3 Answers To “Do You Want to Tell Us Anything Else About You?”

During your interview, you will be asked several behavioral and competency-based questions that assess your skills and professionality.

Toward the end of your interview, you will likely be asked one particular question, “do you want to tell us anything else about you?” 

This question requires that you think through it. At first thought, you would want to say, “no, I think we covered every area, thank you” but you do not have to say that. 

In this article, you will find out why interviewers ask this question and learn through our examples how to give a proper response. 

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Why Do Employers Ask “Do You Want To Tell Us Anything Else About You?”

This question is usually asked to give you an opportunity to explain any extra skills, experience, and qualifications you may have that you weren’t able to talk about during the interview. 

Sometimes, employers ask this question seeking to know how you value yourself as a professional and what you can contribute to the company or establishment. 

Hiring managers use your response to evaluate your potential performance if hired and the type of dynamic you could establish with the team. 

How To Answer, “Do You Want to Tell Us Anything Else About You?” In A Job Interview

There are several good ways to answer this question. When you are asked this question and you are confident that your interview went well and you touched every area you needed to, you can say, 

“No, I believe we covered all important areas. I’m very delighted that we had an opportunity to meet and talk about my background and the role. What’s next in the process after this?”

That is the best way to close out the interview on a positive note. But, if you feel that there were topics you didn’t talk about, this is another chance for you to prove yourself as the man for the job!

You can start by saying “Yes, actually! I don’t think we talked about….” Then you proceed to explain what you want to say whether it’s an experience or skill you have. You could also tell them about your motivation to take up the role or clarify a point you previously discussed.

For clarification, you can say, ‘Yes, I know we touched on the topic of…, but I don’t think I properly explained myself…. So, I just wanted to clarify that…”

These will help you respond to the interviewers when they ask you if you’d like to tell them anything else. 

General Tips For Answering ‘If You Would Like To Tell Us Anything Else”

The following will guide you in crafting an ideal response. 

1. Keep Your Answer Short

Although interviewers ask this question, it is not a reason or a license to tell long stories. Your potential employers are looking for skills you have that can benefit them, they do not need you walking them through your resume. 

To provide an effective answer, it’s advisable to keep your response short and straight to the point. If the interviewers need more information, they will ask you then you can provide more details. 

2. Tell The Interviewers About Who You Are As A Professional

This question is an opportunity to present yourself in the best possible light. When answering this question, tell the employer about your best professional qualities and transition into telling them about your skills.

3. Highlight Skills Relevant To The Position

If there are any skills and qualifications relevant to the role you didn’t have a chance to explain earlier, use this opportunity to highlight them. Before you answer, consider the job post and select skills that you have that fits the job description, and then incorporate those skills in your response.

4. Explain Why You Want The Position

Employers are always impressed when candidates research the role they are applying for. Go through the job description and highlight certain responsibilities or opportunities that interest you and incorporate them into your answer to leave a positive impression.

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“Do You Want to Tell Us Anything Else About You?” Example Answers

Example Answer 1:

“Thanks for asking! I don’t have anything else to add. I am confident that we have covered the important topics, and I was able to share my background and how it would help me perform well in the role. It was great learning about the role, and the opportunity to perform in this position sounds especially interesting. What are the next steps in the process?”

Example Answer 2:

“Yes, actually! I don’t believe we talked about it, but I have a couple of years of work experience in customer service, which I believe will help me function well in this role. I’ll be able to anticipate questions and concerns that customers have, and implement better processes for solving customer problems through a support ticket system, FAQs, and more. I strongly believe that’s something that sets me apart from other candidates, so I wanted to mention it.”

Example Answer 3:

“Yes, I do. We’ve talked about my ability to work in a collaborative team, but we haven’t been able to talk about my communication skills. In my previous role as a project manager with five years of experience, communication was vital to the continued success of my projects. I was able to quickly and accurately explain the tasks that my team needs to complete in a variety of media which made us successful as a project team. I believe my ability to communicate effectively, along with the other skills we have spoken about, would be vital for this role.”

Mistakes To Avoid When Answering This Question

In a bid to answer this question,  many job seekers run into errors. Her are some common mistakes candidates make when answering “do you want to tell us anything else about you?” 

1. Feeling the need to share something even when you do not necessarily have anything to share. You are not compelled to add or say anything. If you are asked and you do not have anything else to say, you can simply say politely that you are satisfied with what you have already shared. 

This is a good approach and it is way better than speaking without a purpose of what you hope to achieve with your response. 

2. Trying to clarify too many points or topics. Going back to clarify too many points because you feel you didn’t do a great job explaining them will only overwhelm your interviewers and make you sound ingenuine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Answer Tell Us 3 Things About Yourself?

To answer this question describe your current situation, your past job experience, and the reason you’re a good fit for the role you are applying for. Discuss your current position and a recent accomplishment. 

What To Answer When Someone Asks “Tell Me Something About Yourself?”

If you choose to relate to the present, talk about your current role and perhaps a big recent accomplishment. If you wish to relate to the past, talk about how you got to where you are and mention previous experience that’s relevant to the job and company you’re applying for.

Do You Want To Ask Anything From Us: Interview Questions?

This question allows you to inquire about anything you feel is necessary to know about the job. You can ask several questions related to the position itself, the company, the hiring manager or interviewer, and even about yourself. 


“Do you want to tell us anything else about you?” is one interview question that presents you with an opportunity to address a previous answer that you feel you didn’t answer satisfactorily or add new information that you feel will help boost your chances of landing the job. 

Remember, you do always have to add anything if you are confident and satisfied with the interview. 

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