engine doesn’t get to the wheels of your car.

When the transmission fluids get dirty, it needs to be changed. This would increase the pressure of your car, resulting in the proper operation of your vehicle.


It’s quite unfortunate that Walmart doesn’t change transmission Fluid. 

However, you can buy transmission fluids from Walmart and fix your car at any professional mechanic store close to you.

Hope this blog post was useful to you, if yes tell us your thoughts in the comment section.

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