What Are The Key Receptionist Duties And Skills?

Do you know the key receptionist duties and skills?

Whether you are applying for the post of a receptionist or you are looking forward to employing a receptionist in your firm. 


You must be aware of the duties and Skills a receptionist should possess

As you go through this composition, you would find out all you need to know about the key receptionist duties and skills.

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Who Is A Receptionist

Receptionists work for firms and companies to ensure that the activities of the company are carried out effectively.


They are always the first employees that a client’s come in contact with.

This is why a receptionist needs to make a good first impression on the client.

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What Are The Duties Of A Receptionist?

The duties of a receptionist exceed greeting visitors that walk into the company.


They also perform many administrative tasks.

Here is a list of some of the duties of a receptionist:

  • One of the key duties of a receptionist is to call and answer telephone calls of customers.

To enable them to get information from the company 

  • Receive clients at the reception and ensure that they are comfortable.
  • Direct clients or visitors to the specific office that they are requesting to go to.
  • One of the key duties of a receptionist is to create or cancel appointments for those who are seeking to meet with the company.
  • A receptionist scans mail and fills documents for the company.
  • Inform members of the company about visitors or appointments that they have with clients.
  • Enter every client’s information into the company’s database and maintain important company documents.
  • Assisting the company with recruitment and termination of the contract.
  • Ensuring that the reception area is tidy for customers to sit and wait.
  • Arranging meetings for the company and taking important notes of the meeting held by the company 
  • One of the key duties of a receptionist is to type and proofread the company’s documents.
  • A receptionist helps in maintaining the security of the company by checking visitors’ access cards, whenever a client leaves and visits the company 

Skills You Must Have As A Receptionist

Apart from carrying out your duties effectively, there are some skills that a receptionist must possess.

I have prepared a list of some of them below.

1. You Must Have Experience Or Education

This is one of the first qualifications of a receptionist.

You need to get a degree in a relevant field of study or must have worked as a receptionist before. 

2. You Must Be An Excellent Communicator

As a receptionist, you must be able to communicate effectively to the understanding of your clients. 

Along with providing the correct information about the company to customers.

A receptionist is the mouthpiece of the company, so you can afford to mislead any client.

3. You Should Have Good Time Management Skills

A receptionist has different tasks such as making appointments, delivering messages as well as taking calls.

You are also going to handle many clerical tasks. so it’s expected that you manage your time effectively. 

In addition, there are times you would need to work under pressure, during this period you are expected to properly do your job.

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4. You Should Be An Amazing Organizer

The front desk has to always be kept clean. it’s the first place the customer sees as soon as they work in the company.

You do not want your clients to have a bad impression of the company, do you?

So that’s why a receptionist’s table should always be kept clean at all times.

5. Dependability

You need to always attend to the queries of customers as a receptionist. No company wants to employ a receptionist that wouldn’t attend to customers or leave phone calls unanswered.

A receptionist is one of the key persons that come early, so it’s expected of you to always be punctual

6. You should Have Excellent Interpersonal Skills

A receptionist should be able to build good relationships with customers. 

Why did I say so? This is because you’re the first person they would meet as soon as they come into the company.

If you give them a negative vibe they would likely not do business with your company again. 

Which is not good for your company.

If you don’t have a good working relationship with your colleagues it would be difficult for you to communicate every day with clients.

7. Be An Active Listener

A receptionist needs to be a good listener, you need to let your clients express themselves properly.

Being an active listener would assure them that they have come to do business with the right company. 

8. Have A Good Memory

You need to always give feedback to the management.

Because you are their mouthpiece, you stand between the customers and the company.

So you should always give feedback on calls, messages as well as reports that concern the company.

9. Ownership And Problem-Solving Skills

You should be ready to attend to the needs of your clients.

A receptionist should have the ability to solve problems at the front desk without letting them escalate.

10. You Must Always Wear A Professional Dress

A receptionist should always look neat.

You are the first Employee that the clients interact with as soon as they walk into the company.

So you must give them a good first impression.


Now that you are aware of the key receptionist duties and skills,  shouldn’t you apply for the position of receptionist?

Take that step and apply for your dream job today.

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