Software Application Developer Salary

Are you a software developer or planning to become one? It is a good idea to look at a “software application developer salary” before negotiating your terms.

In 2018, the average salary for software system developers was $ 103,620. However, your knowledge, certification, residency, and the company you are applying for can all influence how much you earn.

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Software Application Developer

Software developers create applications such as games and word processing programs on computers and other electronic devices, including tablets, mobile phones, and Smart TVs.

Because there are so many applications in the consumer market, most people do not realize that many other types of applications are used by governments, manufacturers, and other businesses.

For example, a small business that wants custom calculator software can hire a software developer. A good example can be an oil company that needs an application to monitor flow levels.

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Importance/Role of A Software Developer

The role of the software developer includes identifying, designing, installing, and testing the software system they have built.

It can range from creating internal systems that can help businesses operate more efficiently to producing systems that can be sold in the open market.

Once the software developers have installed the final software, they will also assist in finalizing and updating the system to ensure that all security issues are fixed and compatible with new websites.

Software developers’ importance and role create applications that allow people to perform certain tasks on a computer or mobile device. In contrast, others develop sub-systems that control networks.

Skills Required By Employers

  • Proficient usage of more developing languages
  • Design, test, and more software development
  • Critical thinking
  • Careful attention to detail
  • Good software management
  • Good problem solver
  • Create complex organizational details
  • Documented procedure for future preparation, upgrade, and development

Software Application Developer Salary – National Salary Review

BLS calculated the salaries of software application developers in 2018. That year, the average salary was $ 110,000. The bottom 10% made less than $ 66,740, and the top 10% of earners in 2018 made more than $ 166,960.


Most companies looking for software developers require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or other related fields.

For some positions, master’s qualifications or knowledge in the industry where applications are needed.

Creating insurance company applications, for example, may require getting acquainted with vast platforms than creating car manufacturer applications.

Regional Salary Changes

The salary of a software application developer varies from region to region, and it is dependent on the industry in each region rather than just demand and supply.

In Ohio, for example, there were 21,470 application developers in 2008, twice as many as Michigan and almost three times as large as Alabama.

However, the average salary in Ohio does not get anywhere near the salary of places like Massachusetts with 22,300 positions, Washington with 25,000 positions, and New York with 26,280 positions.

According to a report by each state and a state compilation by O*NET, the following are 12 examples of intermediate-income; the figures in brackets represent higher and lower 10% thresholds corresponding to national statistics.

  • California: $ 123,630 ($ 72,510 to $ 188,420)
  • Massachusetts: $ 105,620 ($ 65,710 to $ 159,210)
  • New York: $ 111,970 ($ 66,640 to $ 172,770)
  • Washington: $ 128,200 ($ 80,840 to $ 189,560)
  • Texas: $ 108,490 ($ 67,140 to $ 156,310)
  • National: $ 103,620 ($ 61,660 to $ 161,290)
  • Arizona: $ 98,640 ($ 54,500 to $ 145,310)
  • Alabama: $ 93,360 ($ 54,070 to $ 148,120)
  • Ohio: $ 91,280 ($ 53,910 to $ 133,960)
  • Michigan: $ 87,880 ($ 55,200 to $ 129,410)
  • Florida: $ 92,620 ($ 56,010 to $ 137,440)
  • Indiana: $ 81,580 ($ 55,740 to $ 127,920)
  • Arkansas: $ 84,550 ($ 52,730 to $ 128,780)

Salary (Experience)

First-time employees can expect to earn between $ 30,000 and $ 68,000 in their first year. Those with up to five years of experience typically earn between $ 39,000 and $ 77,000.

Those with up to ten years of experience can earn between $ 49,000 and $ 91,000. If you have experience of more than ten years, your income will usually vary between $ 50,000 and $ 133,000.

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Salary (Certification)

According to a Payscale study, Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) represent both the lowest and most paid application developers, for between $ 43,000 and $ 126,000.

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialists (MCTS) typically earn between $ 50,000 and $ 72,000, and Microsoft Certified Application Developers earn between $ 64,000 and $ 93,000.

Sun Certified Java Programmers (SCJP) typically earn between $ 58,000 and $ 93,000. Oracle Certified Associates (OCA) earns between $ 68,000 and $ 76,000.

Salary (Company)

The Payscale survey of application developers estimated that JP Morgan Chase typically paid an average of $ 88,209.

Intel Corporation paid $ 73,275. Some engineers working in these companies may pay more or less, as the statistics are based solely on those who voluntarily donated their money.

Small to medium-sized companies pay more than $ 100,000. Those who make more than $ 100,000 often work for themselves or companies with more than 5,000 employees.


More than just answering the question: What is a “software application developer’s salary”? This article has enlightened you more about a software developer’s importance, roles, skills, and requirements.

Summarily, the marketplace for software developers continues to grow as new beginners and large digital organizations improve their online presence.

The need for skilled developers is greater because of the growth in technology. Many companies are looking for software application developers to help them with their projects as they provide technology and information.

This allows software developers to acquire information, especially new developers, enabling you to cater to various business needs.

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