How Does Costco iPad Return Policy Work In 2022

Although Costco offers some great discounts, the majority of iPads are still sold at a premium price.

If you use the iPad for work, you should consider purchasing an iPad from Costco but you’ll need to learn more about the return policy.

Luckily, this article contains all available information about Costco iPad return policy work.

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About Costco

In the US, Costco is a worldwide firm with American roots that exclusively accepts members and was created in 1983 by James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman. 

Costco is one of the largest retailers in the world and operates close to 834 warehouses globally.  

The iPad, which can be used for both business and other leisure activities, is one of the top premium devices sold here and is most adored by users. 

Costco warehouses sell them at a discount to their consumers who purchase there and the iPad is offered at a premium price.

When Does Costco Accept Returns Of An iPad?

All Costco warehouse-related products are covered by a lifetime satisfaction guarantee, but the iPad must be returned to Costco within 90 days of the original purchase date because it is considered electronic in their warehouse.

Costco accepts iPad returns whenever the warehouse is open for business, which is during operating hours and depending on the state you live in, since not all Costco warehouses have the same operating hours. 

A Costco warehouse typically opens for business between 9:30 and 10:00 AM, on weekdays they will close at about 8:30 PM, while on weekends, they are likely to close by 6 p.m. 

By using the store finder feature offered on Costco’s official website, customers may quickly find the closest warehouse.

In 2022, Costco will accept returns of iPads within 90 days of purchase or delivery but you must bring either the membership card used for the refund or the payment receipt with you.

You must also include the Apple box and all the accessories if the iPad has been opened when it is being returned.

What Is The Process To Return An iPad To Costco?

An iPad bought from a Costco warehouse can be returned anywhere in a Costco warehouse close by. 

Since the return of iPads is accepted at every Costco warehouse in the US, you only need to go to the Costco warehouse that is closest to you. 

Simply approach their customer care counter, which is set up in each of their locations to assist consumers, and inform them about iPad returns. 

They would merely check the original receipt of purchase to see if it is still within the 90-day return window, then the Costco employee will accept either a retail receipt or an online payment invoice.

Once the employee has the receipt, they will scan it and present you with your alternatives, which include a complete refund, exchange, credit, or an iPad replacement.

Keep in mind that you must present your card to a Costco employee if you qualify for a refund there and this card needs to match the one used to make the first iPad purchase. 

Furthermore, if you do not have the card you used to make the initial payment, Costco does not guarantee a refund but will provide you a store credit that you can spend the next time you go shopping instead of a refund.

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Does Costco Ask For A Receipt To Return An iPad At Their Stores?

Costco recommends returning items with the original receipt every time, but even if you’ve lost the receipt or misplaced it together, Costco still accepts returns without a receipt. 

However, the customer must have their Costco membership card with them at all times because Costco can view the history of purchases made on your membership card by using it. 

They will be able to locate the associated transactions and the purchasing history thanks to the 12-digit code located on the back of your Costco membership card which will be used to search your membership account. 

It is simple for the Costco store staff to start a refund or exchange once they locate our account and the history of iPad purchases since refunds are issued in cash or are put on your card.

Costco even notes these returns that were made with the original receipt for the purchase on your account. 

This is done to reduce the possibility of abusing Costco’s return policy and lessen the number of pricey item returns at Costco.

What Is The Time Taken For A Refund To Arrive From Costco?

In Costco stores, returning an expensive item like an iPad is easy and quick, since refunds are also processed quickly. 

It can take up to 48 hours for refunds that are processed on debit and credit cards to appear on bank accounts. 

But the cash reimbursements issued at Costco locations are immediate.

However, if you return the iPad by mail, it could take up to 1-2 weeks for the money to appear in your account. 

Refunds are also only processed after packages arrive at the Costco warehouse and they will look for any faults or missing accessories in the shipment.

Does Costco Accept The Return Of An Opened iPad At Their Store?

If the buyers open the seals, Costco will accept the iPad they have purchased from them, but they must return the iPad with the product’s original box and all of the accessories that came with it at first, together with the iPad. 

Along with the iPad, the Apple box will also contain charger cords, a plug converter, Apple stickers, a user manual, and headphones.

Before processing the refund, exchange, or replacement, the Costco staff member or cashier will inspect the iPad’s whole original package.

Does Costco Accept The Return Of A Used iPad At Their Store?

Customers occasionally have dissatisfaction with iPads bought from the Costco warehouse, SO you have the freedom to return the iPad to Costco whenever you like throughout the allowed return period. 

For most of the things you buy from Costco, this return time is typically 90 days at any warehouse.

You also have the option to return any defective items you receive if you discover them after opening the shipment. and receive a complete refund, a replacement, or an exchange for a comparable item.

For Costco to accept them as returns, the iPad must be returned in brand-new condition.

What Is The Process Of Returning An iPad That Was A Gift At Costco?

Consumers who are not Costco members can receive iPads as gifts, but they will be required to divulge the membership information used to buy the iPad. 

The purchaser from Costco must be identified in the details with the original receipt for a refund.

The money will be credited to the Costco cash card once the returns have been processed and this card is used to purchase merchandise at Costco’s retail locations, its official website, and its fueling facilities.

This shop card, which is accepted at all Costco facilities and for purchases of goods there, is open to all non-members.

What Are the Limitations On iPad Returns At Costco?

For consumers who wish to return iPads to Costco locations, there are a few limits and limitations.

Such as all Apple items and accessories are ineligible for the online self-service return process. 

Therefore, the iPad that was purchased from Costco through their official website and app also needs to be returned in person to Costco locations. 

Also, even if Costco forbids it for an iPad, buyers can still obtain a return policy.


In their warehouses, Costco accepts iPad returns that were made from both their physical retail locations and their official website. 

From the date of purchase through 2022, returns must be processed within 90 days after the original purchase. 

Customers must also bring the iPad in with its original packaging and all of the accessories that came with it when they made their purchase.

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