Walmart Background Check

It is a standard practice at Walmart to run background checks on all prospective workers.

Walmart performs background checks on prospective workers, like the great majority of companies, to reduce the risk to the business, its staff, and customers. 

This article provides all available and related information about Walmart background check policy and its grounds for exclusion.

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Walmart Background Check Investigation

For background checks conducted at Walmart, they might look into the following options:

1. Criminal Records

Walmart will review arrests and convictions for crimes and misdemeanours from the past seven years. 

The most likely reasons for disqualification are offenses involving violence, sexual assault, drugs, and money theft. 

You should note that violent felons are not hired by Walmart and records that have been expunged won’t appear on background checks.

2. Identity Confirmation

Identity confirmation involves verifying Social Security numbers and address histories, to know if what you claim on your application is accurate. 

This dishonesty may result in disqualification if an old address doesn’t correspond with the location where you claimed to have graduated from high school.

3. Sex Offender Registry

On a national, state, or local level, a conviction for a sex offense from more than 7 years ago won’t appear on the criminal check.

Walmart does not recruit sex offenders who have been convicted, so being on the sex offender list disqualifies one from employment.

4. Credit Score

Walmart will eventually look at credit ratings following state law, and for this, you must expressly grant permission. 

A potential hire in an accounting or money-handling position may be flagged and disqualified if they have a low credit score.

5. History Of Employment And Education

Walmart will want to confirm that your application is accurate because it would be unethical to hire you if you were dishonest about your prior employment or education.

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Walmart Applicant Privacy Policy  

This policy applies to the personal data gathered by Walmart Inc. and the companies in its family during the employment and recruiting process. 

Available information that can be linked to information that identifies you is considered personal information. 

The policy is applicable everywhere and it is displayed on the websites and mobile services of the Walmart Inc. family of companies. 

The terms of this policy will no longer apply if you are offered and accept a position with the company.

Instead, this information will be added to your personnel file and used following the internal associate policies and procedures.

The following categories of personal data may be gathered during application:

  • Identifiers of the individual, such as name and address
  • Identifiers for devices and the internet, including email addresses and phone numbers,
  • Activity on the internet, in applications, and on networks, like cookie IDs and browser visits
  • Identifiers issued by the government, such as national identification numbers and license numbers
  • Demographic data, such as birth date and age
  • Financial data, including claim information and credit and debit card numbers
  • Information on one’s health and health insurance, including prescription numbers and the identification numbers for health insurance
  • Characteristics that fall under state or federal law’s protected classifications, such as gender and nationality
  • Images of the iris, retina, and fingerprints serving as biometric data.
  • Locational details, such as geolocation data
  • Information containing sound, vision, and other senses, such as audio and video recordings
  • Information about employment, including title, licenses, and professional memberships
  • Background and criminal data, including the outcomes of drug tests, background checks, and criminal convictions
  • Information about education, such as a degree or schooling,
  • Personal preferences and traits, such inferences, preferences you’ve stated regarding your choice of employment areas, or cover letter objectives

How Background Information Is Collected At Walmart?

  1. Information Provided Directly By You Or A Member Of Your Household

When you apply for a job or get hired, Walmart immediately gathers information from you. This includes the data you give when you fill out a profile in our application system and the data you give during a job application or interview.

  1. Information Collected From a Device Associated With You or Your Household

When you use Walmart’s website or mobile applications, they automatically collect information from you. 

For instance, they might gather information about your IP address, browser, operating system, and referring website. 

Web beacons, which lets them know if you visited a specific page, may also be used on the website.

  1. Information Collected From In-Store Technology

Walmart might also obtain information about you from the technologies they employ in their stores, such as the facility cameras. 

For security and operational reasons, such as to assist them to design their stores better to serve customers and staff, they operate cameras at retail locations and corporate buildings.

  1. Information Collected From Another Company Within Their Family of Companies

Walmart might also obtain your data from a different company in their corporate family of businesses, including Sam’s Club or Moosejaw.com.

  1. Information Collected From External Third-Party Sources

Walmart can also obtain information about you from third parties to help you with particular employment-related tasks. 

Background reporting organizations, for instance, might run background checks and report their findings to them. 

Your criminal, job, and educational histories, as well as details about your character, general reputation, personal traits, credit status, and other information, are some examples of the types of information that may be found in a background check. 

Walmart won’t verify your criminal history until they have an approved disclosure from you. They can also get information from publicly accessible accounts on social media or job sites.

Uses Of this Information

Your personal information may be used by Walmart for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • To establish and manage your account
  • To perform business analysis, including predictions, analytics, and finding operational improvement areas
  • To carry out auditing and engagement monitoring
  • Judicial or compliance duties
  • Enhancing technological and operational functionality
  • To safeguard the integrity of our business’s processes, systems, and other assets and to combat fraud
  • To evaluate you for current and future career possibilities based on your abilities, credentials, and interests; process your application
  • To communicate with you and let you know about job openings
  • To carry out ongoing analysis of background checks
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No matter what you anticipate to be the results of your background investigation at Walmart, be completely honest during the interview process. 

In the application and interview, respond honestly and completely to each question. 

You won’t need to respond to a question on the application about convictions since Walmart supports the Ban the Box movement. 

However, don’t add fake dates for other jobs to hide a work pause because you won’t be allowed to work on any Walmart property if a background check reveals something that wasn’t disclosed on your applications.

You can now prepare for an interview at Walmart with the information provided in this article regarding Walmart Background Check.

Have a great day.

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