Career Jobs That Start With G

Here in this article are several career jobs within the alphabet G category.

Learn about up to 20 career jobs that start with G and their job responsibilities, educational requirements and work environments by going through our article until the end.


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Career Jobs That Start With G

1. Graphic design

Professionals who are into graphic designing are responsible for using creative cloud applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Fonts, Photoshop Premiere, Photoshop Express, Adobe Fresco and Dimension. 

They do these to achieve visual concepts that will communicate feelings/ideas/opinions/messages that will catch the attention of consumers to inspire, entertain or keep them informed.

Graphic Designer’s Work Environment 

Graphic designers are always needed by advertising, publishing, PR agencies, packaging, mass communication/media industries, and companies specialising in branding.

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Educational Requirements For A Graphic Designer

One basically needs to achieve a graphic design bachelor’s degree or certification in the field of fine art studies. 

Generally, graphic designers are to major in courses like Drawing, design techniques, art theory, digital design, illustration, visual communication, and photography.

A concise graphics design and computer operating system (Software & Hardware) technical training will also come in handy. 

2. Gas Plant Operator

Natural gas plants are being taken care of by these professionals. They care for natural gas plants by regularly observing all the units of the gas plant, checking the plant’s performance regularly to ensure proper function and fixing up areas that are malfunctioning. 


They also take the plant’s gauge readings & meter readings, maintain the right amount of pressure flow within the gas pipelines, make adjustments when needed, and ensure to regard the company’s guidelines, policies, standards and procedures while working.

Gas Plant Operator’s Work Environment 

The government, oil & utility companies or large private industrial units usually employ gas plant operators.

Educational Requirements For A Gas Plant Operator 

You will need to acquire good grades in your (graduation certificate) Gcse/Waec on subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Technology, Geography, and English. 

You will also need training experience on (on-site) oil field & gas plant operations for a long period. 

3. Gynaecologist

A gynaecologist is a health speciality doctor responsible for handling the reproductive health of women seeking Medicare. 

Reproductive organs like the vagina, vulva, labia minora & Majora, fallopian tubes, breasts, uterus and ovaries are diagnosed and treated by the gynaecologist if severe conditions are observed after running MRI scan processes. 

An Obstetrician’s/Gynecologist’s Work Environment 

Private or public healthcare clinics or hospitals, outpatient clinics, surgical hospitals, speciality hospitals, colleges, secondary school clinics etc., usually employ gynaecologists. Some of the gynaecologists of today open up their own hospitals and practice independently.

Educational Requirements For A Gynecologist 

An MCAT exam certificate, a medical degree, certified proof of residency program completion, a board certification, a gynaecology/obstetrics doctorate, and a high school diploma.

4. Geologist

The geology profession in itself is broad and has many specialities, such as Environmental geology, economic geology, volcanology, seismology, geophysics, oceanography, hydrology, anthropology, archaeology and many more. 

The fundamental responsibilities of geologists, however, consist of; Studying the Earth, its structure, and Earth’s materials, making future predictions of natural disasters like earthquakes/erosions/volcanic eruptions/the weather in general, building highways, and building pipelines for the flow of gas and oil. 

A Geologist’s Work Environment 

Geologists work mainly in the field for government agencies, academic institutions such as teachers, private firms, science museums, natural environmental organisations, and other profit or nonprofit organisations.

Educational Requirements For Geologists

A geologist should acquire a bachelor’s degree in geosciences, environmental science, engineering, or geography to be considered a competent professional. 

He/she has to acquire good grades in chemistry, physics, further mathematics, English language, mathematics, geography and biology in their Gcse or Waec.

5. Genetic Engineer

Geneticists are engineers whose speciality falls under the genetic aspect of sciences. They manipulate and modify the genes of organisms, and they study plants, animals and human genetics specifically. 

The various genetically modified drugs found in Medicare centres today, such as; Infertility drugs, insulin, estrogen pills, human albumin, and vaccines, are produced by genetic engineers. 

Genetic Engineer’s Work Environment 

Private firms, pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, colleges and research institutes & labs are the common work environments for genetic engineers. Some individuals who practice independently sometimes get employed as genetic counsellors by genetic disease patients.

Educational Requirements For Genetic Engineers 

The essential subjects required to be a genetic engineer are Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. 

A bachelor’s degree in either molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, biophysics, molecular genetics or biomedical technology is also required. 

A master’s or doctorate in molecular biology or molecular genetics is also a huge asset. 

6. Geographer

Geographers analyse and study all there is to know about the Earth, its crusts, geographical features, human society, and everything about the interaction/bonding of nature and human culture/society. 

They can be described as humanists, physical scientists or social scientists. 

Geographer’s Work Environment 

Well, most independent geographers do engage themselves in fieldwork for environmental surveys and analysis, while some work full-time/permanent jobs as cartographers, construction managers, landscape architects, nature conservationists, environmental consultants, and market researchers.

Educational Requirements For Geographers

Extensive fieldwork experience is required of a geographer. 

Extensive studies in subjects like Mathematics, physics, geography, and English language are required of a geographer. 

To become a geographer, you must earn a high school diploma. A geographer also requires a bachelor of science in geography or environmental science. 

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7. Geophysicist

A Geophysicist is extensively taught the concepts of physics, principles of physics, geology, mathematics, engineering, Earth’s physical characteristics, and about other planets. 

The job description of a Geophysicist entails the measurement of gravity, natural electric currents, specific temperatures, magnetic waves and seismic waves.

Their basic duty is to research abnormalities in the Earth’s physical aspects and apply principles of physics to fix the problems.

Work Environment Of A Geophysicist 

Geophysicists are mainly found working in mining, oil, gas & utility Industries, academic research institutions, teaching hospitals, colleges, construction, quarrying, manufacturing, banks, government agencies, and health care firms.

Educational Requirements For Geophysicists

A concise and broad fieldwork experience is required of a Geophysicist alongside very extensive knowledge and excellent grades in subjects such as; Mathematics, physics, geography, further mathematics, chemistry and the English language. 

Every Geophysicist must acquire a high school diploma and a bachelor of science degree in geography, geophysics, or environmental science.

8. GolangEngineer

They are also called Golang developers. They have a very adept understanding of how to translate low-performing software requirements to high-performance/stable software and think analytically/critically when problem-solving needs to arise. 

These software engineering professionals are responsible for designing/developing, and completing a computer software package. They offer CAM, know how to print in 3D, offer digital manufacturing, they offer plastic simulations and code writing.

Work Environment Of Golang Engineers

Golang Engineers work with technology firms/companies/industries, software engineering companies and information technology firms.

Educational Requirements Of A GO Engineer

  • A minimum of four years of working experience with Golang is required. 
  • Java, C++ and Python expertise and training experience are required. 
  • An information technology, engineering, or computer science bachelor’s degree is also a requirement to become a Golang engineer. 

9. Golf Coach

It is always important to do better than your competition in any game; this is where a coach comes in. 

A golf Coach is responsible for teaching an individual what it takes to be an expert in the game; the lessons to be taken range from how to swing the club perfectly, the art of patience and how to control body movement. 

Work Environments Of Golf Coaches

Golf Coaches are found leading their sports teams on the field. Colleges, high schools, and sports competition firms mostly employ them.

Educational Requirements For Golf Coaches

Golf Coaches need to be golf experts and have team management and leadership skills to be fit for the position. 

Although a degree in physical and health education or other sport-related courses will be a plus, it’s mostly experiencing one may need to be a golf Coach.

10. Guidance Counselor 

A guidance counsellor works directly with students to give professional advice on their occupational, personal, social, mental, and physical health/needs. 

Talking to a counsellor can be very therapeutic as an individual feels much better and relieved after listening to the advisor’s professional advice.

Work Environments Of A Guidance Counselor

Guidance Counselors work mostly in secondary schools and colleges.

Educational Requirements For Guidance Counselors 

A guidance counsellor basically needs to acquire a high school diploma and a bachelor of science degree in English language, psychology, or sociology.

Some Other Career Jobs Starting With G 

  • Guest Experience Agent
  • Gymnast
  • Gas Engineer
  • Gallery Assistant
  • General Manager
  • Grill Cook
  • Game developer
  • Game designer
  • Genetic Counselor
  • Glass Blower/Maker


Career Jobs Starting with G are actually interesting in their own unique way. We hope to satisfy your curiosity after reading about the various job descriptions of the career jobs starting with G. 

Picking up a career that falls within this category will be a wise choice as they are all quite lucrative. We thank you very much for viewing our career article.


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