Career Jobs That Start With I

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This article presents an extensive list of career jobs within the category of the alphabet I. In addition, the article explains the work environments and educational requirements for the various career jobs listed as well.

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Career Jobs That Start With I

1. Insurance Agent 

An insurance agent is an individual who acts as a liaison to sell insurance, negotiate insurance, and sell company policies for commissions to clients. They are persuasive enough to get you to purchase their insurance policies.

Insurance agents possess analytical, numeracy, initiative, interpersonal, team leadership, conflict resolution, multitasking, emotional intelligence, communication, patience and customer service skills. 

The Work Environment Of An Insurance Agent

Law firms, private corporations, vehicle manufacturing and sales companies, and offices.

Educational Requirements For Hotel Managers

A bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance or economics can be very helpful. A high school diploma is required as well.

2. Interior Designer

Interior designers are artists who specialize in enhancing the beauty of homes, concert halls, theatres, and stages with decorative items such as lighting, colourful organzas, flowers, petals, green carpets, red carpets, rugs, wall decoration stickers, television stands, upholstery and wallpapers etc.

They furnish and decorate the room to look aesthetic, professional, warm, homely or visually appealing.

Work Environments Of Interior Designers 

Interior designers can work in private homes, offices, architectural firms, design firms, upholstery manufacturing industries, exhibition centres, or even furniture stores.

Educational Requirements For Interior Designers 

A post-secondary school degree in fine art and design studies, interior decoration, architecture, computer science, drawing, and interior architecture.

3. Industrial Chemist

Professionals who specialize in industrial chemistry are referred to as industrial chemists.

These professionals produce goods in masses and transform raw materials into useful products by applying their knowledge of analytical chemistry, physical and chemical properties, qualitative analysis, and pure chemistry.

Work Environments Of An Industrial Chemist

Industrial chemists are employed by pharmaceutical companies, medicine manufacturing companies, chemical plant owners, private pharmacies, paint and coating manufacturing companies, cosmetic manufacturing industries, chemical mixing factories, skin care product manufacturing companies, medical research laboratories and teaching hospitals. 

Educational Requirements For Industrial Chemists

To be considered proficient in the field of industrial chemistry, you must acquire qualifications like a bachelor’s degree in Industrial chemistry, chemical engineering, chemistry, analytical chemistry, chemical analysis and physics, or pharmacy and a high school graduation certificate.

Other career Jobs:

4. Industrial Engineer

Industrial engineers are analytical, mathematical-minded, intelligent, efficient and creative individuals who solve technical problems that are related to inefficiency, malfunctions and waste. 

  • An industrial engineer, in the absence of his/her CEO or boss, manages tasks such as; Upgrading technology equipment used to work.
  • Manufacturing transportation equipment
  • Managing the quality of technology systems 
  • Project management
  • Producing and designing new technology tools based on specifications
  • Ensuring that teammates work with regard and respect to the industry’s work culture/ethic principles/standards & guidelines
  • Cautioning unethical acts by reporting to the management and ensuring that all unethical staffs are disciplined
  • Achieving advanced technology production success for the industry.

Work Environments Of Industrial Engineers

Human resource managers are eligible to work in private manufacturing industries, public / government manufacturing industries, and engineering companies and work as contract workers.

Educational Requirements For Industrial Engineers 

Degrees in courses like mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, and statistics are to be acquired by aspiring industrial engineers.

5. Information Technologist 

The information technology specialist is responsible for software and hardware engineering, software and hardware upgrades, and and designing and managing software and hardware. 

They also provide solutions to software and hardware malfunctions, detect malware and security breaches, detect viruses, conduct performance testing regularly, and provide solutions for IT issues.

Work Environments Of Information Technologists

All schools, peripheral equipment manufacturing companies, private companies, government agencies, big cyber cafes, corporate firms and website design hubs that make use of computer systems employ information technology specialists.

Educational Requirements For Information Technologists 

Information technologists are required to present information technology, computer science, computer engineering, or an information technology management bachelor of science degree. 

They also need working experience in programming, data analysis, cloud computing, machine learning, Linux, networking, web development, technical support and project management skills.

6. Impaired Vision Specialists

These are medical specialists who are employed by visually impaired individuals, eye clinics, big hospitals, and schools to offer medical eye care services. 

The medical care services include optimizing the patient’s ability to see, performing surgery, prescribing drugs and therapies, prescribing medicated lenses and running necessary tests. 

Work Environments Of An Impaired Vision Specialist 

Impaired vision specialists can work remotely in big hospitals, private homes, college clinics, rehabilitation centres for the blind, baby daycare facilities for the blind and other residential facilities.

Educational Requirements For An Impaired Vision Specialist 

Suppose you would love to be an optometrist that can earn satisfactory salary compensation. In that case, you have to acquire a bachelor’s degree in medical optometry and a high school diploma or certificate.

Acquiring a vision care certification can make you eligible enough to practice as a vision care specialist in your residence or other countries. 

7. Illustrator 

Illustrators are professional, creative, realistic, self-expressive, imaginative, and artistic individuals who create and draw visual images/representations on magazines, billboards, books, advertisements, posters, birthday cards, get-well-soon cards, greeting cards, and animations to communicate an idea, a feeling, a concept or a story through the illustrations he/she creates to the viewers or readers.

Work Environments Of Illustrators 

Basically, illustrators can work in their personal studios, offices, or remotely in the comfort of their homes. 

They usually have a work-life balance as their job does not demand too much work, but they do have the responsibility of prioritizing projects that will be needed by clients as soon as possible.

Educational Requirements For Illustrators 

Aspiring illustrators or already working professionals will need to acquire a bachelor’s degree, doctorate, certificate, or associate degree in illustration, crafts, or fine art and design studies. 

A working experience in graphic design and artistic drawing is required.

A high school diploma is also required.

8. Immunologist 

This pathogen/antigen/immune system career job specializes in the study of the immune system, its function, its basic mode of operation, and how the immune system interacts with pathological organisms. 

It also focuses on immune system disorders, how to diagnose diseases and how to manage underlying conditions of the immune system, such as HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Anemia, and multiple sclerosis.

Work Environments Of Immunologists

Immunologists are eligible to work in medical research laboratories, medical care infirmaries, educational institutions as lecturers or professors, pharmaceutical companies, some work remotely, inpatient and outpatient infirmaries, government agencies, biotechnology firms, and private Medicare groups.

Educational Requirements For An Immunologist 

This is a very professional career that requires a bachelor’s degree, doctorate, PhD certificate, M.D or associate degree in science laboratory technology, immunology, medicine and surgery, biology or oncology in order the be considered proficient in the field of immunology.

A high school diploma is also required for immunologists.

An individual who has studied immunology can also work as a clinical research associate, food technician, dietary aide, environmental scientist, microbiologist, epidemiologist, and college professor.

9. Investment Banker

Investment bankers specialize in raising money/capital for their clients, giving their clients professional financial and investment advice, managing their clients’ acquisitions and mergers, sales and trading, managing clients’ assets and IPOs, and giving economic guidance to clients. 

Work Environments Of Investment Bankers

They work in banks and financial institutions, in government agencies, law firms, and corporations, and remotely on contract.

Educational Requirements For Investment Bankers 

  • A bachelor’s or master’s degree in courses like banking & finance, business administration, financial accounting, economics, and other business-related courses. 
  • A secondary school diploma is also required.

10. Immigration Officer

Law enforcement immigration officers work to make sure that they identify threatening immigrants who are trying to smuggle their way into a country. 

They identify contraband and seize them from the travellers. They oversee current & legit passports (international, student or work permits) of all passengers before they are allowed to proceed with their journey. 

Work Environments Of Immigration Officers

Immigration Officers are eligible to work in The country’s customs office, The United States of America’s immigration system, Airports, Seaports, and Checkpoints. 

Educational Requirements For Immigration Officers 

Immigration Officers need to hold a GCE or SSCE certification and a bachelor’s degree in criminal law / political science / international law / and homeland security.

Some Other Career Jobs That Start With I

  • Instrument and control technician 
  • Integrated circuit layout designer 
  • Ichthyologist 
  • Intensive care unit registered nurse. 
  • Ignition mechanic 
  • Immigration litigator
  • Immunopathology
  • In-house caregiver 
  • Income tax auditor 
  • Inhalation therapist 


By carefully reading this article, you have successfully added to your knowledge of career jobs that start with i. 

You can also pick a career that suits your professional goals and interests among the career jobs listed above. 

We wish you the best of luck in your journey to being a professional; thank you so much for viewing and reading this article.

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