11 Legit Ways To Make Money On Steam

Steam is a well-established online video game digital platform designed in the year 2003 by a software engineer named Valve. 

With a very large user base, steam is used for distributing already-designed video games, for playing games, downloading game applications, downloading game updates, and for in-app purchases for premium games. 


Figure out 11 proven tactics to earn legit money from Steam’s digital platform by reading this well-written blog article.

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Legit Ways To Make Money On Steam

1. Attain A Partnership With Steam Game Developers And Apply For Promotions

By promotions, we mean to apply for sponsorships on the digital gaming platform.

Suppose you have a huge fan base on the Steam platform. In that case, you can monetize it by partnering with Steam game developers and creating awareness about their developed game products to the public for the purpose of generating increased sales.


In exchange for creating awareness for their products, the Steam game developers will sponsor all your streams and increase your chances of attracting more subscribers to your Steam account. Steam pays you more for having a large fan base, which is a win-win situation.

2. Sell Your Steam Trading Cards To Other Users

After engaging in Steam video games, steam offers a minimum of two cards and a maximum of 3 cards as a reward, and it is possible to achieve these cards and trade them for money.

Engage with game players on the Steam market, and you will find someone who will be willing to compensate richly for your Steam trading card.

Steam reward cards can also be referred to as item drops, some cards are very common to receive, and some are rare to receive. 


Also, the digital platform is programmed in such a way that one can never know the exact time a card will be received. Nevertheless, a game player may receive a reward card after 30 minutes to 2 hours of playing a particular game.

In addition, you should have at the back of your mind that there can be fluctuations in item drop prices. So, consider them as worthy investments as it may be wise to allow the trading cards to appreciate in the future rather than trading them for just a few dollars. 

Here are some intelligent tips that will help you in the business of trading Steam reward cards: 

  • Ensure you play consistently to achieve all your Steam reward card drops.
  • The item drop cards achieved for playing new games are more valuable than card drops from older games.
  • There are three card booster packs on Steam from which you can achieve foil cards. The foil cards are extremely rare trading cards and are basically worth much more than the regular trading card drops.

3. Develop And Sell Game Modifications To Other Users In The Steam Workshop

In these modern times, games are already designed in a modified way offering an excellent user experience, visuals, features, and well-functioning specifications. 

Still, developing more game modifications can further enhance a player’s user experience while playing their favorite games, and this is where you will step in as a modifier.

Creators of game modifications have observed that Steam game developers leave just enough space to further modify the already developed game. Modifying existing games to sell to other game players is an ideal money-making strategy. 

So, you can always choose which existing game you would love to modify, then develop and sell modifications such as:

  • Game Characters
  • Steam Game Item Drops
  • Navigational Maps
  • Develop More Interesting Missions
  • Character Conversations
  • Engaging Stories

An individual can attract a very huge and supportive fan base on the Steam digital platform just by developing and distributing modifications. 

In addition, you can attract supportive donors who will support you to continue implementing new game modifications.

Other Legit Ways

4. Utilize Steam Direct To Develop And Auction Your Own Game

If your Steam membership has been up to ten to fifteen years, you might as well learn how to program engaging video games. 

If you are able to successfully develop a game and sell it on the Steam platform, consider yourself among great minds who are capable of earning money even while they are sleeping.

Basically, all you need to do is acquire game coding, development, and programming skills. Suppose you are not conversant with these computer skills yet. 

In that case, there are so many online learning platforms, such as Udemy, Coursera, and Codecademy, which you can download from the internet to undergo tutorials on how to attain the skills. 

Besides, turning to a game programmer can actually become your profitable, notwithstanding, new career. Apart from paying the fee requested for the coding class, you will have to give the skill acquisition program your devoted time and attention. 

By the time you start profiting from your developed video games, you will feel grateful because the working experience and extensive preparation were worth it.

5. Develop And Sell Game Cosmetic Packages

Steam games such as Payday 2, counterstrike, player unknowns battleground, and H1Z1 develop valuable cosmetic packages that contain bullets, booster packs, and add-ons. 

These cosmetic crates can be achieved by consistently playing games on Steam, and once you successfully achieve them, you can go ahead to trade them to other players in the workshop.

6. Offer Graphic Designing Services

For game players on Steam who are graphic design experts, you can partner with Steam game developers and make money in a legit way by developing stunning visual illustrations, unique language fonts, and so on, to enhance a user’s experience.

7. Opt To Provide Tutorial Classes For Video Game Players

Some game levels may be extremely difficult to pass through for some Steam game players. Suppose you are well conversant with a wide range of video games on Steam. 

In that case, you can earn from your knowledge by providing tutorial training services for players who are interested in enhancing their gaming expertise.

8. Develop Only Popular Game Genres

Going through the process of developing unpopular video game genres will actually reduce your chances of earning enough money unless the game turns out to be very engaging and then becomes popular. 

It is far better to develop valuable game genres and list them on Steam direct by:

  • Providing your signature on a digital paperwork 
  • Providing the requested game application fee 
  • Creating an online store
  • Uploading your developed game
  • Configuration of the features of Steamworks
  • Provide a pricing option(s)
  • Hold on for your application to be approved
  • Then the game gets released

Waiting through all of these processes will be worth it if you develop exciting and popular game genres.

9. Be An In-Game Item Distributor On The Steam Workshop

Steam’s digital platform workshop enables gamers to sell in-game items to other players because they are in great demand. 

All you need to do is search for an interested buyer and transact with him or her. However, all the cash you earn from selling Steam in-game items is paid into your Steam wallet.

10. Invest In Pre-released Game Modifications

Steam Game developers often provide a pre-order option for obtaining game items before the actual release.

Once you observe that there is a pre-order sale ongoing, it is wise to order game items for a low price on pre-order, wait for it to appreciate and be sold for a higher price, then resell it for double the amount you purchased it, and earn cool money for yourself. 

11. Use Applications To Earn Free Steam Codes

If you spend a good amount of money on Steam purchasing newly developed games, then it may be wise to use digital applications such as DOSH OR RAKUTEN to gather free Steam codes, which you can use to purchase the newly developed game you would love to play.

If you are able to achieve as many Steam codes as possible, you can monetize them by selling them to other video game players on Steam.


Which Game Is Best To Earn Money On Steam?

CS:GO or Dota 2 is the way to go if you are talking about money. While weapon skins can sell for a reasonable price if the skin is rare enough, knife skins are extremely rare and, as such, sell for $100 upwards.

Can I Sell My Steam Games For Money?

Steam items, in-game items, and other copies of games (referred to as Steam Gifts) are tradable. To ensure an item is tradable, go to your inventory, select the item, and read the item’s details. The “Tags” section will indicate whether it is tradable or not.

Does Steam Pay You?

We pay by the 30th of the month following the sale. For example, for sales for the calendar month of February, we will pay you by March 30. The payment may take some business days to be credited to your bank account.

Does Steam Have $100?

Steam digital gift cards (e-codes) are just virtual cards in the form of codes. They are available in denominations of $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100 and can be purchased online and delivered by email.

Is Wallet Codes Legit?

YES, all orders placed on Wallet-Codes.com are processed using 256-bit SSL encryption. Your payment details will NOT be stored on our servers.

How Much Steam Pays?

There is also a 30% commission on every sale made on Steam, meaning you make 70% of every sale. For example, if your game sells for $10, you will earn $7, and Steam will earn $3.

Can I Sell My Steam Account?

Steam accounts cannot be bought or sold, and the account is intended only for the personal use of its creator.

Can I Transfer Money From My Steam Wallet To The Bank?

Wallet funds cannot be transferred or withdrawn to a bank account. Once a Steam Wallet code is redeemed, the wallet funds are linked to that account.

How To Make Fast Money On Steam?

You can make money fast on Steam by selling your own game. If you have an already developed game, you can publish it for sale on the Steam platform. 

How Much Does Steam Take Per Game Sale?

Steam takes 30%, although some developers may have negotiated a smaller cut, for example, for exclusivity.


While you are monetizing your Steam gaming expertise and possessions, please beware of cyberspace scammers. 

You may be trying to make money in a legit way on Steam, but unfortunately, some individuals prefer to anonymously steal from Steam game players, so be very cautious with your personal information, a Steam account password, bank details, and so on.

In addition, confirm all your payments first before offering any of your services in exchange.


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