Red Wing Business Footwear For Your Employees

Do you want that spark and Uniformity when it comes to the dress code of your employees?  How about getting good footwear that matches and can stand the test of time? 

Red wing business footwear for your employees can never go wrong.

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About Red Wing

In 1905, Charles .H. Beckman Founded the Red Wing shoes company LLC situated in Red Wing, Minnesota. 

As a shoe entrepreneur, he recognized the need for strong, comfortable, and durable (red-wing footwear) business shoes for employees all around the globe. 

The products of this U.S. company feature; Work Boots, Work Shoes, Casual Shoes, Accessories, Slip resistant shoes, Oxfords, Chukkahs, Hiking boots, logger styles, and 6-inch & 8-8 ½ inch Red Wing footwear. 

The main focus of this company, aside from the extra (produce) like accessories, is the Red Wing business footwear.

Red Wing industrial and safety boots are said to be the most durable, highest-quality boots available. These boots are literally made to last a lifetime, and with over 5,000 Employees, these products are quite popular for comfortable and quality work experience. 

The brand uses top-quality materials and shoe-making procedures to ensure its products are long-lasting for users. 

Why Choose Red Wing

The sole of Red Wing footwear can be refurbished, ie. -It is possible to put a new sole on- and many of their styles include a cork layer in the Red Wing footbed that fits perfectly to the foot for optimal support, which is suitable for employees in various companies. 

Although Red Wing Footwear is fashionable and can complement various outfits worn by employees on different occasions, they serve as protective measures for employees who work in companies where there are possibilities of foot injuries/damages, for instance, falling objects; dangerous objects could pierce the sole, electrical hazards, etc. 

Foot Injuries occur for various reasons, employees can never be too careful, so these personal protective pieces of equipment are to be worn in the workplace for safety.

Care For Your Business Red Wing Footwears Using Protective Materials

Red Wing Boot Oil, Red Wing natural leather conditioner, Red Wing 97106 boot brush, Red Wing leather cream/polish, and a special clean rag. 

These materials are to be guarded exquisitely for the specific purpose of the care and protection of your business footwear.

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Red Wing Business Footwears For Your Employees 

Steel Toe Red Wing Boots

The sole of these boots are made of the original steel and can endure any form of work hazard. 

The Steel Toe Red Wing business footwear is handmade and distributed to employees that work in oil fields, iron mines, and engineering companies all over the globe. 

These are available in several sizes and boot inches but remain the same quality. These boots protect users from dangerous falling objects, extreme weather, and stepping on dangerous objects on the working grounds.

Non-Metallic Toe

These are safety, composite-toe boots that both genders can wear. These boots repel heat and cold from getting to the feet. 

They are worn by security personnel employees working in places with metal detectors, like banks, airports, ships, and Aluminum toe. 

Non-metallic toe boots are handmade of lightweight materials suitable for the comfort of users.

Electrical Hazard Red Wing Footwear

Electrical hazard Red Wing Footwear is designed specifically for employees like Electrical Engineers. 

These footwears are resistant to electricity as they reduce the hazardous flow of electricity from getting to the foot of people working in areas that have risks of electrical hazards. 

It is an important personal protective equipment and is often made a compulsory uniform by electrical companies. They are often tagged with ESD, E.H., or S.D. tags. 

Slip-Resistant Red Wing Boots

The tag “slip resistant” refer to boots that have a very firm grip on floors and work surfaces; the soles of these kinds of boots are made of rubber for better grip and friction, especially for slippery, wet, and greasy surfaces.

 These protective non-slip boots are known to be worn in any kind of workplace and business area, as all employees need one for their safety.

Puncture Resistant

The puncture-resistant Red Wing boots are specifically handmade to protect their user from hazardous foot punctures by dangerous objects. 

The soles of puncture-resistant boots are so hard and strong that objects like – nails, glass, and pieces of iron – no matter how sharp find it hard to penetrate them. 

The soles are usually built of steel, aluminum & metal and are, in most cases, heavyweight. As such, the intrusion of objects into the sole of the puncture-resistant boots is highly unlikely.

Metatarsal Red Wing Guard Footwear

In the forefoot, there is a group of five long bones referred to as the metatarsal bones located in the foot’s metatarsus. 

These bones function to support body weight. The metatarsal bones are so small there is barely enough skin to protect the metatarsal bones from falling objects and bruises. 

The metatarsal Red Wing guard footwear protects the foot against the risk of metatarsal fractures or injuries. 

Metatarsal footwear is to be worn by business employees who risk harmful impacts or injuries while lifting or rolling heavy objects at work.

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Waterproof Red Wing Boots

One can barely avoid watery surfaces at work, going to work, or returning from work. The term “Waterproof” says that your Red Wing boots will protect your feet from water exposure and cannot be damaged by water. 

As an employee needing boots with this feature, while looking for Red Wing footwear for your business, ensure that you request one that is water resistant. They will also come in handy during the rainy seasons/weather.

Static Dissipative

These are electrostatic-resistant shoes designed for the specific purpose of static electricity reduction. These footwears are built to have the capability of preventing the buildup of static electricity. 

They usually have ESD marks on them or S.D. marks. Look out for those marks when searching for footwear that serves this purpose.

Keen Men’s Philadelphia 6-Inch Insulated Waterproof Boot Carbon-Fiber Toe

These are heavyweight boots designed to keep the user safe and comfortable in very demanding business places. The material of the insulated boots is usually 100% leather.

Red Wing Iron Ranger

The iron ranger Red Wing footwears are oil-resistant, water-resistant, stain-proof, waterproof, sweat resistant, and insulated. The fabric type is 100% and is also oil tanned. 

They are not slip-resistant, so they can often be a little bit slippery, which is why it is best to always be careful when wearing these boots.


What Is The Shoe Policy For Employees?

OSHA’s occupational foot protection standard at 29 CFR 1910.136 requires protective footwear when employees work in areas where there are risks of injury to the feet from falling or rolling objects or objects piercing the foot and where the employee’s feet may be exposed.

Do Red Wing Employees Get Discounts?

You are in good company. All Red Wing Shoe Company, Inc. employees are eligible for unbeatable offers at over 250 of the world’s top retailers. Lifetime registration is 100% free for all employees.

What Is Red Wing Shoes’ Corporate Social Responsibility?

Founded in 1955, the Red Wing Shoe Foundation focuses on charitable giving that supports education, promotes the arts and sciences, improves our natural environment, and promotes opportunities for outdoor experiences.

Why Is Proper Footwear Worn In The Workplace?

The workplace protects feet from hazards such as sharp or falling objects, heat and cold, wet and slippery surfaces, corrosive chemicals, static discharge, and electric shock.

Do Employers Have To Pay For Footwear?

If it is part of ensuring safety in the work environment, your employer should pay for the shoes, as it could otherwise be considered negligence on their part.

Who Pays For Work Shoes?

However, the employer must cover items such as safety footwear that are subject to contamination by carcinogens or other toxic or hazardous substances and cannot be safely worn outside the workplace.

What Is An Employee Discount?

Employee discounts represent a discount that the company provides to its employees from the original price of goods or services. Generally, an employee discount is provided as one of the fringe benefits

How Does Employee Discount Work?

The employee discount program allows employees to receive an exclusive discount when purchasing products or services. Products can range from groceries to movie tickets. Since these are exclusive discounts, the best part is that only employees are eligible for these discounts.

How Much Do Red Wings Employees Make?

Red Wing Shoe Company’s average hourly wages range from approximately $9.95 per hour for an Assistant Store Manager to $21.16 per hour for a Training Manager. The average Red Wing Shoe Company salary ranges from approximately $45,320 per year for a Route Sales Representative to $72,000 per year for an Area Manager.

What Is The Responsibility Of Corporate Sponsorship?

Building brand awareness and image in specific market segments. Building community awareness and support. Building product awareness and visibility. Demonstrating corporate social responsibility and building goodwill by supporting an important cause.


Red Wing for business footwear is vast and has wide varieties. As a Company, Equipping your employees with these personal protective shoes would be smart. 

It would increase the capability of these employees, enabling them to work more efficiently without any worry of hazards befalling them.

Keep your employees free of work hazards and harm in the business area by providing them with personal protective Red Wing Footwear.

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