Data Entry Clerk Job Description

Companies are often searching for a dedicated data entry clerk to constantly update their databases. 

A data entry clerk who will skillfully collaborate with coworkers within the company to collect relevant information. 

The core focus of this article is on the job description, educational and training requirements, technical and soft skills, experience requirements, responsibilities, qualities, and salaries of a data entry clerk.

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About Data Entry Clerks

In order to be efficient as a data entry clerk, you will accurately capture all the company’s relevant data into databases. 

You are responsible for maintaining all your customer databases by entering updated information and assembling source files and paper files relevant to computerized formats. 

Data Entry Clerks prepare compilations of all records into a single file or one table and sort it based on principles according to the customer’s choices. Sometimes, some errors need to be identified and corrected in a database. 

In a situation with no data entry Clerks, the business’ database will remain inaccurate and stale. It will not be current enough to reflect present-day transactions, developments, and updates accurately. 

Incorrect information on the database should always be swiftly brought to the customers’ attention, and a data entry clerk is needed to fulfil this role.

Data Entry Clerk Educational And Training Requirements

Basically, every entry-level data entry clerk position requires a high school diploma to stand a chance of being employed. 

Most individuals aspiring to be data entry clerks will acquire an entry-level clerk position first to expand their knowledge and skills in data entry. 

Entry-level clerks mainly learn the profession’s requirements while on the job in their company. 

They are usually handed over to entry clerks who are more advanced than them for close supervision.  Data entry clerks require career requirements like;

  • A bachelor Of Science degree in commerce
  • A certificate in business administration
  • A certificate in accounts administration 
  • At least one year of training in Bookkeeping and Accounting 
  • A high school equivalency (GED) credential. On the subjects of mathematics, arts, social studies, and science. 

Data Entry Clerk Technical And Soft Skills

Typing Skills

Generally, it is required of data entry Clerks to have excellent finger dexterity, typing basically 30-50 words per minute. 

Please do not try too hard to exceed the typing speed minimum of 30-50 words per minute. You don’t need to stress yourself that much just to please an employer or customer. 

Concentration On Numerous Tasks

We all know Data Entry tasks can be ceaseless and unending. But, it is important for clerks to be focused, as it will greatly benefit the company by reducing financial costs and risky liabilities that can be caused by uploading inaccurate information. 

Teamwork & Collaboration Skills

Data entry clerks work hand in hand with their coworkers to help maintain data records for their company. 

Tasks are divided between themselves, and computers and software programs are used for uploading numerous data information. 

Organizational Skills

Data entry clerks require advanced organizational skills because errors, no matter how little, will negatively impact the entire company; transferring and updating information requires organizational skills. 

Advanced Computer Skills

As a data entry clerk, you should know that you will work on computers daily. Advanced Skill in the datasheet, spreadsheet, and all Microsoft programs is mandatory to make a positive impact in your company as a data entry clerk.

Customer Service Skillfulness

This requires you to be bold and outspoken because you will definitely need to communicate with customers to give them updates on the current happenings of their business. 

As a data entry clerk, you will need to communicate clearly to customers to obtain the relevant information you need to update their records. 

Project Management Skill

A data entry clerk with project management skills is competent and can effectively coordinate a project under his/her care. This individual can even handle numerous projects at a time. 

A data entry clerk sometimes multitasks by working on multiple projects, and since he/she has project management skills, they possess the ability to maintain accuracy on the projects. 

Data Entry Clerk Experience Requirements

An experience on the job will help you gain more chances to be employed, but data entry clerk experience requirements actually depend on the organization and the needs of the organization. 

While some organizations will prefer to employ advanced-level data entry clerks who are experienced in using Microsoft Excel and software/database programs, some organizations would prefer to employ entry-level clerks to train them according to the principles and criteria of the organization. 

In addition, organizations look for specific skills and experience in an individual, just like the ability to produce, create and organize fresh databases. 

Responsibilities Of A Data Entry Clerk 

  • Data entry clerks input new data into customer databases, create and maintain spreadsheets, update existing database system records regularly, take down reports, handling standard tasks like transferring data, uploading data, and updating data into spreadsheets or digital databases. 
  • A data entry clerk’s day-to-day entails checking emails for information updates, checking voicemails to receive documents and instructions sent by the organization’s management, and looking out for project submission deadlines. 
  • On a daily basis, they monitor the company’s to-do list to cross-check tasks that are yet to be accomplished.
  • Their organization hands them the responsibility of reviewing paperwork or digital documents, and then they transfer the information into spreadsheets that are organized, and just before submission of the work, they cross-check the original paper or digital data and compare it with the organized spreadsheet information and make changes if there are errors. 
  • Some old files may contain a customer’s contact or account details, and in a situation whereby the customer changes account details or contact information, the data entry clerk updates the files by uploading the new details of the customer.

Qualities Of A Good Data Entry Clerk 

  • A good data entry clerk is competent and possesses impressive technical skills, excellent time management skills, and accountability.  
  • The basic knowledge of typing, word processing, and computer expertise are qualities that enable them to finish numerous data entry tasks even before their deadlines. 
  • Data entry clerks pay close attention to little details, enabling them to upload data accurately and observe errors as quickly as possible. 
  • Confidentiality and reliability are essential qualities required of data entry clerks because they will definitely have access to customers’ financial documents, contact information, and account details. 
  • Data entry clerks are highly educated and possess the required educated qualifications needed.
  • They are technically skilled and have basic knowledge of computer software programs.

All these qualities contribute to their productivity in the office.

Data Entry Clerk Salaries

The average hourly salary of a data entry clerk in the United States is $17.67, and an average of $40,000 annually. 

Entry-level data entry clerks earn less than this; however, they earn an average of $25,000 annually and an average of $16.00 hourly.

Some Technical Skills That Affect Data Entry Clerk Salaries

As stated in this data entry clerk job description article, a few mandatory technical skills are required of individuals aspiring to be clerks in organizations. 

In a situation where an individual lacks some of these skills, the salary may be cut short. The mandatory data entry clerk technical skills are; 

  • Data Entry Skills
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Typing Skills
  • Data Processing Skills
  • Microsoft Word 


What Is A Data Entry Role?

The Data Entry role involves entering data from various sources into the company’s computer system for processing and administration. A data entry candidate will need to effectively manage large amounts of often sensitive or confidential information.

Why Should We Hire You For Data Entry?

Data entry specialists should highlight their strongest skills, work experience, or specific examples of why they are the best person for the job. Sample answer: I have excellent writing skills and am committed to accuracy and professionalism in my work.

What Is The Difference Between Data Entry And Data Entry Clerks?

Data entry is clerical work involving various processes, such as typing and voice recording, to enter data into computers. Data entry workers work in various industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, and transportation.

Which Software Is Used In Data Entry?

Everyone is familiar with the most commonly used software that could technically be classified as “data entry software” – Microsoft Excel.

What Typing Speed Is Required For Data Entry?

Data entry positions typically require at least 45 words per minute. Positions such as transcriptionists, legal secretaries, and typists often require an average of 60 to 90 words per minute.

What Is Data Entry In Excel?

You have several options when you want to enter data manually in Excel. You can enter data in a single cell, in several cells simultaneously, or in more than one sheet at a time. The data you enter can be numbers, text, dates, or times, and you can format data differently.

Can I Do Data Entry On The Mobile Phone?

With basic knowledge of MS Office, data entry tasks can be done on your smartphone very easily!

How Many Types Of Data Entry Are There?

There are several types of data entry services. These include basic, online, formatting, conversion, and transcription. Basic data entry involves an expert reading a document and entering it into processing software.

What Is Data Entry In Simple Words?

The task of entering text or other data into a computer, such as typing on a keyboard or scanning a document.

Is Data Entry Easy To Work?

Data Entries are excellent ways to earn decent money and gain work experience. Some of the reasons why data entry careers are ideal for college students are: It is an extremely easy job with no advanced skills required.


Please, it is advised that you gain experience in all of these essential technical skills mentioned above and acquire at least a high school diploma and a BSc in business administration. 

Gaining advanced degrees is a plus, too, because it increases your likelihood of earning a higher salary and getting job promotions in your firm. 

Once you have finished reading our article on the data entry clerk job description, we assure you that you will be 100% ready to go on job interviews and possibly get employed. 

We have your best interest at heart and wish you the best of luck.

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