When To Update LinkedIn With New Job (Add promotions to LinkedIn)

LinkedIn is a great way to stay in touch with old colleagues and make new connections. 

At the same time, it can be frustrating if your profile is outdated or inaccurate. 

If you’re looking for ways to keep your LinkedIn up-to-date and Update LinkedIn With New Job, here are some things you should know.

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About When to Update LinkedIn With New Job

LinkedIn is an international networking platform that can help you connect with people in your industry or with a similar background. 

It’s also a great place to find new job opportunities and stay in touch with contacts from your past jobs.

LinkedIn has been around for over ten years and has become one of the most popular online social media platforms.

About Adding Promotions To LinkedIn

You can add promotions to your LinkedIn profile when you get them or when you are promoted.

You should also add promotions if you have been promoted for the first time or if it’s been a long time since your last promotion. 

If this is the situation, ensure that the date reflects both your current position and any applicable changes in title or responsibilities (for example: “Director of Marketing”).

If there is no gap between jobs and promotions (e.,g., within one company), then don’t wait until after being hired! 

The longer it takes before adding new positions on LinkedIn and therefore updating their titles, the more likely it will be that someone else will see those old titles elsewhere online instead of yours.

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What Are The Best Practices For Updating LinkedIn?

There are several things you can do to update your LinkedIn profile. 

The first is to add promotions and raises to your LinkedIn profile, which will help other people find you and recognize the value of your skills. 

You should also include multiple job titles in each job description so that recruiters can see which roles you have held in different positions at different companies. 

You may even want to add photos or videos of yourself showing off what makes each role unique!

When To Update Work Experience To LinkedIn?

When you have been on the job for a few months, it is time to add your work experience. 

You can start by adding all of the different positions held and then updating each one with your current title.

You should also consider adding any promotions that may have been awarded while employed at each previous position. 

This will give potential managers an idea of what kind of person they are working with and how successful they were in their last role.

When To Add Promotions Or Raises To Your LinkedIn

When you are promoted to a new position in your current company, it is a good time to update your LinkedIn profile.

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When To Add Multiple Job Titles On LinkedIn

When you have multiple job titles relevant to your career, it’s time to update your LinkedIn.

If you are a writer and have been promoted into the managing editor role, it is important to include this new position in your LinkedIn profile. 

If you have been promoted within the company (i.e., marketing manager), you should include it in your profile.

It will enable employers to find out about any changes or promotions made within their department and where they might fit within the organizational structure.

How Long Should You Wait To Add Promotions To Your LinkedIn Job History?

You can add promotions to your LinkedIn profile immediately. 

If you’re promoted, it is possible to add the promotion as soon as possible.

The addition of new job titles or positions in the past month will trigger an update on your profile, including the new position and title. 

If you have been working for more than a month, it takes 30 days before this information appears in your timeline or news feed.

Promotions within two months will also trigger an update on your profile. Still, these updates might not appear immediately due to approval processes at LinkedIn or other platforms where these changes are made available.

Consequently, there may be times when some users do not see these changes until they log out from their account after being logged into them again.

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LinkedIn Etiquette Around Adding Titles And Promotions On Your Profile

LinkedIn is a professional network, so it’s important to keep your job search professional. 

You should add promotions to your profile as soon as possible. 

Here are some tips for updating your LinkedIn profile:

  • Update the title and company name as soon as possible after getting promoted or hired by another company. 
  • Suppose you don’t update this information within 60 days of being hired or promoted. In that case, it will be removed from public view and won’t appear on searches related to that position (which could impact potential employers).
  • Don’t forget about adding any new office locations! It’s also important that this information is updated before moving into a new role at another company.

An example is joining the marketing team at Google after working with them for three years at Microsoft.

  • Add any other titles like a regional director or senior vice president so potential employers can learn more about what kind of experience they might get when interviewing you.
  • Make sure those titles match up with what people expect from their work.

How To Update Your LinkedIn Profile With A New Job (Or A Promotion)

Some practical ways to update your LinkedIn profile with a new job or a promotion include:

  • Updating your job title.
  • Updating your job description.
  • Updating your work experience and education, as well as any skills or certifications you acquired during that period. 
  • You can also add any additional information about yourself that might be relevant for the role you are seeking in that industry, such as publications you’ve written or conferences where you’ve spoken, etcetera!
  • If there is a specific company name associated with your LinkedIn account (e.g., “LinkedIn” instead of “Vivint”), then make sure it’s still accurate by adding an update here too! 

This will ensure there isn’t any confusion later on when looking at people’s profiles on other sites like Glassdoor or Indeed.

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How To Add Promotions Or Raises To Your LinkedIn

  • Add promotions or raises to your LinkedIn.
  • Look out for the following when adding promotions or raises:
  • The number of jobs you’re promoting from (1 or 2). If it’s more than one, make sure that you select the “promotion” option from the drop-down menu instead of “job.”
  • The date you added them. This is important because if someone has been promoted since they joined LinkedIn and doesn’t know about it yet, they won’t see it until they log into their account again after updating their email address with LinkedIn.

Why Update LinkedIn With A New Job?

It’s smart to keep your LinkedIn profile up-to-date with accurate information.

As a professional, you should update your LinkedIn profile when there are promotions or raises in your company. 

It will help you keep track of what’s happening at work and can help others find out about the new role that you have taken on.


Check out this article from LinkedIn if you want to learn more about updating LinkedIn with a new job. 

It will give you tips on keeping a clean profile and updating it with new job information and how to add promotions or raises when appropriate.

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