Financial Assistance For Released Prisoners 2022

More than 200,000 prisoners are released annually. Is there some financial assistance for released prisoners?

How can these prisoners find their feet in society after their release? 

These questions keep hovering in the minds of people, every time a prisoner gets released. 

This piece will tell you all you need to know about financial assistance for released prisoners. 

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Financial Assitance For Released Prisoners 2022. 

Many ex-convicts are faced with health or disability issues.

These issues meet the eligibility and qualification requirements for social security assistance.

Some of the financial assistance for released prisoners are :

1. Social Security Disability Insurance.

If you were eligible for social security insurance before you were sent to prison, you can still access the insurance once you are out of prison.

To carry on with your payments, contact your social security administrator. 

Explain to them, let them know you were in prison, and be sincere and straightforward in your explanation.

As soon as you have done this, you need to reopen your file and send them a document proving your release.

After you are done with this procedure, your social security office would be contacted to resume your payments.

2. Supplemental Security Income.

To reopen your Supplemental security income you need to restart your payment plan if you were in for less than a year.

However, if your jail sentence was over a year you would have to register for a new supplemental security income.

As soon as your registration has been approved, you would have access to a Medicaid program. This is also financial assistance for released prisoners.

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3. Food Stamps.

An ex-convict can be eligible for the supplemental assistance

Program depending on the situations surrounding your release from prison.

You must have a social security number before you can register for the SNAP benefits.

Furthermore, If you were imprisoned for a drug offense. You would have to run a drug test to register for the SNAP benefits.

If you are not above 50 your SNAP assistance would run for 3 months. 

To be eligible for this assistance, you need to prove that you work for at least 80 hours a month or undergoing an education or training program.

Note that: Your SNAP registration takes 30 days to be processed.

However, most states in the US ensure that inmates register for SNAP benefits before their release date. So that these inmates would have food on their tables as soon as they are released from prison.

4. Food Pantries.

Food pantries aim to serve ex-convicts who suffer from starvation and food insecurity. They get essential food items from charity organizations across the community. 

Ex-convicts can have access to food, health essentials, and medicines. Enabling these ex-convicts to get resources without any cost. 

Food pantries are controlled by charitable organizations, NGOs, and churches.

Finally, you can find a food pantry by searching for a “food bank page”. Check for a food pantry that’s very close to your location.

5. Gate Money.

Gate money sends financial assistance to ex-convicts. The amount cannot cater to your day-to-day expenses. 

So whatever amount you received ensure you spend it wisely and get the most important things that you need with it.

6. Cell Phone Assitance.

You cannot survive in today’s world without a cellphone because it’s the fastest means of communication.

This is why the Lifeline Program provides subsidized phones and internet for ex-convicts once they are released.

In addition, If you have been enrolled in the SNAP program you can register for the Lifeline Program.

Many mobile network providers offer subsidized plans as a form of financial assistance for released prisoners.

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7. Churches And Charity Organizations.

For, many years churches have provided financial support for released prisoners.

They donate food, clothes, furniture, and many other items to these ex-convicts. 

Some churches even go as far as employing, training, and educating these ex-convicts.

Additionally, organizations and NGOs also assist released prisoners with accommodation, training, food, employment, and legal assistance.

Ensure you look for these organizations and ask for their assistance. Do not just sit at a place and expect manner to fall from heaven.

What Should I Do As Soon As I Get Released From Prison?

1. Look For A House. 

Now you are out of prison, where would you stay? You do not want to sleep on the street, do you? 

You might not be able to pay for rent because you have no source of income. So ensure you stay with a family member or a friend till you can stand on your feet.

2. Improve Your Mental Health.

Ensure you go for counseling once you get out of prison.

The prison healthcare team would forward your information to your counselor.

So that they can be aware of your treatment progress.

3. Get A Job.

Like they say “an idle mind is the devil’s workshop” 

Once you get released from prison ensure you get a job. No matter how small the job is, the most important thing is that it settles your basic needs. 

Having a job that keeps you busy would enable you to stay away from trouble or anything that can send you back to prison.

4. Education And Training.

The importance of getting an education and skill cannot be over-emphasized.

Ensure you enroll in a training program, and further your education so you can be eligible for higher and better job options.


We importance of financial assistance for released prisoners cannot be over-emphasized. 

Organizations, churches, government agencies, companies, and the public should ensure that they assist ex-convicts to gain their feet in society.

By providing them with the basic needs of life.

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