How To Make Money Editing Video : As Beginner 2023

Video editing is a way of using graphic effects to get the most out of your video. It is a way of putting videos together to create an adorable view for viewers.

It is also a tool for creating educational, cinematic, and promotional videos. 

We can also say that it is a way of rearranging some scenes and photos to form or create a new output for viewers.

Editing involves adding relevant scenes and removing irrelevant scenes from the viseo to get the best out of the video. 

As a video editor, you may be called upon at any time to handle some tasks to ensure the final output will be worth viewing.

You may need to edit scenes to ensure the story flows properly and add special effects, sound effects, music, and voiceovers.

Also, a video editor may be asked to maintain video and editing equipment, ensure that the sets are appropriately configured for filming, and test audio quality. You must note that becoming a video editor requires a lot of experience and additional education. 

The level of education you choose to acquire will determine the level or how far you will go in pursuing video editing as a career. Your level of education will also determine the type of clients and employers you will attract. 

One known fact is that you can make money as a video editor as there are few sites with which you can create your account, upload your details and also give your prices for editing.

You can make quick money on the internet if you have good skills or talent in editing. 

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How To Make Money Editing Videos: Useful Tips

Video editing has allowed beginners to make money through it, but only if they have editing skills. However, the internet has provided many ways for people or users to turn their talent into money. 

Below are several ways you can make money through editing videos online;


There are several platforms for freelancing where you can create your own account and hire clients. You will get positive results depending on how much time you choose to spend here. There are some freelance sites related to video editing, and they include the following;

  • Upwork
  • Freelance
  • Fiverr
  • People per hour
  • Behance
  • Truelancer
  • Guru

2. Create A Youtube Channel.

Creating a youtube channel also gives you an edge to make money online by teaching people how to edit videos. If you are consistent, you can also get more money through youtube ads and affiliate marketing promotions.

As an editor specializing in video editing, you stand a better chance of giving out quality videos. People search for your topic and get more information outside other background noise. Well-edited videos bring huge benefits to your business, including:

3. Getting Attention To Your Video.

Your videos need to attract attention as quickly as possible, so one thing you should do is try to give quality videos that will attract the attention of viewers. 

If you have a good video, you will likely get more clicks, thereby increasing your chances of making money. 

4. Making Your Video Look More Professional

A well-edited video tends to make the look of your videos more professional, and this will, in turn, give you more clicks. 

Try to make the message errors minimal and annoying pauses limited, as more of this can annoy viewers and make them lose interest. 

When you take your time to edit your videos, it tells viewers that you are really putting in your best and effort to make the most out of your video. It can make a big difference to your audience. 

Editing features like time-lapses can make the video flow easier, making it more easier for your audience to understand your message.

5. Take a course

You can link your course to video editing and sell it through udemy and skillshare. Whichever decision you take, it is important to do your research and make sure you’re charging a fair price. 

You must be able to deliver on the promise of your service. Make sure your videos speak high quality and that you can provide clear and precise instructions. 

Once you are satisfied and happy with your work, promote it online and on other platforms so potential customers can find you.

Things To Look For When Looking For The Right Video Editing Software.

Features and Tools

This is important if you want to end up editing quality videos. Look out for the features and tools to be used that will be suitable for you.

For example, you should know that not all software accepts forms, so find out the format your video needs to be in. 


Give more attention to your processor, operating systems, RAM and GPU requirements. Make sure your system or computer is up to the task of what you intend to do so avoid running into problems. 


Check out if the free options have what you need if you are a small business owner or you have limited resources. Professional opportunities come as a result of the input you can give, especially with limited resources. 


If you are interested in obtaining a degree, a bachelor’s degree in editing at a well recognised University is a good starting point. The Florida State University offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in digital media, film, and television.

Apart from obtaining a degree in editing,  some video editors started their careers in video editing as projects like weddings or simply using their smartphones to shoot and edit videos.

Regardless of the way you started,  if you are interested in becoming a freelance video editor, you will likely need the following skills:

  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Problem solving experience
  • Good communication skills
  • Knowledge of video editing software
  • Knowledge of computer hardware 
  • A great ear for a story
  • A fantastic eye for story flow
  • Expanding knowledge about video production and post-production
  • Ability to work well with clients, especially on tight schedules or deadlines.

If you have a brand, video editing can strengthen it including your audience but do well to remain consistent. 

Ways In Which Your Video Edits Can Increase Your Brand Awareness.

  1. Thumbnails

Make sure you use images that are captivating and attractive to the eyes. Thumbnails should be focused on your brand. You may have to edit thumbnails to add your product image. 

  1. Special Effects

Make use of special effects consistently while editing your videos. These features should represent your brand and should have the same fonts, transition, music and more. 

  1. Formats 

If you are good at using a particular type of format while editing videos, then engage them in any of the videos representing your brand. 


From the above, you can see the various ways to easily make money through video editing. As stated above, it is important you know that getting to know about video editing educationally gives you more credit and a better chance at getting good clients that are willing to pay handsomely. 

Hopefully, this guide was helpful. We will be more than glad to have your thoughts below in the comment section. 

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