Amazon Stower Job Description, Key Duties, And Responsibilities

The Amazon stower job description provides you with the necessary information about the tasks and duties of a stower. This article looks at the key duties and responsibilities of an Amazon stower.

It will also highlight key skills, qualities, and education requirements that can help you succeed in your career as a stower in any Amazon store.

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Amazon Stower

An Amazon stower carries out various day-to-day projects such as stocking shelves with products, ensuring efficient inventory management and maintenance, and providing excellent customer service for Amazon.

In other words, an Amazon storer refers to one whose profession is to perform various day-to-day operations such as stocking shelves with products, ensuring efficient inventory management and maintenance, and providing excellent customer service for the Amazon organization.

He is responsible for ensuring that various items are in the right place by scanning them and placing them in barcoded locations so customers can easily find them.

One of the important tasks performed by Amazon stower is to stock and/or replenish shelves with products, maintain and manage inventory, and provide excellent customer service.

They may also be required to work with every other department in the Amazon store.

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Amazon Stower Job Description

Amazon Stowers maintains the store’s inventory, cleanliness, and appearance. They are also assigned to unpacking, stocking, and shelving products in the store.

On occasion, Stowers will be asked to unload trucks of products from distribution centers onto shelves at their location. As a stower, you organize and maintain the store’s inventory. Descriptively; 

  • You are also responsible for displaying, rotating, and selling products. 
  • As a stower, you must keep your store clean and tidy.
  • Stowers can also be expected to work with the rest of Amazon’s store department. They must also facilitate communication between departments to successfully deliver and optimize customer support and satisfaction.
  • Stower may also be tasked with instilling patience, good communication skills, and a team-oriented mindset in new hires as part of training on Amazon rules and regulations. 
  • They must also provide and maintain good customer service by interacting with many customers, engaging them with a passionate, informative, and courteous approach, and ensuring that transactions are completed efficiently and quickly.

Amazon Stower Key Duties, And Responsibilities

Amazon Stower has several key duties to perform so that all operations in the store can run smoothly and customers will not have any problems when purchasing goods. 

The key duty of an amazon stower is to ensure that all store shelves are properly stocked with products and keep track of all such products through barcodes. Some other duties performed by an Amazon storer include:

Offering A Fast-Paced Cooperative Retail Environment 

They must ensure that all retail operations run smoothly and that customers feel welcome. They must ensure that the customer has a pleasant shopping experience.

Scanning And Manually Inserting Items Into Various Barcode Locations

They scan and track all products by placing barcodes on them. After entering the barcodes, they ensure all the products are in their right place by placing them on the appropriate shelves.

Placement Of Products In Exhibition Aisles

Commodities and goods from the back office are moved to the sales floor to be stocked on the shelves, and special sales displays are built on the sales floor.

Ensuring Compliance

 Compliance is ensured by identifying objects in storage locations and comparing the information on them with work orders.

Training Of New Employees

New workers are trained to adhere to Amazon’s business policies, maintain customer service satisfaction, and learn to use the point-of-sale system. 

They ensure that all new employees are properly trained and competent enough to properly perform all duties of a stower.

Providing Good Customer Assistance

Customers looking for items and answers to various problems are contacted and communicated with Stowers. 

They provide customers with information on where to find products they want and the usefulness of such products.

Keeping The Store Clean And Well Maintained

Stowers implements rigorous cleaning methods to ensure display cases, shelves and aisles are kept clean and well maintained. They clean up all the clutter, organize things properly and make things look presentable.

Inspect Items For Defects Or Damage

Each item is inspected or thoroughly inspected by the warehouseman to verify that it is not damaged.

They inspect all products for defects and ensure that product quality standards are met. Products that are either defective or past their expiration date are removed from the shelves.

Additionally, Stowers must maintain accurate sales records from each product category and customer feedback on each item in their online catalogs.

This feedback gives their products a good, fair, or bad rating and necessitates improvement.

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Amazon Stower Skills And Requirements

In addition to the Amazon Stower job description, key duties, and responsibilities, Amazon also shares the skills and qualities that will help you succeed in this role. These include:

  • Communication-focused job descriptions like this one should show how you’ll be able to communicate clearly with others, whether it’s through the written word or face-to-face conversation.
  • Problem-solving skills are essential for any employee position at Amazon since they’re required to ensure everything runs smoothly. Problem-solving requires a lot of multitasking and attention to detail, both important if you want your work done well.
  • Paying attention to detail is another important requirement and trait for Stowers at Amazon stores. If there were ever an issue with something on sale at one store location, other nearby locations would need someone to assist them quickly so those issues wouldn’t affect sales elsewhere across multiple stores in different locations.


The Amazon Stower job description, key duties, and responsibilities is a detailed guide that outlines the role, what it looks like on paper, and how you can help the company reach its goals.

If you are interested in applying for an upcoming job opening on Amazon, this article hopes to better prepare you for the task ahead.

With a good resume and backed-up professional skills, this job is yours, as long as you heed the guide stated above.

Good Luck!

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