The 10 Best Career Matches For ENTP Personalities

ENTP personality types are often described as creative, innovative, and highly individualistic. 

They tend to excel at the job they’re most interested in and are frequently natural-born leaders who can inspire their teams. 

ENTPs are creative and analytical, so these careers are a good match. They’re also good at problem-solving, finding solutions to problems, and creating new ones.

This article will discuss the ten best career matches for ENTP personalities. 

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Best Career Matches For ENTP Personalities

ENTPs tend to be excellent at what they do because they have an innate understanding of how things work and why. 

This can lead them down paths others might not see as viable options at first glance. 


If you’re an ENTP looking for a career that will challenge your intellect and allow you to use your creativity in new ways, here are some career matches for ENTP personalities:

1. Engineer

In a career as an engineer, you’ll be able to use your skills to solve problems, create new things and products, and invent new technologies. 

If you don’t know how to do these things already, training is time. 

The ENTP personality type is well suited for this career path because of its natural knack for problem-solving.


The ENTP will quickly develop ways around it when faced with an unfamiliar situation or challenge (such as learning a new programming language).

This is so that they can get what they want from their work experience without wasting too much time or effort on unproductive tasks like analysis paralysis.

In essence, trying all possible solutions before deciding which one works best. 

You will have plenty of opportunities as an engineer working within technology companies such as Apple or Google, which develop cutting-edge hardware components used by other companies like Tesla Motors or Uber Technologies Inc.


You will have the opportunity to use your analytical brainpower to solve difficult problems efficiently while making money along the way.

2. Computer Software Developer

The computer software developer is a good match for the ENTP personality type because it’s a position that requires problem-solving and creativity.

ENTPs are creative problem solvers. 

They excel at finding solutions to new problems and don’t mind exploring all possible options before settling on one that seems most likely to work out in the end. 

This makes them well-suited for this career path because they’ll always be looking for ways to improve their products or services, no matter how old the technology may be. 

They also enjoy working alone.

This means that this career choice will allow them plenty of time away from coworkers or managers who can slow down their flow of ideas with questions or suggestions that don’t make sense. 

3. Product Manager

The Product Manager role involves managing the product development, marketing, and sales activities of a product or service. 

The Product Manager is tasked with a product or service’s success and marketability.

Product Managers are responsible for understanding their customers’ needs, wants, and expectations.

They also develop innovative solutions to meet these needs affordably. 

They must also be able to communicate this information clearly so that others can understand it. 

Finally, it’s important for them to listen and speak on behalf of their organization at events like conferences where there might be other people who could benefit from hearing about new products/services. 

4. Entrepreneur

ENTPs are known for their creative and innovative ideas. They like to work on their projects, so it’s no surprise they’re often drawn to entrepreneurship.

ENTPs have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, which can lead them down some interesting paths in the workplace.

When you see an ENTP at work, they’ll likely be coming up with new ways of doing things or improving processes at your company or just in your life.

5. Project Manager

Project managers are good at managing projects. 

They can easily plan, organize and prioritize tasks, identifying problems and finding solutions. 

They are also good at working with others and communicating effectively with them.

ENTPs enjoy the challenge of managing complex projects because they love finding new ways of thinking about things that might otherwise seem impossible or overwhelming. 

This can make them excellent project managers and skilled engineers or scientists who need help solving technical problems within a specific field of expertise (i.e., design).

6. Architect

Architects are creative, imaginative, and innovative. 

They design buildings, structures, and cities by applying their strong sense of design. 

Architects use their imagination to create designs that are distinctively different from other architects’ work. 

Architects also tend to be good problem solvers because they like working on complex projects that require them to make decisions quickly under pressure.

Architects can find themselves at home in any industry as long as it involves designing something new or making things better by changing them into something else entirely, such as renovating an existing building.

7. Film Producer

As a film producer, you’ll be able to create an atmosphere where people can share their ideas and explore new ways of doing things. 

The ENTP has an uncanny ability to see things from the other person’s perspective.

This makes them well-suited for the job because they can sympathize with others’ needs and desires. 

In addition, being good listeners means that ENTPs can inspire others by sharing their creative ideas, allowing them to be more productive and effective communicators.

With this kind of creativity comes flexibility.

It’s easy for any personality type (INTPs included) who enjoys exploring new things within their field, whether it’s writing scripts or shooting movies, to find work at studios where those opportunities exist.

8. Analyst/Strategist

The Analyst/Strategist personality type combines the Analyst and Strategist traits. 

Analysts are problem solvers who can break down complex problems into their constituent parts, identifying what needs to be done and how it should be done. 

They’re also good at finding the best way to solve a problem.

The strategist in an ENTP may not always be obvious, as they tend to keep their head down and focus on their work without worrying about how other people feel about them (or even their feelings). 

But when you need someone who understands how things work, whether it’s business or personal relationships, an ENTP will be your go-to person for advice on anything from career moves or romantic relationships.

They are also better at managing finances or learning new skills related directly to themselves, such as writing. The list goes on.

9. Financial Planner

Financial planners help people plan for their financial future. 

They’re responsible for helping clients manage their finances, whether it’s through managing an individual’s 401(k), setting up a retirement plan, or providing tax advice.

The field is diverse and can include a variety of settings and positions. 

Some financial planners work in offices with other professionals, while others may be self-employed and operate out of their homes or businesses (e-commerce). 

A few even work remotely from home via phone or computer.

10. Consultant/Trainer/Coach

As a consultant, ENTPs can help others to understand complex problems and find solutions. 

ENTPs are good at explaining things so others can learn from your experience. 

This makes them excellent trainers or coaches who can teach others and themselves. 

ENTPs love learning new things and helping people do the same, so this career choice suits your personality type.

For example, if there’s a problem with something that needs fixing in the world (like climate change), an ENTP will have no problem coming up with creative ways of solving it using technology. 

They’ll also be able to explain both sides of any argument fairly well, which means they could help make sure everyone has access to information without bias or prejudice toward one side over another side.

What Is An ENTP Like At Work?

ENTPs are creative and innovative. They like to be challenged and thrive in roles that allow them to work on new projects. 

They also like being able to solve problems and make decisions independently.

ENTPs are excellent communicators, often speaking their minds freely when other people might not have the same confidence or experience. 

If you’re looking for someone who can keep up with your fast-paced working style, this is one of your better options.

ENTPs tend to be energized by being able to contribute at a high level.

This makes them ideal for teams needing thinkers who can help drive ideas toward completion.

When working with an ENTP personality, you’ll know what must be done for your project or project team to succeed.

You’ll also know why it’s important for each team member to bring his or her unique perspective into play during the implementation phases.

This will help ensure that everyone involved has input into decisions about how those decisions should be implemented going forward.

Jobs To Avoid

ENTPs should avoid jobs that require a lot of face-to-face communication. 

ENTPs thrive on expressing themselves and their ideas, but this can be difficult when you’re forced into small talk with less bright or interesting people.

ENTPs should avoid jobs that require a lot of office work.

ENTPs dislike repetitive tasks that keep them from having time to think creatively and develop new ideas. 

They also hate seeing others suffer because they have to do things they don’t enjoy, and no one wants to feel like their job is sucking out all the fun from life.

ENTPs should avoid jobs that require a lot of paperwork or paperwork processing (like taxes). 

ENTPs don’t care how much information there is on paper; they just want something tangible so they can see what someone else has done for them or even just look at it. 

Too much work involved with keeping track of everything will take away from other projects, which could lead to burnout.

It could also lead to decreased productivity overall due to a lackadaisical attitude towards deadlines etc.


1. Can An ENTP Be successful?

ENTPs can often develop skills in any field that truly interests them. 

They usually have a great deal of enthusiasm and confidence not only in their ideas but also in their ability to succeed, which often translates into skill in influencing or winning the support of others.

2. Who Do ENTPs Attract?

They are attracted to people who are passionate and enthusiastic about life. 

3. What Is The Perfect Job For An ENTP?

Along with ENFPs, ENTPs are probably better suited for journalism than any other type. ENTPs love to travel, engage with people, explore ideas, and write about their experiences. 

4. What Is ENTP’s Weakness?

Their fear of missing out can make it hard to commit to one idea or path; they want to keep exploring and evaluating. Impracticality.

5. What Is Special About ENTP?

ENTPs are inspired innovators, motivated to find new solutions to intellectually challenging problems. 

6. Who Should ENTP Marry?

Although two well-rounded individuals of any type can have a healthy relationship, an ENTP’s natural partner is an INFJ or INTJ.

7. What Are ENTPs Afraid Of?

ENTPs love their ability to be original, inventive, and capable. They are very concerned about being incompetent or unable to quickly access their normally sophisticated thought process.

8. What Do ENTPs Like In Bed?

ENTPs are well-known flirts and are prone to both casual and serious relationships. You are creative, playful, and giving in bed; You feel as happy as your partner is happy, even if you like to perform.

9. What ENTP Is Worth The Most?

The ENTP greatly values autonomy and personal freedom. 

10. What Are ENTPs Insecure About?

ENTPs get insecure when they have to manage or remember lots of details, facts, and specifics.


We hope this job title list will help you find the best career matches for ENTP personalities. 

If you want more information about careers that might match the ENTP personality well, drop your comments below. 


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