Career Jobs That Start With P

Are you inquisitive about finding out the various career jobs that start with P?

You’re definitely in the right place; at the right time because this blog post you are about to read extensively describes all the most money-fetching career jobs in the alphabet P category.

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Career Jobs That Start With P

1. Psychologist 

Psychologists are medical professionals who provide or offer therapeutic services to mentally unstable, substance addicts, drunks, and psychologically drained individuals.

A psychologist is to carry himself or herself as a leader and should possess leadership by example skills, patient care abilities, multitasking abilities, investigative abilities, a healthy dose of emotional intelligence, high verbal communication skills, a nonjudgmental attitude, exercise patience with the patients and be very compassionate.

The Work Environment Of A Psychologist

A psychologist works in neuropsychology clinics, medical colleges, high schools, primary schools, healthcare institutions, and government-owned medical hospitals, and some practice independently in their own unique offices or homes.

Educational Requirements For A Psychologist 

Aspiring psychologists usually get into school to study psychology or psychiatry medicine.

A bachelor of science degree in either of the two courses enlisted above can earn you a satisfactory psychology career job.

2. Paediatrics

Paediatricians are medical care specialists who specialize in the care of infants, little teenagers or young adults. They are trained to handle children’s physical, mental, emotional, social, immune and behavioural deteriorations.

A paediatrician has certain qualities, such as communicating to children’s understanding, making children feel safe and calm, genuine compassion, transparency, and genuine love for children. 

Work Environments Of A Pediatrician

A paediatrician is eligible to work in teaching hospitals, private hospitals, gynaecology units, emergency rooms and educational institutions.

Educational Requirements For A Pediatrician 

An aspiring pediatric medicine practitioner is required to provide a bachelor of science degree in pediatric medicine, medicine and surgery, nursing or osteopathic medicine from an accredited medical college. 

A high school leaving certificate and excellent grades in science subjects such as chemistry, biology, agriculture, physics, mathematics, and English language.

A working experience in a clinic or childcare speciality hospital can enable you to get a satisfactory career job in pediatric medicine.

3. Pharmaceutical Scientist

A pharmacist is a healthcare provider who understands medicines, their functions, side effects and appropriate dosages.

The basic duties of a pharmacist include selling only drugs that are verified by the law, dispensing drugs as prescribed by the physician of a patient, and reporting samples to medical laboratories for tests to be run on the samples. 

It also involves dispensing drugs in the appropriate amounts, exactly as the doctor has prescribed, regarding the FDA drug safety policies and standards regularly.

Work Environments Of A Pharmaceutical Scientist 

Pharmaceutical Scientists work in pharmacies of big hospitals, either public or private; some own pharmacies and work independently.

Educational Requirements For Pharmaceutical Scientists

Pharmaceutical professionals usually own a high school diploma or certificate, a bachelor of science or master’s or doctorate or associate degree in pharmacy and a pharmaceutical science residency program.

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4. Photographer 

Photographers are technically inclined artisans who basically take beautiful pictures of nature, homes, children, adults, and school environments using a camera. 

The photographer manages tasks such as; taking pictures of graduating students, training the interns under them, and taking outstanding photos of married couples.

Work Environments Of A Photographer 

Photographers are eligible to work in photography studios, online platforms, private companies, government houses, public / government agencies, paralegal firms, on the streets and in educational institutions.

Educational Requirements For A Photographer 

Although a degree in journalism, mass communication, linguistics and communication studies or fine art and design can be an asset, an individual does not require a formal education degree to be a photographer. 

Only working experience will be able to get you photographic expertise.

5. Plant And Biotechnology Scientist 

Plant scientists have a reputation for genetically enhancing plants using engineering techniques; they also cross-breed plants, fix deteriorating landscapes, improve plants’ well-being, and get useful extracts from medicinal plants.

They are well-read on various agricultural practices and techniques, have excellent research abilities, and do all it takes to conserve a community’s natural resources.

Work Environments Of A Plant And Biotechnology Scientist 

Plant and biotechnology scientists can work in educational institutions, research laboratories, farms, food production industries, horticultural firms, oil and gas engineering industries, agrochemical firms, pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology firms.

Educational Requirements For A Plant And Biotechnology Scientist 

A degree in agriculture, plant science and biotechnology, pharmacy, or environmental science will give an individual a career opportunity in the plant science and biotechnology field.

6. Pilot

Pilots are aircraft experts who transport individuals to various countries, states, regions, and across many cities.

The basic duties and responsibilities of pilots are basically to ensure that all cargo of the travellers is completely packed up and well arranged and run a performance and efficiency test on the engine/navigation control system / the radars of the aeroplane before any flights.

They also check in with the air traffic control officials to ensure that the coast is clear to embark on any journey, make sure the weight of the traveller’s cargo does not in any way exceed what the aircraft can carry, calculate the fuel needed for the journey and ensure that all travellers are on seat belts.

Work Environments Of A Pilot

Most small, large or commercial airports employ pilots. 

Educational Requirements Of A Pilot

Suppose you would love to be a professional pilot that will earn a very high salary. In that case, you should achieve a bachelor’s degree in aeronautics or aviation technology and a high school leaving certificate. 

7. Police Officer

The government employs police officers to catch criminals, perform routine checks on communities at night, control traffic, warn individuals who disregard the law, and protect children from predators. 

Police officers also reduce the occurrence of child and domestic abuse, enforce laws and regulations, respond to urgent 911 calls, protect the life and property of people, and detain offenders of the laws and regulations.

Work Environments Of Police Officers

Basically, police officers work in police stations and outdoors on the streets.

Educational Requirements For The Police

The best degrees for police officers are a bachelor’s degree, doctorate, certificate, or associate degree in criminal law, police administration, forensic science and cyber security.

8. Professor

This professional career job specializes in the tutoring of college students.

A professor’s duty varies in medical science, law, social science, science laboratory technology, medicine and surgery, mass communication, computer engineering professors, and many more. 

Each professor, in his or her own speciality, ensures that students are properly taught and very well assessed with the help of class works, continuous assessment tests, examinations, term papers or projects.

Work Environments Of A Professor

A professor can be employed in the offices of small universities, private universities and government-owned universities. 

Educational Requirements For A Professor

The educational certifications an aspiring professor requires could be a medicine and surgery degree, microbiology degree, plant science and biotechnology degree, psychology degree, physiology degree, anatomy degree, physiotherapy degree, law degree and many more. 

Apparently, it just depends on the area of specialization that suits your professional goals and interests. 

A high school diploma is also required.

9. Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists specialize in the care and massage of bones, spinal cords, phalanges, metatarsals, joints and neck regions.

They are responsible for optimizing body fitness and improving blood circulation by conducting physiotherapy massage and exercise sessions to help patients.

Work Environments Of A Physiotherapist

Physiotherapists work in their own offices as independent practitioners and in hospitals, nursing homes, and homes of their patients.

Educational Requirements For A Physiotherapist 

A bachelor of science degree in physiotherapy.

10. Painter

Painters are creative and artistic individuals who are usually called to beautify the walls of homes, offices, churches, buildings, malls, classrooms etc.

Work Environments Of Painter

Painters work based on contract and whenever they receive calls to paint a particular location.

There are also some interior decoration firms that employ painters too.

Educational Requirements For Painters

Painters only require working experience or internship training in painting and can be considered proficient in the field.

Other Career Jobs Starting With P

  • Programmer
  • Physician 
  • Public relations specialist 
  • Public health administrator
  • Physical and health education tutor 
  • Podiatrist
  • Production manager
  • Paralegal 
  • Physiolosist 
  • Phlebotomist 


These are descriptions of the best career jobs that start with P. You could research whichever career suits your interest and continue to pursue it, as it will earn you a satisfactory income.

However, you should also be fully aware that a few of these described career jobs are entry-level jobs requiring you to undergo on-the-job training. 

At the same time, the rest of them are professional careers which demand an extensive formal education, internship training and some years of working experience.

Thank you for reading our article on career jobs that start with P.

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