Does Giant Eagle Drug Test Or Do A Background Check?

Does Giant Eagle drug test or do a background check? As you know, Drug testing has become very popular in the employment process.

Many companies perform drug tests during the hiring process and also on the employees.


Keep reading this post and find the answer to the question “does Giant Eagle Drug Test?

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Does Giant Eagle Drug Test?

Due to the increase in the sales of hard drugs, Giant Eagle is one of the few companies in the US that performs drug tests.

Who Does Giant Eagle Drug Test?

Drug test procedures are not carried out for every job vacancy. 


However, there are key positions in the company that applicants need to carry out a drug test their employment can be permanented.

Positions like pharmacist and warehouse supervisors are one of the positions that require the Giant Eagle drug test 

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Giant Eagle Drug Test For The Position Of A Pharmacist.

As an applicant in the pharmacy department, Giant Eagle cannot afford to employ a drug addict as a pharmacist. 


The management of Giant Eagle performs a drug test on applicants because:

  • We have to be sure that the applicant is not a drug addict.
  • We need to ensure that the applicant is strong and healthy enough to do the job.

If you are sending an application ensure you pass the Giant Eagle drug test.

Giant Eagle Drug Test For The Position Of A Warehouse Supervisor. 

Working in the warehouse is risky because of the activities that go on in the warehouse. 

There are lots of heavy-duty machines and goods coming in and out of the warehouse.

Due to the risk warehouse supervisors undergo every day, the management of Giant Eagle supermarket decided to run a drug test on incoming warehouse supervisors.

Furthermore, through this drug test, if an employee has an accident or incident while working, Giant Eagle would be able to report to the hospital in charge of the employee.

Does Giant Eagle Do Background Checks?

Background checks are also important in the hiring process of an employee.

The Giant Eagles’ human resources team performed these background checks on the applicants after their interview process.

Again, as an applicant, you need to grant Giant Eagle permission to run a background check on you.

A background check is made up of your educational history, employment history, house address, your references, and guarantors, driving history, and criminal records if any. 

In addition, Identity verification varies by position and the region the company is located in. A background check can date back as far as the day you were born.

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Does Giant Eagle Hire Felons?

Giant Eagle doesn’t in any way discriminate during her hiring process. So the answer is yes! Giant Eagle hires felons.

However, We believed that you have served your sentence in prison and there’s no need to punish you for a crime you have already paid for.

We aim to give ex-convicts another chance to do the right thing. Therefore, ensure you are straightforward during your interview process 

Nonetheless, your felony conviction determines if we would hire you for the job position. For instance, if you committed a driving offense you may not be hired as a driver. So consider applying as a storekeeper. 

Also, the time since your conviction determines if you are getting employed or not. 

So ensure you have a 10 to 7 years clean record. To prove your good behavior since your release from prison. 

About Giant Eagle.

Giant Eagle is a retail food store in the United States Of America. It has branches in most states in the US like Ohio, Alaska, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

For many years Giant Eagle has been committed to improving food security in the US.

This retail food store has employed more than 20,000 people and has more than 470 stores in the US.

Furthermore, this retail store provides freshly prepared meals and gas station services to the residents of the US.

Additionally, Giant Eagle is one of the best retail stores that care about the welfare of its employees. It constantly seeks ways to improve the working space of the employees.

How To Apply For A Job At Giant Eagle?

  • The Giant Eagle application process is online. Head to their career page and choose the job offer that best suit you.
  • On their web page, the red “apply now” button is the starting point of your application journey. Apply in store that is every close to you.
  • Ensure you submit your personal details qualifications and experience.
  • We have assessment questions that you need to answer.
  • After you are done with all these, wait for a response from our human resource team. 
  • This response should get to your email a week after your application. If you are one of the best candidates for the job, we would invite you for an interview. 
  • Furthermore, during your interview session, you would be asked questions about yourself, educational and professional experience.
  • Once you succeed in the identity verification, we would schedule a date for your training.


Giant eagle drug test process is important in your hiring process. 

This drug test protcts you and the company whenever you fall sick or an accident happens during your working hours.

so , ensure you are ready and fit for this drug test.

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