10 Career Jobs That Start With V In 2023

If you are searching to explore all the career jobs that start with the letter V, then you are at the right blog.

We’ll at the 10 Career Jobs that we have selected among all those. These jobs come with attractive salaries and bonuses which are dependent on your level of commitment.

So Keeping scrolling as we explore these jobs and get to know more about them.

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Major 10 Career Jobs That Start With V

Below are our major 10 career jobs that you wouldn’t regret applying for shortly. These jobs Include:

1. Veterinarians 

Veterinarians are those doctors that specialize in treating animals more than humans. They treat the injuries and illnesses of animals by examining and diagnosing them using laboratory test results and medical tools including EKG, ultrasound, and x-ray machines, before determining a treatment plan. 

Also, they perform preventive and emergency surgeries on animals. These individuals can work in private veterinary clinics or hospitals, while some may work in zoos or travel between their offices and farms and ranches. 

Furthermore, they sometimes organize seminars where they lecture pet owners about their respective animals, their needs and treatments through prescribing medications.

To be a successful veterinarian, you must have compassion, especially for animals, sound decision-making skills, and excellent interpersonal abilities.

The average annual salary for a veterinarian is 108,297 a year.

2. Virtual Design And Construction (VDC) Engineer

A virtual design and construction (VDC) engineer refers to someone that manages the planning, visualization, and computer modelling of building projects. 

They use software such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) to create digital models that can be used to analyze the design of a building from all angles and simulate the construction process. 

VDC Engineers can work closely with BIM modellers, architects, and clients to create a cohesive construction plan. 

To become a successful VDC engineer, you must have outstanding communication, and interpersonal skills, along with strong technical expertise and artistic ability.

The average annual salary for a VDC Engineer in the United States is $91,657 a year.

3. VoIP Engineer

VoIP Engineers are those engineers that oversee and engage in the design, implementation, support, troubleshooting, maintenance, and upgrading of Voice over Internet Protocol systems.

They work mostly in the office environment as consultants or for a large corporation that supports internal technology or manufacturer of VoIP systems.

To become a successful VoIP engineer, you must possess a deep understanding of the technology, hardware and software tools necessary to fix issues.

Furthermore, the average annual salary for a VOIP Engineer in the United States is $93,515 a year. 

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4. Virtual Assistant

This is one of the jobs that start with V that have a flexible schedule which is very competitive but with a decent salary. 

A virtual assistant is a remote administrative contractor who typically helps with office management duties and can assist with a variety of content, social, design, marketing and other media-related business responsibilities. 

They also have some other duties depending on the industry they work in, the scope of their responsibilities within a specific company and what certifications, training or experience they have as a virtual assistant.

The specific duties of a virtual assistant can vary from administrative to technical, depending on the person’s skill set. 

As a virtual assistant, you can work as an independent contractor or with staffing agencies. You can also work with one company while securing another contract with different employers.

The average salary for a virtual assistant in the United States is $39,915. Though, its salary typically ranges between $29,000 and $54,000 a year.

5. Video Editor

This is one of the most sought-after jobs in different parts of the world. So if you are skilled in this field, then it is the right now to utilize your skills.

A video editor is a multimedia professional who combines video, sound and graphics into one cohesive piece of multimedia. They work closely with other creative professionals, such as graphic artists, actors and directors to achieve the best possible outcome for the video.

To create their videos, they use footage, sound and graphics to tell a story. Some of the other things that they do Include developing scripts, producing, and editing videos and photos for multiple platforms, from short-form daily content for social media platforms to long-form series and sourcing for graphics, animations, special effects, music, sound effects and sound bites.

The average annual salary for a Video Editor in the United States is $55,182 a year.

6. Verification Representative

A verification representative refers to someone whose responsibilities Include handling both incoming and outgoing calls to assist clients with their insurance verifications. They also help to resolve insurance-related issues that a customer may be facing.

As a verification representative, you can work in an office or call centre environment.

An ideal employee for a verification representative position must have insurance-related certifications and must be knowledgeable about the latest insurance policies and regulations.

However, the average annual salary for an Insurance Verification Representative in the United States is $33,226 a year.

7. VP Sales

Sales Vice Presidents have to do with the organization’s sales team who develops and executes strategies to increase revenue, profit, market share, and customer satisfaction. 

In most organizations, the VP of Sales will report to a president or CEO and work closely with their peers in marketing, finance, customer service, legal, and operations departments or divisions.

They are also responsible for hiring sales management and staff, creating compensation plans, overseeing training programs, managing budgets as well as their team’s performance of sales quotas or KPIs (key performance indicators) on a monthly/annual basis.

The base salary for Vice President of Sales ranges from $204,130 to $265,185 with the average base salary of $231,443. 

8. Video Game Programmer 

A game programmer is a software engineer, programmer, or computer scientist who primarily develops codebases for video games or related software, such as game development tools. They are responsible for writing code to create games. They use computer programming languages and specialized game engines to create games and ensure they run correctly. 

However, as a video Game Programmer, you must have a good understanding of mathematics, physics, and computer science and strong problem-solving skills. 

The average annual salary for a Video Game Programmer in the United States is $86,642 a year. 

9. Vehicle Body Repairer 

Motor vehicle body repairers, also called autobody and collision technicians are responsible for fixing and restoring motor vehicle body parts, interior finishing, repainting automotive body surfaces and repairing/replacing the automotive glass.

They remove damaged parts, prepare and prime the body, align panels and parts, weld replacement parts, and apply sealants and paint. 

However, the average annual salary for vehicle body repairers in the United States is $50,783 a year. 

10. Video Game Designer 

Video Game Designers are those professionals who are responsible for creating a video game as well as its overall look and creating rules and objectives for the gameplay. They must also create characters and environments for the game. 

They create games for desktop computers, mobile platforms, or consoles. They are also responsible for coding the program that runs the game.

However, as a Video Game Designer, you must have technical programming, scripting, animation, and audio design skills.

Furthermore, The average salary for a Game Designer is $74605 per year in the US.


Numerous job opportunities start with the letter V. These jobs are not just any kind, rather, they are once in a lifetime kind of jobs with attractive salaries.

Also, if you have Tech-related skills or you have an interest in venturing into the industry, then these jobs such be your best pick as they are highly demanded.

However, do well to conduct thorough research on the company before making any significant decisions on how to start.


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