Career Jobs Starting With H

Are you curious to find out about various career jobs that start H? Well, this blog post is here to help satisfy that curiosity as we have carefully made a concise list of career jobs in the alphabet H category.

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Career Jobs That Star With H

1. Hotel Manager

A hotel manager is responsible for monitoring all staff in his/her workstation to ensure that the workflow is as it should be, ensuring that all transactions are confirmed before services are rendered to clients, making sure all the guest rooms are presentable/conducive, and managing all other day-to-day operations of the hotel. 

A hotel manager is basically a leader to all staff in the hotel and should possess team leadership skills, work-related conflict resolution skills, multitasking skills, emotional intelligence, communication skills, patience and customer service skills. 

The Work Environment Of A Hotel Manager

Owners of Residential clubs, small inns, motels, hotels, and lodges employ hotel managers to oversee the day-to-day operations of their businesses. 

Hotel managers take responsibility for the resort they work for and usually work night shifts, weekend shifts, day shifts and sometimes round the clock except on leave days or vacations.

Educational Requirements For Hotel Managers

Aspiring hotel managers usually get into school to study business administration, hotel management or hospitality business education.

A bachelor of arts in either of the three courses mentioned above can earn you a satisfactory job position when you are ready to manage a hotel.

2. Hardware Engineer

Hardware components of computers like motherboards, computer memory, hard drives, central processing units, optical drive, heat sinks, and RAM are designed, developed, installed, and regularly tested by hardware engineering professionals. 

Hardware Engineers troubleshoot and diagnose hardware components to observe abnormalities or malfunctions and work to replace damaged components of the malfunctioning hardware.

Work Environments Of Hardware Engineers

Hardware Engineers are eligible to work with software research institutes that produce, test and develop different computer models, manufacturing industries, industrial technology offices, peripheral equipment manufacturing industries, electronic system & component manufacturing industries, and advanced technology manufacturing firms.

Educational Requirements For Hardware Engineers

Computer hardware engineers are required to present a bachelor of science degree in computer science, information technology, electrical engineering technology or computer engineering from an accredited college. 

A hardware engineer requires a high school diploma and good grades in subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Applied physics and computer science.

A working experience in Verilog, C, C++, Coding, Java, and Python will also enable you to be very successful in computer hardware engineering. 

3. Housekeeper

A housekeeper is a professional employed to manage the overall domestic tasks in a household. 

The basic duties of a housekeeper include vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping, washing dirty laundry, washing bathroom and convenience, dressing beds, preparing meals, changing sheets, cleaning fans and air condition systems, cleaning the windows, emptying and Washing trash cans. 

Work Environments Of A Housekeeper 

Housekeepers are eligible to work in inns, motels, hotels, family houses, lodges, rehabilitation centres, hospitals and a few companies.

Educational Requirements For Housekeepers

Housekeeping professionals are required to own a high school diploma or certificate, a degree in hospitality management or home management, and, most importantly, working experience as a housekeeper in a previous workplace.

4. Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers serve the purpose of standing in as an executive assistant to the chief executive officer of an organization. They are individuals who have excellent decision-making skills, leadership skills, business management skills, and financial growth skills.

The human resource manager, in the absence of his/her CEO, manage tasks such as; employing new staff, training the new staff, engaging all staff on ethics training programs, and ensuring that staffs work with regard and respect to the organization’s culture/ethic. 

They also engage in curtailing unethical acts by ensuring defaulters are disciplined, achieving success for the organization, managing employee payroll, managing all salary advance requests and observing employee relationships.

Work Environments Of Human Resource Managers 

Human resource managers are eligible to work in private companies, public / government agencies, law firms, offices, and educational institutions.

Educational Requirements For Human Resource Managers 

Degrees in courses like Business administration, psychology, linguistics and communication studies, or human resource management are to be acquired by aspiring human resource managers.

5. Hairdresser

Hairdressers are hair grooming professionals who specialize in services like hair shampooing, trimming, dying, braiding, crocheting, weaving and fixing according to the preferences of their walk-in clients. 

They also have basic knowledge of waxing, facial hair removal, facials, and make-up and can offer the services to their clients just as the clients wish.

Work Environments Of Hairdressers

Hairdressers can work remotely in hair salons, schools, hospitals, private companies, resorts, spas, hotels, malls, and barbershops.

Educational Requirements For Hairdressers

Hairdressers basically need to gain experience in the profession to be hairdressing experts, and they have to have sufficient finger dexterity; they need to be creative and also need to be well-learned and updated on the trends of hair styling in order to fit the job description.

A high school diploma and a bachelor of science or art in any field may be an asset. However, it’s just working experience; an individual needs to be a hairdressing expert.

6. Health Aide

These are caregivers who are employed by the disabled, critically ill, visually impaired, pregnant women and old aged to offer them primary & medical care services. The primary care services include:

  • Washing dirty laundry.
  • Sweeping the home, mopping, and dressing beds.
  • Cooking nutritious meals.
  • Bathing patients.
  • Dressing the patients and giving medical care to patients under their care. 

Work Environments Of A Health Aide

Health aides are eligible to work in hospitals, private homes, rehabilitation centres, baby daycare facilities and other residential facilities.

Educational Requirements Of A Health Aide 

If you would love to be a health aide that will earn high salary compensations, you should acquire a bachelor’s degree in medical or pure sciences and a high school diploma or certificate. 

Certifications like these are liable to make you highly eligible to practice in your residence as a health aide or anywhere you travel.

A minimum of one to three years of health aide working experience, preferably as a medical caregiver, is required.

Basic knowledge of culinary arts, clinical hygiene, knowledge of food and nutrition, and medical care procedures is also required to make you more competent.

7. Histotechnology

Professionals who specialize in histotechnology are referred to as histotechnologists or histologists. They use test samples & specimens from plants, animals and humans to observe abnormalities and diagnose threatening diseases.

If a histologist is unable to read certain samples/tissues/specimens, he or she hands them over to a pathologist to read.

Work Environments Of Histologists

Basically, they work in medical research laboratories and clinical laboratories.

Educational Requirements For Histologists

A Bachelor’s degree, doctorate, certificate, or associate degree in histotechnology, medical lab technology, chemistry, or biology is required to be a professional histologist.

A high school diploma is also required.

8. Horticulture

This agricultural career job specializes in the art of grooming plants that are valued for food, medicine and decorative purposes. 

The professionals who specialize in horticulture are known as horticulturists. 

Work Environments Of Horticulturists

Plant production firms, agricultural research institutes, colleges as lecturers or professors, gardens, greenhouses, nurseries and government agencies are places you can work for/as a horticulturist.

Educational Requirements For Horticulturists 

A Bachelor’s degree, doctorate, certificate, or associate degree in histotechnology, plant science and biotechnology, agriculture or biology is required to be a professional histologist.

A high school diploma is also required.

9. Historian

Historians are individuals who have adept knowledge of events of the past and write about the events. 

Work Environments Of Historians

They work as teachers, professors or lecturers in educational institutions.

Educational Requirements For Historians

A bachelor of arts in government, English, humanities, social studies, law or history.

10. Harpist

A harpist is a musical artist who specializes in playing the harp professionally. 

Work Environments Of Harpists

Harpists work in concerts, musical shows, churches etc.

Educational Requirements For Harpists

Harpists need to study music and musical instruments, especially the harp, to fit into the job description of a harpist.

Some Other Career Jobs Starting With H

  • Habilitation training specialist.
  • Habitat conservation planner
  • Head Chef
  • Health Administrator
  • Headmistress/headmaster
  • Health/fitness instructor
  • Health/Nutrition Specialist
  • Hip-hop dance instructor
  • Human anatomy professor
  • HVAC design mechanical engineer


These are the best career jobs starting with H, which you could someday pick as a career choice to pursue. 

However, Some of the career jobs listed above are entry-level positions which require on-the-job training.

At the same time, some are professional careers which require specialized education, training and experience, so whichever career job starts with the letter H listed above that you choose, we suppose you would be ready to acquire whatever requirements it takes to be considered a professional in the field. 

Thank you for viewing and reading this article; we appreciate you. 

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