How to Amplify Your DEI Initiatives in 2022

You should already be familiar with the idea of diversity, equity, and inclusion also known as DEI in the workplace. 

Nowadays, a company can no longer just issue a statement outlining its position against racism, sexism, or ageism.

Supporting DEI activities is no longer just considered an HR competency that is talked about at yearly HR conferences.

Diversity and inclusion initiatives are crucial and necessary components of a flourishing corporate culture that promotes equality for all workers.

The significance of establishing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive (DEI) workplace for all is well known to talent acquisition teams. 

Organizations can increase innovation, attract top talent, and decrease turnover with the aid of a strong diversity and inclusion strategy. 

While the idea of an inclusive workplace is simple to support, real inclusion necessitates some significant effort. 

From some research conducted, here are ways for teams, leaders, and organizations to amplify their DEI initiatives in 2022.

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Ways To Amplify DEI Initiatives In 2022

Many talent teams are investing a lot of time and money into DEI, including increased budget resources to scale their initiatives.

Teams can make small improvements by monitoring important recruiting metrics early on and keeping track of problem areas as adjustments are made. 

These are meaningful steps to take to amplify your DEI initiatives:

1 Understand The Current Workforce

This is a critical step in measuring the diversity of representation among an employee base that already exists. You have to analyze the demographics both overall and within each department.

2 Increase The Diversity Of The Candidate Pool

So many free tools and resources can assist you in making sure that you and your business are putting your best foot forward. 

You can start by using free tools to help you write inclusive job descriptions and draw in a wider pool of candidates as you make small changes to become more inclusive in your hiring procedures.

3 Build Trust

Inclusion extends far beyond workplace rules or initiatives, so each employee needs to feel like they belong to bring their best selves to work. 

Building connections and trust is the first step and building trust between teams, among coworkers, and throughout the organization takes time and effort. 

On an organizational and managerial level, trust is based on some very fundamental principles: accountability, open communication, clear expectations, and respect for one another.

4 Develop Inclusive Content

You can use the company’s career website and current social media platforms to share employee success stories. 

Your team can better communicate how employees of various backgrounds, ethnicities, races, genders, and abilities feel a sense of belonging by utilizing this original content. 

This is a fantastic platform for communicating ongoing initiatives and commitments to enhance DEI. 

You should think like a marketer and keep track of the information about interactions with your posts to better understand what messages work and what your audience wants to hear more of.

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5 Foster Empathy

The value of empathy in the workplace is so important that a single training session is insufficient. 

Empathy must be woven into the organization’s social structure. Senior executives need to take charge of DEI and be able to draw from their own emotions and experiences by recalling a time when they felt shut out or alienated. 

Empathetic leaders can understand why diversity and inclusion are important and then communicate this understanding to their teams.

6 Align Hiring Teams On Candidate Requirements

The hiring team can become fixated on the idea of the ideal candidate and too many requirements listed when they may not all be necessary can limit the diversity of talent pools. 

This will cost your business time in the highly competitive job market of 2022, which will inevitably cost you, top candidates.

7 Understand That Quotas Don’t Equal Inclusion

Setting objectives for hiring that will increase diversity at work does not imply equity or inclusion by default because minorities, women, and LGBTQ+ people frequently don’t feel heard or seen by senior leaders. 

For your programs to be successful, they must do more than just host occasional learning events, foster isolated communities within your company, or establish mentoring relationships. 

You need to start spreading awareness of unconscious bias and cultivating support for leaders from marginalized groups. 

To create new, cross-functional networks and promote diverse talent, senior leaders should be allowed to observe high-potential leaders in action in a group coaching environment.

8 Grow A Diverse Talent Pipeline

Candidates expect a culture that values diversity, equity, and inclusion in today’s competitive labor market. 

By requiring particular qualifications that aren’t absolute must-haves, you can avoid restricting the talent pool. 

You should create initiatives that will draw in, involve, and employ historically marginalized communities through careful audience planning, as well as initiatives that will make everyone feel welcome.

The following methods can be used by the talent teams to source diverse candidates and grow their talent networks:

  • Engage In Social Media Interaction

You can stay in touch with prospective candidates, passive talent, and former applicants on social media. 

So ensure to share company updates, employee success stories, FAQs, job openings, and referral program information with your network.

  • Visit Recruitment Event

You can build your talent network in both real-world and online recruiting events. Hire organizations that host gatherings that attract a specific audience that is interested in diversity. 

These events are a fantastic way to meet job seekers and spread the word that the business is hiring.

  • Work With Neighborhood Groups

Find diversity organizations in your area and collaborate with them to find candidates for open positions. 

Developing connections with these groups can aid in the expansion of your network over time.

9 Use Tools Needed To Amplify DEI Initiatives

The following are ways to use automation and AI tools to amplify DEI initiatives, hiring procedures, and eliminate manual tasks:

  • Intelligent Automated Sourcing

The longest part of hiring is often finding candidates that’s why you can use intelligent automated sourcing to assist in identifying candidates who fit open positions and inviting them to apply. The pool can remain diverse while still attracting top candidates.

  • AI Candidate Skill-matching

Skill matching automatically evaluates candidates for a position’s requirements. This is useful for specialized roles that profit from a diverse pool of candidates, like engineers, healthcare providers, or machine operators. 

Automated skill-matching tools and applicant tracking systems integration relieves the burden of maintaining multiple candidate databases in various locations and speeds up the process of finding qualified candidates. 

  • Making Use Of Technology To Check For Skills

You can use technology to screen candidates for skills that can also aid in eliminating bias from your hiring procedures.

Amplify Your DEI Initiatives

If you prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), you will find more qualified candidates in today’s competitive job market, which may result in new hires. 

By taking charge and implementing the proper strategies throughout the hiring process, such as sourcing, relationship management, workforce planning, and audience planning, talent teams can also increase the diversity of their candidate slates.

Employers should invest time in telling the organization’s story, establishing expectations, and aligning teams, which frequently produces the highest return on investment, as part of their DEI investment.

And remember, amplifying DEI initiatives with empathy, compassion, and dedication is essential in bringing about change.

Have a great day.

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