Best Online Sign Language Classes

Study shows that learning a new language stimulates the brain, enabling it to function more effectively and efficiently in terms of creativity and retentiveness.

Online sign language is no exception. Since it is a visual language, it improves sensitivity, focus, and alertness.

We have some of the best online sign language classes that enable friends and family to communicate and equip people for sign language jobs.

Why Sign Language?

These classes offer courses that teach normal individuals the basics of sign language and the ability to converse effectively with those who are deaf.

They hold these classes online, which makes them suitable for students in homeschool, high school, and college as well as adults while they work, according to their schedule.

The ability to sign is a skill that one can use personally and professionally.

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Basics Of Best Online Sign Language Classes

Here are the basics of the best online sign language classes: 

  • Learning the sign language alphabet
  • Communicating with your hands
  • Mastering grammar
  • Expanding your vocabulary
  • Improving comprehension
  • Fingerspelling 
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How Long Does It Take To Learn From The Best Online Sign Language Classes

The duration of learning is dependent on individuals. Some are a lot faster than their counterparts.

Another factor is the quality of time you invest into learning this skill.

However, becoming fluent in sign language typically takes years of constant practice.

List Of The Best Online Sign Language Classes

Below is a comprehensive list of the best online sign language classes:

ASL Meredith

They created the ASL Meredith’s Foundations of ASL course to help potential students with limited financial or physical capacity register for sign language courses.

The period to complete the course is six weeks, but as self-directed students, they may take as little or as little time as needed. The beginner class costs about $ 179 and includes lifetime access.

It contains six modules, complete with video instructions, exercise assignments, and questions designed to guide students in the discussion and comprehension of increasing complexity.

For a complete beginner of sign language, ASL Meredith is an online, automated course designed to teach the basics of grammar, vocabulary, and conversation.

The creator of the beginner’s lesson, Meredith, is an ASL instructor with a Master’s degree in teaching ASL as a foreign language.

Meredith, a hearing aid, learned sign language from her childhood friend.


Lingoda offers a free seven-day trial, which may consist of three group classes or one private class. But you will need to enter payment details and agree to cancel before the end of the trial if you do not want to be a paid subscriber — otherwise, you will be charged monthly after the end of the seven days.

The price for a group class is $ 10 per session, and classes usually have three to five students. A typical school class usually equals 15 students.

Private lessons are $ 20 to $ 35 per lesson (depending on how often you are — the more often you meet, the less you pay), but they may gain more—the cost of those who study best individually.

Lingoda is a reputable online language learning service that combines flexibility, quality teaching, and affordable pricing. Its schedule is flexible, allowing you to choose between individual classes — and scheduled courses at a convenient time — and group classes that meet in the allotted time.

American Sign Language University (ASLU)

In 1997, Drs. Vicars introduced ASLU as a tool for rural families who do not have the means to register for sign language classes.

ASLU has been used to supplement learning sign language and meet education’s language needs. Additionally, teachers can download all lessons and activities to enhance classroom learning.

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Sign It!

Sign It! ASL courses have about 20 units covering vocabulary, stories, conversational practice, deaf culture lessons, questions, and more. Deaf players, lawyers, and athletes are all tutors of these subjects.

Five units are available for a lifetime of about $ 50 each, although One can purchase every 20 units in bulk for about $ 160.

The Start ASL curriculum models the classroom setting as closely as possible and practices conversation at its core.

Each unit contains vocabulary, video lessons and assignments, and reading materials. Start ASL connects students only through a particular Facebook group, which allows students to practice.

Start ASL

To register for Start ASL, you must include all three levels, each equivalent to one year of high school language class or one semester of college language courses. 

Students pass through these levels, which are further subdivided into units continuously and at their own pace.

Start ASL offers two different subscriptions that will best fit the needs of students: Silver and Gold. Silver is a primary enrollment, including academic access, completion certificate, and written response to assignments, and gold includes everything silver offers, video feedback, and enhanced student support.

Gold is the best option for students who use Start ASL to get an education loan.

Prices for silver and gold levels are approximately $ 25 and $ 50 per month, respectively, although Start ASL offers annual payment options for total savings. These subscriptions can change at any time.

Not surprisingly, Start ASL has hundreds of school partnerships and is an excellent online source of ASL learning for academic credit.


SignOn says students who use its platform for college courses show a 37% increase in test scores. Annual membership costs $ 35.

While many online ASL programs provide video tutorials and feedback for the work, very few students directly interact with native sign language users in personal video conference settings. 

They develop SignOn to close this gap, connect online readers with the deaf community and make it easier to learn in-depth.

All SignOn agents identify as deaf. American Society for Deaf Children reports that deaf children must be linked to deaf adults to combat misconceptions about the deaf community.


ASLDeafined is available online and through the company app and offers a free renewable three-day trial.

The annual enrollment is about $ 36, while the price is only $ 12 for teachers. You can cancel subscriptions at any time, and access will continue until the end of the registration period.

Before starting the course, ASLDeafined users must identify themselves as a deaf student, parent of a deaf, or a member of the general public. 

Each user has a continuation chart describing the changes in learning and retention, a tool handy for parents using ASLDeafined for children.

The program also offers more than 300 thematic themes and activities designed to improve memorization and ways to preserve notable or challenging words or symbols for future lessons.

With a progressive video dictionary of more than 15,000 words, ASLDeafined is an expandable, self-directed way to learn ASL vocabulary.


Anyone from you, your friend, and your family can benefit from the best online sign language classes.

It is also appropriate for those that want to become translators or interpreters. 

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