Does Walgreen Sell Stamps? 

In this current era, we live in, text messages, emails, and courier services have greatly replaced the use of handwritten letters or emails sent through envelopes. 

As you may know already, before you mail something in an envelope, you need a stamp.

So, if you need to mail an important document or a parcel, you do not need to go all the way to a post office to obtain a stamp for it.

You may then ask what other place could you purchase a stamp that is not in a post office?

A lot of people ask if the popular Walgreen retail stores sell stamps?

The simple answer is yes, Walgreens sells stamps. 

All Walgreen stores sell the standard “first-class forever” 20-stamp booklets which are currently sold for $11.60.

These stamps are important as they are needed for you to send a standard letter that does not weigh up to an ounce and is sent from one domestic area to another. 

You will need a stamp to accompany your standard letter weighing less than one ounce, to be mailed from one domestic location to another.

Nonetheless, since a pack of stamps carries 20 stamps, an envelope can allow only one stamp at a time and a lot of people ask if they can buy just one stamp at Walgreen.  

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Well, if you intend to buy just one stamp, then it might be difficult because not all Walgreen stores sell just one stamp.

Some Walgreen stores sell single stamps for 58 cents. However, you can call beforehand to find out if the local  Walgreen stores around you can sell single stamps. 

Now we have seen that Walgreen sells stamps so you do not need to pay a visit to the post office to get a stamp for your mail.

There are other questions that others ask as regards Walgreen selling stamps. We now want to consider some of these questions and the answers to them.

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What Kind of Stamps Does Walgreen sell?

All branches of Walgreen stores sell first-class forever stamps, which usually display a picture of an American flag. 

These stamps are the same stamps that are sold at a U.S post office, so you do not have to be scared of buying an ingenue stamp if you purchase them from Walgreen. 

What Is The Standard Price of Stamps At Walgreens?

The price of a booklet of stamps, which contains 20 stamps, is about 11$.

Stamps are sold at this price at all Walgreen stores, so choose one around you to purchase yours. 

Also, most Walgreen stores do not sell single stamps, they only sell in booklets of 20 stamps. 

Is There A Huge Price Difference Between Buying Stamps In A Post Office And At Walgreens? 

No, there is no higher price difference in buying stamps at Walgreens than at a U.S post office. 

Walgreens sell stamps for the same price as every other post office. 

So, you do not have to worry about spending extra money from buying from a Walgreen store. 

In What Section Of A Walgreen Store Can You Find Stamps?

In some cases, stamps are kept in the office supply area of a Walgreen store.

Other times the stamps are kept right there at the counter, so it is easily accessible.

However, if you do not see the stamps you want at the counter, then you should ask the attendant seated at the counter to refer you to the section that it is. 

Can I Buy Stamps Online  And Get Them Delivered To Me?

Yes, you could buy stamps online, through Walgreen websites, but you can not have those stamps delivered to you. 

If you purchase stamps online in advance, you have to go to a physical Walgreen store to pick up your purchase in person. 

Otherwise, you may not get your stamps, as home delivery of stamps is not allowed at Walgreen.

Now you have seen some frequently asked questions and have seen them answered too. 

Yet many people still have doubts about buying their stamps from Walgreen.

We are now going to look at some reasons why you would want to buy stamps from Walgreen. 

Reasons You Should Buy Stamps From Walgreen. 

1. You can gather “MyWalgreen” Rewards.

Walgreens runs a competitive program that is formed to encourage continuous patronage.

Though the stamps are sold at a price, Walgreens allows you to gather points for each purchase made.

You gain points by buying qualified products which include stamps. 

When you sign up for the Walgreens Rewards program, you immediately get a 1% cashback on entitling products including stamps and you get 5% cashback on all Walgreens branded products.

2. Various Locations to choose from.

 in the United States and its territories, 9,000 Walgreens locations and about 75% of residents can find a Walgreens store within five miles.

This is why for a lot of people a Walgreen is even more locatable than a post office. 

However, The states with the increased amount of Walgreens locations are:

Florida: 820

Texas: 701

California: 586

Illinois: 574

New York: 564

The individuals in the following  states might  not have the opportune to have a nearby location but should endeavour to check the website’s store locator to see the closest mart to them:

North Dakota: 1

Wyoming: 10

Alaska: 11

Montana: 13

South Dakota: 14

Washington DC: 14

So, wherever you are you can check for a Walgreen around you and purchase your stamps. 

However, remember that you can not purchase US postage stamps outside the US.

3. You can get other household items from Walgreen.

At the post office, you can only get stamps and maybe other shipping materials. 

However, at a Walgreen store, you shop for other household items. Walgreens sells a wide range of household items as well stamps. 

4. Better customer service and experience at Walgreen

A trip to the post office is certainly not as pleasing as a trip to a Walgreen store. 

The post office is usually uncomfortable, linked with standing on cues and unpleasantness. 

This usually is strenuous and time-consuming. 

If there is an issue, the customer service is also not stable because of the crowd even during holidays.

Generally, Walgreens has a better environment compared to a post office, and their customer service is swift and gives a better experience.

We have seen the reasons why you would want to purchase your stamps from a Walgreen store. Also, there are different types of stamps to choose from so you can choose what you went from a Walgreen.


We have seen that it is possible to get a stamp from Walgreen if you do not want to take a trip to the post office solely for that. 

Also, we saw that you may not be able to purchase single stamps from all Walgreen stores so check with the store around you to find out if they have provisions for that.

The benefits of buying a stamp at Walgreen were also discussed as well as the standard price of stamps both at the post office and a Walgreen.

So, if you intend to send a mail through an envelope, you know the easiest place to get your stamps.

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