Does Costco Sell Plan B?

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Does Costco Sell Plan B – Best Answers

Yes, Costco does sell Plan B to both members and non-members.

For a two-pack of Plan B the price range is between $7.99 – $40 

Costco is open for both members and non-members to purchase anything although the difference is in the discount for members.

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All You Need To Know About Plan B

Plan B is a contraceptive pill or a birth control pill that contains levonorgestrel, which prevents or delays the release of eggs from the ovaries.

This causes a delay in ovulation which leads to the prevention of pregnancy.

This is taken 72 hours after sex for it to be effective.

What Is The Cost Of Plan B?

Plan B is sold within the range of $7.99 – $40, although there is a discounted price for Costco members shopping there.

Moreover, you can get Plan B at another price range of $30 – $65, the reason being that the store or the state you are in matters in the increase of price.

Does Plan B Have Side Effects?

Plan B is safe for those with diabetes and high blood pressure.

But taking it may result in some changes in the body.

You may feel heavy-headed, nauseated, tired, and even have sore breasts.

This may also cause irregular menstruation with either heavy or light flow tho to the change in hormones.

Although these symptoms only last for a few hours or days, if you throw up after taking the pills, it’s advised to go see the doctor.

How To Use Plan B

Plan B is known as a morning pill, it is taken 72 hours after having unprotected sex 

It can be used for a long time but it is advised not to be used as the main pill for birth control. 


I’m sure with the content of this article you can easily tell that Costco sell Plan B 

It is important to know that Plan B can still fail after usage, that’s why it is not considered as a major birth control pill.

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