Career Jobs Starting With B

In order to satisfy your curiosity about career jobs starting with the letter B, we have put together different career jobs under the B alphabet category. 

We do hope they come in handy and expand your horizons on possible careers you can decide to acquire a degree in.

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Career Jobs Starting With B

1. Bartender

Bartenders work with customers and offer great customer service by handling menus, serving whatever drinks they order, mixing shots, mixing cocktails professionally, confirming client transactions, and restocking the bar according to customers’ preferences. 

The females are casually referred to as bartenders. 

One does not really need an extensive education to acquire this job position but a hotel management or business management formal education degree associated with at least a one-year working experience in bartending and alcohol mixing will help you achieve success in the bartending speciality. 

2. Branch Manager

Every bank or financial institution has a branch manager who manages the day-to-day operations of their branch. 

Their basic responsibilities include:

  • Managing all loans.
  • Rendering customer care services.
  • Implementing strategies to increase revenue for the financial institution.

An individual must attain a bachelor’s degree in financial accounting, banking, economics or business management and an internship training program in a bank or financial institution to be considered proficient in the bank management speciality.

3. Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors are individuals who are skilled in product marketing; they promote products and increase sales by interacting with their viewers on social media and physical sales and implementing product marketing campaigns for the company they work for.

Aspiring brand ambassadors do not necessarily need to get any formal education. In fact, a degree in any field of arts, sciences, technical sciences or social sciences will be just enough.

Apparently, all that aspiring brand ambassadors require are verbal communication, presentation, marketing, and persuasive skills.

4. Babysitter

Babysitters are usually called nannies, and they are responsible for the care, feeding, safety, emotional needs, physical needs, and social needs, feeding, dressing, and diapering of children in the absence of their respective parents or guardians. 

Babysitters are actually expected to be empathetic, fun and loving, intelligent, able to pay attention to little details, able to cook, patient, compassionate, trustworthy, and honest.

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5. Bioengineering

These professionals are also called biomedical technologists, and they are responsible for conducting tests on medical equipment regularly and installing & assembling medical equipment.

It also involves enhancing medical equipment regarding specifications, designing artificial organs, designing diagnostic machines and implementing various other biological solutions to improve patients’ lives. 

The educational qualifications required of bioengineers are a biomedical engineering bachelor of science/master/P.H.D. Degree or a bioengineering bachelor of science/master/Ph.D. degree.

6. Baker

Bakers are adept in making pastry, designing cakes, cupcakes, brownies, meat pies, pieces of bread and samosas, etc. 

They bake delicious pastries like these by following particular recipes and measurements with the use of whiskers, mixers, blenders, measuring cups, and ovens.

To become a professional in this field, you will need to complete a pastry training program in a certified baking class. Formal education is not really required as experience in art gives a much better chance of learning the skill.

7. Beauticians

There are categories of beauticians depending on their area of specialisation, such as; Hair Stylists, makeup artists, nail artists, estheticians, and cosmetologists.

These are skilled individuals who specialize in beauty treatments like facials, hair care, hair styling, nail styling, and skin treatment.

A beautician should have a high school graduation certificate, a completed beauty-related training program, and a degree in courses like cosmetic chemistry/cosmetology/dermatology can also be an asset.

8. Blacksmith

Being a blacksmith means being creative enough to forge/design things by hand out of metals that have been melted at a very high temperature. Blacksmiths forge the chisels, cutlasses, horseshoes, keys, padlocks and other equipment we use today.

9. Broadcaster

There are two popular means of broadcasting which are audio and video.

Broadcasters are individuals who communicate the events of a particular state/country by reading news scripts out loud to the hearing of viewers or listeners on televisions, radios and various other communication media.

Individuals who make a living out of this profession are often English language literates, and their diction is always top-notch as a result of speech training. 

Aspiring news broadcasters who want to stand a chance of being employed by newscasting firms should acquire a four-year completed degree in journalism, mass communication or linguistics and communication studies. 

10. Botanist

A botanist is a plant scientist who specifies the biology and study of different kinds of plants. They study plant structures and their mode of growth under different circumstances and discover new plant species. 

The job of botanists differs depending on the category an individual is specializing in, and the different categories are; plant genetics, plant ecology, plant biochemistry, plant morphology studies, anatomy of plants, cytology, and plant biophysics and all of these are studied only under the faculty of biological sciences. 

Acquiring a PhD, Doctorate degree, Bachelor of science, or master’s degree in botanical sciences, biology, plant science, and biotechnology can increase chances of being employed by plant specialization firms.

11. Barbering Profession ( Under the Beauty speciality)

Barbers are responsible for grooming the hair of gentlemen. Individuals who barb hair usually either own their own barbing salon or work under employment in salons. 

They specialize in the use of razors (clippers), shampooing, trimming, and conditioning hair and have basic knowledge of what it takes to groom hair regarding their client’s preferences.

Barbers are responsible for ensuring that all clippers and sharp equipment used for barbing are sterilized before use on the gentleman that needs grooming.

Some Other Career Jobs Starting With B

  • Bailiff 
  • Bank Manager 
  • Bank Officer
  • Beach Inspector
  • Barrister
  • Beauty Consultant
  • Beauty Therapist
  • Bookkeeper
  • Bench fitters
  • Beverage Attendant
  • Bilingual guides
  • Bicycle technician
  • Biologist
  • Biochemists
  • Biophysicist 
  • Bodyguards
  • Book Editors
  • Butlers
  • Bricklayer
  • Building site supervisor
  • Business analysts
  • Butchers


We hope this article has widened your knowledge of the job description of different career jobs starting with B and some of the careers you didn’t even know existed.

Thank you so much for viewing our career article.

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