How Do Churches Make Money: 2022

A church is a building where Christian worship.

The population of churches has increased over the years, which has resulted in the growth of mega-churches across the US and worldwide. 

Though by definition, churches are non-profitable organizations, they still have a way of generating funds.

They spend money on things like covering program costs, maintenance, services, rent, and the ministry of preachers or pastors.

So how do churches make money to fund all these expenses?

Churches make money through donations, offerings, tithes, sponsorships, services, products, etc. Sometimes churches have a fundraiser of one kind – bake sale, craft sale, etc.

In rare cases, churches may charge people for admission or entrance into special events. This is also a way of generating funds or making money. 

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How Do Churches Make Money

1.Tithes And Offerings

This is basically the primary source of income. Churches make money through the tithes and offerings from their members. It is more like a routine as members come to church with offerings and tithes without being reminded. 

Offerings and tithes are usually mission collections run by all levels of churches, from national to local groups.

According to the Bible, tithing simply means giving God one-tenth of your income, while the offering is voluntary.

2. Crowd funding

This happens to be one of the best and easiest ways the community uses to generate fund for the church. In other words, churches make money through crowdfunding. 

These funds are raised to fund church activities, such as mission trips, community support, construction or renovation, youth group activities, special programs and events, usually makes a huge difference.

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3. Online Donation

Online donation is another means through which churches make money and it is also very effective as most people prefer online giving. 

This process has become more easier and effective due to advanced technologies and the situation of COVID-19.

Also, churches can use an online application that can extend their community around the world, resulting in a regular church giving weekly tithes and offerings. 

4. Text Forwarding Campaign

This is a more popular and convenient donation idea for churches and religious organizations in the US. It is assumed that many people forget to come to church with cash but not their cell phones hence this method.

As the world evolves, this method makes more sense. Also, with this software, churches can conveniently collect donations from multiple locations.

5. Auction (silent and charity)

This is one way to raise funds for church entertainment and energy, and it includes silent and charity auctions.

In silent auctions,  community members are given a little extra time while their members bid on unique and eye-catching items. Churches are to ask local businesses if they would like to donate items for silent auctions. 

Some everyday items include restaurant gift cards, autographed memorabilia, lessons with a pro, gift baskets and more. In charity auctions, churches raise money through personal interaction with their parishioners. 

Church asks for charity items from local businesses and tries to donate as many items as possible for next to nothing. 

Churches hire auctioneers, send out invitations, and provide food and drink. They also ensure in advance that everyone knows the rules of charity auctions. 

People walk away with some unique items and experiences, and churches can raise more money and have opportunities to build strong business relationships in the future.

6. T-shirt fundraising

Selling Tshirt has been one easy way in which churches make money. Churches customize t-shirts using one of the finest designs and quality, highlighting the church’s program on them.

They can also print-related inspirational quotes or bible words on the shirts to attract members. 

People who love wearing these types of church t-shirts will definitely buy them, hence increasing the church’s income. 

7. Lease Of Real Estate

Churches can also rent their special properties as a way of making money. Earning money is a way of generating funds for church activities. 

Depending on the property and condition, they can rent out in at least three ways for events and working spaces, all in a bid to generate income. 

8. Organizing a Talent Show

This is also a good way for churches to make money. Organizing talent shows for the local community and fundraising for churches is one fun and convenient way to raise extra money for churches. 

This type of event is delightful for kids in the church or the church youths. In this type of event, an entrance fee can be charged, and the church can also sell concessions to supplement its collections. 


As stated above, the church is not built to make profit but at the same time they have means at which they raise money. 

It is important you note that some of these funds are also dedicated to charity. If you have any question, please do well to drop them in the comment section below. 

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