Best Personal Trainer Resume Example

A personal trainer is a person who trains clients in the fitness field. The job requires you to have experience with various equipment and exercises and understand how to plan out workouts for different types of clients. 

A good resume will help you stand out from other candidates for this career and demonstrate your skills and achievements through action verbs and keywords from the job description.

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Choosing The Best CV Format For A Personal Trainer

Choosing the best CV format for a personal trainer depends on your experience. 

The resume format is more important than the content of your resume, so if you have just started working as a personal trainer or are just starting after years of experience, you likely need a new CV format. 

If this is true for you, read through our recommendations below and decide which works best for you.


The objective section of your resume is one of the most important parts of your resume, and it should be clear and concise and provide an overview of who you are as a candidate for this position. Here’s what’s in it:

  • What do I want to achieve with this job? This would be an example of something like, “I am looking for a career change within the fitness industry.” Use examples from previous jobs or volunteer work to demonstrate that you can do well in this role.
  • Can I contribute positively towards our company’s success? You don’t need super specific numbers here – just give us an idea of how much impact you can have on our business based on experience.

Work Experience

As a personal trainer, you have gained experience working with clients of all levels of fitness. You have worked with people who are just starting out on their journey to becoming healthier and stronger, as well as those who are already in the best shape of their lives.

In addition to being an expert at training others, you also have experience teaching others how to achieve their goals by following your advice and techniques. 

This is an important skill for any health professional because it teaches patients how to change their lifestyle for the better to live longer lives free from pain or illness.

You might also want to include any other relevant experience if there’s anything else that stands out about this section of your resume: maybe it was during college when you volunteered at a food bank or somewhere else where helping out others was part of daily life. 

Or perhaps there was something specific within another job description, for example, maybe when working under an industrial engineer designing machines based on previous designs done by engineers. 

These are those whose expertise matched yours perfectly, which made getting along easy between colleagues while still maintaining high-quality work being produced at a record pace.


Name Of University

Your major is in the field of exercise science, and you’ve earned your degree from a recognized university. 

You are also an active student body member, helping with events like intramural sports and group fitness classes.

Major Field(s) Of Study

You majored in exercise science with minors in biology, nutrition science, and sport management. As part of your studies at college or university (or both), you received several awards for excellence in academics.

You were also an active student body member, helping with events like intramural sports and group fitness classes. Your involvement is evident in your resume:


As a personal trainer, you have the following skills:

  • You have experience working with people of all ages and abilities.
  • You have experience teaching various fitness classes at various gyms around town.
  • You are skilled in physical fitness training, including cardiovascular exercise and weight loss programs such as CrossFit or Tabata routines (which are highly effective for building muscle mass).

If this sounds like something that would be useful to someone looking for a new job as a personal trainer, then consider adding these achievements to your resume!

Certifications And Publications

Certifications and publications are important to include on your resume. They show that you are a professional, up-to-date with the latest research, trained in the techniques used by other professionals, and experienced enough to train others.

For example, suppose you have a certification in Pilates or yoga as well as training experience leading classes at your gym or studio. 

In that case, this can help show potential employers that you know how to teach someone without formal Training yet about what it takes to be successful in their field of work (i.e., fitness).

Quantify Your Training Achievements

Quantifying your achievements will show how much you have improved and grown as a trainer. You can use numbers to quantify your achievements, like

  • How many clients have you helped?
  • What were the results of these workouts? (Loss of weight, increased muscle mass, etc.)
  • How long did it take before they started seeing results?

The best way to show you’re a good trainer is by showing your clients’ results. 

If they see that they have lost weight or gained muscle mass, it will help build their trust in you and prove that you are also confident in your abilities.

Personal Trainer Resume: Tips

Use Keywords From The Job Description

If you’re applying for a job that requires a personal trainer, use the words and phrases from their description. 

For example, if they say, “We are looking for someone who has experience with sports-related injuries and performance enhancement,” then you can use those words as keywords in your resume.

However, don’t just copy and paste them verbatim. Rephrase them into action verbs such as “trained” or “developed.” 

These verbs capture how your experience will benefit the company by demonstrating why you’re an ideal candidate for this job.

Also, make sure that the numbers and statistics on your resume reflect what was mentioned in their requirements, don’t just leave them out because it’s too much work.

Include paragraphs about how many people have benefited from working with you over time or whatever metric has been requested. 

Finally, summarize all relevant experiences: what were the most memorable moments? Why did they choose this particular field?

Use Bullet Points To Highlight Your Skills And Achievements

If you are a personal trainer; it is important to highlight your skills and achievements in bullet points. The more specific you can be about what you do, the better. For example:

  • I have been working as a personal trainer for three years. During this time, I have developed my own workout routine that allows clients to reach their goals quickly without injury or pain.
  • I am fluent in French (native) and Spanish (fluent). In addition to communicating easily with French speakers, I also speak some Italian fluently due to my work as an au pair in Italy when I was younger.

Use Action Verbs

Action verbs are a great way to describe your achievements. The present tense is best for this, as it’s usually the most vivid and engaging of the languages we use today. 

It conveys action instead of description and can be used in both active voice (the subject is doing something) or passive voice (the object being acted upon).

The key here is variety, don’t be afraid of using strong action verbs like “trained,” “helped,” or “led” when describing something that happened recently. 

For example: “I helped a client lose 20 pounds in six months.” Or: “I trained my fellow employees so they could exercise with me without getting tired.” 

If you’ve only been at this job for three years and haven’t accomplished much yet, don’t hesitate to use more humble words like “assisted” or “supported”; just make sure those descriptions still have an impact.

Use A Good Font

One of the first things you should do when writing your resume is to choose a font that is easy to read. 

You want your reader to be able to make sense of everything you have written, so it’s important that they can easily distinguish between one thing and another.

The best way for them to do this is by using the appropriate font size and style. A good rule of thumb is: Don’t use it if it’s too big or too small.

You should also ensure that your resume uses consistent fonts throughout its length (i.e., no bolded text). 

This makes reading through all of your information much easier on the eyes compared with having different sizes of headings everywhere throughout each page like crazy, which isn’t necessarily bad; just try not to do this.

Use A Good Layout

  • A consistent layout: Regarding your resume, the layout is extremely important. Make sure you use a consistent format and font throughout your documents. For example, if you’re writing a cover letter or any other document that isn’t tied directly into your resume, don’t go crazy with colors or fonts—keep it simple!
  • Easy-to-read: Your reader should be able to read what they need without having to strain their eyes or take extra time trying not only to understand what’s being said but also to take in all of its information at once, which can make them feel like they’re being rushed.
  • Easy-to-understand: This means using words that are easy for someone who doesn’t know much about fitness yet but also understands how important this career path can be for personal growth, both mentally and physically

Personal Trainer Resume Example

Daniel Samuel

Miami, FL 33127

595 665 505

(555) 555-5555

[email protected]

Professional Summary

Spirited personal fitness trainer with weight management expertise and the ability to motivate others toward accomplishing weight loss goals. Design classes to match the skill and learning levels of all participants. Skilled in personal program development and individual life and body assessments.


  • Fitness instruction
  • Health and wellness
  • Exercise program design
  • Coaching
  • Knowledge of human anatomy
  • Nutrition principles
  • Weight management
  • Healthy living role model

Work History

May 2018 – Current

Crunch Fitness – Miami, FL

Personal Trainer

  • Design specific workout systems for 30 individual clients based on performance ability.
  • Provide clients with safe, reasonable exercise to perform at home or at the gym.
  • Train clients on a variety of strength training, cardiovascular exercises, and stretching techniques.

September 2016 – March 2018

Planet Fitness – Miami, FL

Front Desk Associate

  • Greeted 70+ daily visitors upon arrival, and offered help, and answered questions to build rapport and retention.
  • Increased membership enrollment by 20% using innovative sales and promotional techniques.
  • Leveraged POS system to sell water, energy drinks, snacks, and other gym items.

June 2015 – August 2016

Win-Dixie – Miami, FL


  • Replenished sales floor merchandise and organized shelves, racks, and bins for optimal appearance.
  • Completed sales in excess of $2,500 with a near-zero error rate using the POS system.
  • Checked prices for customers and processed items sold by scanning barcodes.


May 2018

University of Miami Miami, FL

Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology

Example 2

Danielle Goodman

(098) 765-4321

[email protected]

678 First Street, Miami, FL 34567


Certified personal trainer with three years of experience providing effective individual and group training techniques. Advanced knowledge of weight management skills and strategies and body composition testing. A talent for creating a pleasant and safe training space and effective planning for individuals with disabilities and sports injuries. Experience using HIIT workouts and strength training to increase good body metabolism and improve body strength.

Professional Experience

Personal Trainer, Equinox Fitness Clubs, Miami, FL

January 2019 – present

  • Assess new clients and provide gym orientation sessions, demonstrate proper use of equipment and lifting techniques to approximately 15 clients per day, and oversee to ensure the safe and effective exercise
  • Provide client goal-setting questionnaires, develop customized fitness programs, and create nutrition plans to support clients in achieving fitness goals
  • Adapt existing frameworks to accommodate mobility limitations and physical disabilities
  • Monitor the safety of the gym environment and maintain a clean and attractive work area

Key Skills

  • Metabolic testing
  • Client Relations
  • Fitness exercise
  • Sports medicine
  • Nutrition plans


  • Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology

University of Miami, Miami, FL, September 2014 – June 2018


  • Personal Trainer Certificate, National Academy of Sports Medicine, 2018

CPR and First Aid Certificates, 2020


How Do You Introduce Yourself As A Personal Trainer?

If you want to introduce yourself, there are some important points that you should mention. Tell people about yourself, how you became a personal trainer, and what inspired you to choose this job.

What Is The Most Important Qualification For A Successful Personal Trainer?

Effective communication

What Makes A Trainer Unique?

One important quality of a good trainer is his ability to follow the goal and manage the limitations without compromising the quality of the training. 

What Makes An Elite Personal Trainer?

As the name suggests, an elite-level personal trainer is a trainer who is considered “the cream of the crop.” This person has advanced fitness knowledge and skills. 

Can You Be Rich As A Personal Trainer?

The short answer is that you can make good money as a personal trainer. 

What Is The Most Difficult In Being A Personal Trainer?

One of the major challenges of personal training, especially after getting started, is keeping business steady. 

What Makes A Bad Personal Trainer?

A bad personal trainer does not keep track of training or progress. 

What Is A Level 5 Personal Trainer?

There does not just describe a Level 5 standard qualification that covers just Personal Training. However, the industry expert bundle course qualifies you when you are at Level 4 Elite PT with a Level 5 Nutrition qualification. 

What Is A Personal Trainer Certificate Most Respected?

These certifications, with an option for an NCCA accreditation certificate, are the most respected in the industry. 

What Is Level 4 PT?

The Level 4 PT Course is the highest level of industry recognition, covering many specialist areas to strengthen your marketability and earning potential.


Hopefully, you now have an idea of the best personal trainer resume example.

Now that your resume is in tip-top shape, it’s time to turn it into a real career-boosting asset. 

Get creative with your CV and show the world what you can do. 

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