Career Jobs Starting with A

This article describes an array of career Jobs starting with A. These careers are listed alongside the job description and responsibilities of the professionals.

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Career Jobs Starting With A

1. Accounting Assistant

These professionals are exceptionally skilled in preparing and submitting tax returns for individuals personally, sole traders, partnerships, and companies. 

They can usually use financing software like QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, and Microsoft Office to file tax returns and conduct financial reports.

Some basic duties of accounting assistants are handling the responsibilities of paper filing tasks, cross-checking emails, depositing money into banks, keeping bank records, data entry, bookkeeping tasks, budget, and records maintenance.

The usual educational qualification for this profession is a Bachelor’s degree in financial accounting, banking, management, or commerce. 

2. Architect

Architects are detail-oriented professionals who specify in developing construction drawings and generating 3D models and illustrations.

They work closely with structural engineers, expeditors, and general contractors.

They have adept knowledge of advanced technology like Microsoft Office, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Premiere, AutoCAD, Adobe creative suite, bidding procedures, site supervision reports, freehand sketching, and MicroStation. 

The usual educational qualifications for this profession are a Bachelor’s or master’s degree in landscape architecture, architectural engineering, or just architecture and a high school certificate in the essential basic sciences.

3. Aircraft Electrician

Aircraft electricians are proficient in their field of specialization; they have a thorough knowledge of torque wrenches, test equipment, dial indicators, micrometres, sheet metal breaks, sheers, and other unique aircraft tools. 

They specialize mainly in troubleshooting an aircraft’s mechanical components, coming up with repair strategies, and successfully replacing aircraft parts. 

Aircraft engineers know all about pneumatic air systems and hydraulic electrical/mechanical systems.

You need to acquire a bachelor of science in technical management or aviation technology and at least a one-year internship in the field to be considered a professional.

4. Archaeologist

Research organizations, cultural resource management companies, government agencies, and museums usually employ these professionals. 

They work with them to handle the responsibility of excavations, artefact examination, and researching/testing/analyzing human culture. 

They have skills in project management, writing, critical thinking, and field drawing. 

The countries that are best to learn archaeology are the United States Of America, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and Italy.

5. Auditor

Auditors are usually tasked with reviewing financial accounts and records in order to ensure that the financial records of companies, organizations, and private entities are legit and will attract no legal cases. 

They also advise the clients they work directly for on financial risk preventive measures and cost-saving strategies.

Some of their basic duties include collating data on spreadsheets, foreseeing financial risks and informing the account owners, ensuring accuracy in financial reports and records, protecting their client’s assets, writing financial statements, and checking all wages income. 

In order to work as a public sector auditor, a chartered institute of public finance and accountancy qualification will really be an asset. A three-year bachelor’s degree in accounting, economics, and IT will also benefit you greatly.

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6. Assembler

There is an array of specialities for this particular profession, such as electrical equipment assembler, electronic systems assembler, engine and mechanical assembling, and aircraft parts assembler. 

Assemblers work closely with designers and engineers to optimize workflow and boost product performance. 

The basic duties of assemblers are to read blueprints, read schematics, complete performance metrics on products, project management, fibreglass fabrication tasks, and lamination.

Assemblers are trained to acquire a lot of hard skills like calibration software skills, product management/control skills, manual dexterity, analytical/inductive reasoning, interpretation of blueprints, and bench assembly.

7. AutoCAD Designer

The Educational qualification requirements of AutoCAD designers are Civil engineering BSc degree, an advanced AutoCAD degree, and working experience in office excel/Ms Word/ Publisher/ Powerpoint. 

Their basic duties include preparing detailed drawings, 2 & 3D drawing modifications using AutoCAD software, 2 & 3D creativity, editing using AutoCAD software, and alteration of drawings using AutoCAD software tools.

Professionals that make use of CAD software designs are architects, interior designers, manufacturing engineers, mechanical engineers, and HVAC designers.

8. Artist Painters

Beautiful works of art like landscape drawings and portraits are drawn by artists in their offices, home working space, or private studios. Artists work with ceramics, wood, metal, paint brushes, and advanced pencils.

They communicate with society through their works of art. To be a professional artist, you may need to attend an accredited fine art studies school and complete the 3-4 year course. 

9. Actor/Actress

Actors and actresses communicate ideas and feelings to the viewers by mimicking several characters for the purpose of entertainment and awareness. 

The day-to-day tasks of actors and actresses include various routines such as; auditions, rehearsals, voice training, taking acting classes, role plays, fitness training, script reviews, character development, and networking.

The main tasks of these professionals are to learn and memorize scripts, collaborate with their teammates to yield perfect scenes, rehearse consistently, and portray their given characters perfectly.

10. Audiobook Narrator 

There are some books we would love to read, and we just can’t because we have no time to sit at a place and read, then we make research the audiobook of the particular novel we want to read. 

When the audiobook is found, we prefer to listen to it while engaging in other various activities. 

Audiobook narrators create the audiobooks we listen to, and they do this by recording a loud voiceover while reading a certain book.

To be an audiobook narrator, you would need to acquire many skills like narration, articulation, mouth-brain and eye control, and breath-control skills. 

11. Audio Engineer

They test and troubleshoot audio systems regularly, installation of audio components, and edit recorded and live sounds. 

They ensure the sound effects heard in live events and on television are levelled/appropriate. 

12. Athletes

Athletes perform in sports competitions and other athletic events. They work under strict directions and supervision of their sports coaches. 

Their basic responsibilities are to practice on the fields to improve their skills, exercise in order to keep fit, and follow the rules and regulations, accorded to them by their coaches.

Other Career Jobs That Start With A

  1. Abrasive-Coating-Machine Operator
  2. Abrasive-Grader Helper
  3. Abrasive-Mixer Helper
  4. Abrasive-Wheel Molder
  5. Absorption Operator
  6. Absorption-And-Adsorption Engineer
  7. Abstractor
  8. Able Seaman
  9. Abrasive Grader
  10. Abrasive Grinder
  11. Abrasive Mixer
  12. Abrasive Sawyer
  13. Abrasive-Band Winder
  14. Academic Dean
  15. Accelerator Operator
  16. Accident-Prevention-Squad Police Officer
  17. Accordion Maker
  18. Accordion Repairer
  19. Accordion Tuner
  20. Account Executive


We hope the few job titles we have described in this well-detailed article have satisfied your curiosity about jobs that start with A. 

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