17 Types Of White Work Shirts Perfect For You

85% of people are in love with the color white, and the remaining 15% avoid it for reasons best known to them.

Every person’s closet or wardrobe has at least two white shirts; in most cases, this is just enough for those who are not stylish as they do not follow dress codes traditionally/strictly, and they are not very social and have nowhere to flex different white shirts at.

For people who are fashion inclined and stylish, we would recommend that more white shirts be added to your wardrobe or closet.

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Why White Work Shirts Are Perfect For You

White shirts are a “must have” in your wardrobe. Some occasions may require white shirts, certain shows/appearances which may require white shirts, and there are places you will find yourself in which white shirts are a compulsory dress code; white shirts are also needed during summer.

To satisfy all of these social needs, it is recommended that you have a couple or more of white shirts in your closet. 

There is actually nothing to lose by doing this anyway because white shirts make you appear more attractive, neat, and appealing, it gives a very positive aura to those who wear them, and it always gives the body a cooling effect when the weather seems a bit hot and sunny. 

It’s important to step out of your comfort zone and embrace more stylish work shirts instead of clinging to only basic dress patterns. 

There are countless varieties of white clothing, and it’s of utmost importance to have different options to have beautiful results for any outfit you try on. 

White shirts are always a preferred elegant choice for professional engagements.

17 Types Of White Work Shirts Perfect For You

We will now satisfy your curiosity by filling you in on about 17 types of white work shirts perfect for you. 

1. The V-Neck Short Sleeves

These shirts provide a comfy feeling and can be worn in any weather, whether sunny or rainy. Both females and males, old or young, can flex it. The fabric of these types of shirts is usually made of 100% cotton and can also be very elastic. 

Regular people can wear these shirts and do not need a definite body size or shape, and a fitting bottom wear to compliment this elegant work shirt would be denim trousers/skirts.

2. White Blouses

This is an elegant choice that is suitable for ladies as it compliments them favorably. Casual white Blouses give ladies a chicky and classy look as it accentuates their femininity, making them extra attractive and perfect in their feminine aura.

3. White Washed Oxford Slim Fit Shirt

By old-school standards, Oxford shirts were considered Scottish and less formal compared to traditional work shirts, given that oxford has a button-down collar and a looser silhouette. 

4. Slim-Fit Ludlow Premium Dress Shirt

Okay, this is a shirt, and this means it calls for dressing up, not down, and pairing with dress pants, not chinos or joggers. Indeed, you should be picky when it comes to style. 

The overall ensemble must look professional, although, on its own, the shirt’s French pocket and tailored flared collar already indicate its white-collar status.

5. Stretch Regent Shirt

This is the kind of shirt you’d walk into a skyscraper on Wall Street and make a name for yourself there. 

Coming in various fits and specifications, his Stretch Regent is modern shirting, treated with non-iron stretch fabric, wrinkle resistance, and a classic French cuff. It goes with practically every jacket.

6. Commission Long Sleeve Shirt

Men’s dress shirts aren’t often known for being; we can say comfortable, but these are the softest shirt you can throw over your head. 

Save it for casual occasions because it’s made from four-way stretch fabric and features a classic fit and underarm gusset; the Commission is a white shirt you can wear with mobility in mind.

White Blouse fabrics are usually 100% cotton and do not have a preferable body shape; thin, thick, chubby women can wear white Blouses to work and still look perfect.

7. Short Sleeve Casual White Shirt 

These are designed in many ways and can be worn by both genders. It features a casual and bold look and can either have collars, V-necks, round necks, or button down. 

Perfect bottom wear for these casual work shirts is denim trousers for men and straight-fitted skirts for ladies. Its fabric is usually made of 100% Polyester.

8. White V-Neck Long Sleeves

This is one that every man must have in his closet; fitting bottom wear to compliment, it would be black denim trousers. 

This work shirt has a rigid texture and does not need to be straightened regularly with an iron. 

The fabric is lightweight and durable and made of 100% organic cotton. Men love to wear these work shirts because they complement their physique and look appealing and neat.

9. White Button Down Shirts

These are cooperated office shirts mostly worn by men and, on rare occasions, women. 

These types of shirts have collars and are worn with different kinds and colors of ties. White button-down shirts can be oversized or fitted, so they do not require any preferable body size or shape to fit into.

The fabric is made of silk or cotton and is usually comfortable to wear. Any bottom wear of your choice can complement white button-down work shirts.

10. White Tank Tops/White Flannels

Tank tops are a go-to choice for ladies, especially when they want to go very casual. These white work shirts are worn as underwear and covered by any white flannel of your choice.

Just no one wears white Tank Tops as it requires a specific body size/shape, preferably thin women should flag tank tops as they would fit most in their body types.

The fabric of White Tank Tops is usually rigid and elastic, made of 100% cotton.

11. Oversized White Polo

Men wear these lightweight, collared, button-down shirts, which are perfect for casual Fridays at work. 

These shirts complement the masculinity of men wearing them and are super classy and comfortable.

12. White Turtleneck Sweater

These shirts are not lightweight, and they are fabrics made of cool and soft furs to keep you warm and adequate when faced with admiring audiences.

13. Solid Cotton Twill Shirt

Bugatchi has built its name as a reliable purveyor of shirts with a style that meets substance, form, and function. 

As such, it has so many clever tricks up its sleeves: Eight-way stretch twill cotton that’s breathable, antimicrobial, and wrinkle-resistant, as well as low-maintenance features like quick drying and thermoregulation.

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14. Herringbone Non-Iron Shirt

Details still matter, even if you’re looking for an honest-to-goodness white button. The detail is a herringbone, silky zigzag pattern – take a closer look which is known for its durability, wrinkle resistance, and fresh shine. 

A very subtle but useful detail indeed. That said, this non-iron herringbone looks and feels like a thousand bucks, but thankfully it isn’t.

15. Long Sleeve Button Down Functional Shirt

The last few years of being cooped up at home have shaped how we dress, even as we venture back into the world. 

We want clothing that features a comfortable sweat-wicking fabric like our favorite locked-in garment and still looks amazing. This button-down ticks both boxes and comes in regular and tall sizes, with built-in stretch, so you can easily wear it to the office for hours.

16. The Commuter Shirt – Slim Fit

You already know the commuter shirt is stretchy enough to keep your back and shoulders comfortable as you move, no matter how much muscle you have on top of your muscles. 

You will also appreciate its anti-wrinkle and anti-odor properties, so you don’t bother getting bent and dirty.

17. Premium Poplin Shirt

Traditionally, shirts are seemingly great for guys with low body fat, but they’re usually cut tight in the arms, which means they’re not so great for guys with larger arms. 

Enter this poplin version that’s roomier through the arms and back to let your arms breathe. In addition, its 120s poplin fabric feels as luxurious and soft as a bed sheet for a five-star hotel.


Which Type Of White Shirt Is Best?

Pima or Supima cotton is one of the best materials for a shirt, and this cotton is of the highest possible quality.

Is A White Shirt Appropriate For Work?

A white shirt is one of the most common colors used in workplaces. White business shirts for men are a classic for the office environment, as they provide a good background for the bold color of the tie and enhance the overall look.

What Is A Great White Shirt?

The Big White Shirt is our take-anywhere interpretation of a tailored white shirt that goes with almost anything. This beautifully crafted shirt is made from a long stitched 100% fine cotton pin that is easy to care for (read: requires very little ironing).

Why Are White Shirts So Attractive?

According to a study conducted at Nottingham Trent University, women find men wearing plain white T-shirts up to 12% more attractive. This is because a white t-shirt creates the illusion of a V-shaped body as it widens the shoulders and slims the waist.

How Many Types Of White Shirts Are There?

Common patterns available for white shirts include wrinkle-free, poplin, Nintex, twill, custom weave, and herringbone.

Do White Shirts Make You Look Bigger Or Smaller?

Darker shades of colors, such as blues, purples, and browns, can also help hide imperfections and create the illusion of weight loss. 


There you have it; the best types of white work shirts are perfect for you. 

If you are having difficulty purchasing any of the recommended shirts, we advise you to paste them as seen on any e-commerce sites that you trust; we guarantee you the best result.

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