Best 25 Jobs for 30-Year-Olds In 2023

At age 30, an individual has most likely finished with schooling, established his or her professional goals and even landed a job. 

This means it is even possible to call it quits at his or her workplace and choose to settle for a new career in a new working experience.

Do you feel like it’s time to settle for a new career? Or are you a 30-year-old in search of a job for the first time? This is the best place to be if you are searching for a lucrative and suitable career path to consider.

This descriptive blog will cover an array of services and lucrative industries you can consider venturing into. 

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Factors To Consider In Choosing A Job

On an average scale, individuals change their place of work or businesses at least nine times between the ages of 21 – 30. That’s a lot! In most cases, people change careers that way because they rush into businesses without giving it much thought.

In all honesty, no one career job will work for every individual when it comes down to choosing a suitable job for financial stability. 

This is why before settling for a job, there are certain factors you must consider first to make sure you venture into the right career path. 

Here are a few self-evaluation questions you can ask yourself to figure out your professional goals, work-life balance needs, financial goals, personal interests and strengths. 

1. Evaluate Your Passions

What do I love to do? What can I do perfectly with minimum effort? What can I do, even if it is for free and still be happy doing it? Do I prefer Arts to Sciences? Mathematics or Computer engineering?

2. Evaluate Your Personality

Am I more of a people pleaser? Am I shy or outspoken? Can I handle a career in an organisation that requires teamwork? Do I have leadership skills? What can I offer to a business enterprise peradventure I get employed? Based on my personality, what type of work environment/culture would I be able to thrive in? 

3. Evaluate Your Goals 

These analytical questions can help you to plan and actualise your dream future lifestyle. 

What do I want the most out of my new career? Should I prioritise a high-paying job with no work-life balance or prioritise a satisfactory work-life balance considering families? Travel around the world and earn or work remotely in the comfort of my home? 

These questions will help you see yourself and your lifestyle in the next 10 to 20 years

4. Analyze Your Options

Now that you have asked yourself these questions and you know your answers, you may now move on to analyse your career path options. 

Take note of your future potential work environments, job positions, salaries, employee perks and work-life balance. 

You could also broaden your options by applying for more jobs that suit your professional interest.

5. Evaluate Your Potential Salary

This is extremely important because you can’t be working and not earning a satisfactory salary or, worse, not earning at all. You may have finished exploiting and analyzing your job options, right? 

Now, for all the jobs or businesses you have enlisted as your professional interests, take a look at their salary ranges, both online and you can also run a survey on individuals you know that are into such jobs. 

Take note of the potential salaries and compare them to the cost of living, such as feeding, bills and rent of that particular region where the job will be done. 

6. Evaluate Your Educational Qualifications, Expertise, Training And Strengths

Now that you are finally settled on two or three jobs whose potential salaries suit your interest, you will have to see if your educational qualifications, expertise, training and strength will help you to land the job.

If you are not a graduate, you will not be employed for jobs requiring a graduate. For jobs requiring at least 1 – 2 years of training, specific skills and certifications, if you lack these, you will not be employed. 

Top 25 Jobs for 30-Year-Olds in 2023

Health Care Sector

1. Registered Nurse

Primary Duties: A registered nurse is permanently employed to provide nursing care services to ill patients in hospitals and other health care infirmaries. They carry out diagnoses, administer medical treatment and are always there to assist doctors in caring for patients. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: A nursing degree, at least one year apprenticeship and medical residency are required to be a registered nurse. 

National Average Salary: Annual compensation of $62,013

2. Physiotherapist

Primary Duties: Physiotherapists are medical specialists who are experts in offering solutions to ailments such as lower back aches, stiff neck, body pains, bone misalignments, body stiffness and muscle cramps. 

Physiotherapists work in hospitals, and some of them are actually opportunities to travel to various countries or states to provide medical care to patients who need them. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: A physiotherapy bachelor of science degree and a medical residency are required to attain a physiotherapy license.

National Average Salary: $80,000 Annually 

3. Dental Hygienist

Primary Duties: Dental hygienists are legal, medical experts who are experienced in dental care and provide dental care services for patients in a hospital or college, and they even work in research laboratories. 

They handle every medical condition regarding a patient’s teeth, and they administer care for tooth plaques, tooth abscesses, toothaches and cavities too. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: A High school graduation certificate, Bsc dentistry, master’s, doctorate, associate degree and complete residency program in dentistry must be attained to acquire a license to practice dentistry. 

National Average Salary: $78,769 Annually

4. Substance Abuse Counselor

Primary Duties: As a 30 years old substance abuse counsellor, you will be providing therapeutic services to individuals who are facing drug & alcohol addiction challenges. 

This is a good 30-year-old job because you will be mature enough to tackle the responsibility of offering advice and support to end your substance abuse challenges. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: A counselling degree and communication & listening skills are required to attain a state license to practice substance abuse counselling. 

National Average Salary: $59,007 

5. Health Information Technician

Primary Duties: These professionals oversee and maintain every medical, electronic and physical record of patients that have been administered medical care in a particular hospital. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: A health information management Bsc degree is required to be a certified health information technician. 

National Average Salary: $51,653 Annually 

Information Technology Sector

6. Web Developer

Primary Duties: A Web developer collaborates with designers to develop user-friendly websites for interested clients. They have coding language, programming and IT expertise. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: Aspiring web developers require an associate degree in web design, computer science Bsc or programming Bsc. 

A skill acquisition training program in a coding camp is also required for professional development in this field. 

National Average Salary: $77,282 Annually

7. Information Security Analyst

Primary Duties: The demand for information security analysts is high in the united states today because of the increasing need for cyber security in organisations today. 

Information security analysts are responsible for strategically protecting an organisation’s computer networks using cybersecurity safety measures. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: One cannot attain this professional career without attaining degrees to be certified. You need a high school graduation certificate and a Bsc information technology or computer engineering.

National Average Salary: $94,844 Annually

8. Software Engineer

Primary Duties: Software engineers create all the software systems that effectively boost the productivity of organisations, hospitals, schools, etc., today. 

They work on video games, databases, computer operating systems, and even mobile phone applications are created by them. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: A high school graduation certificate, at least 2 years of training experience to gain full insight into everything concerning software engineering and a bachelor’s degree in computer programming. 

National Average Salary: $114,815 Annually 

9. User Interface Designer

Primary Duties: These professionals serve the purpose of improving the user experience of a particular product for users. They create programs that have high interactivity, usability and accessibility for users to quickly achieve their goals. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: A user interface designer has to acquire a bachelor of science degree in computer programming or engineering and a high school graduation certificate. 

National Average Salary: $98,772

10. Database Administrator

Primary Duties: They make use of a specialised data-organizing software program. The software they use assists them in storing and maintaining a company’s important data, and it also monitors the activities of every user each time there is a login. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: A bachelor of science in Information Technology is required to land the job of a database administrator.

National Average Salary: $90,041 Annually

Business And Finance Sector

11. Accountant

Primary Duties: Accountants are responsible for overseeing every transaction and taking note of the financial records of all accounts under their care. They work mainly in banks, and some private organisations employ such professionals too. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: To be a recognised certified accountant, you have to be a bachelor’s and master’s degree holder. 

National Average Salary: $54,775 Annually 

12. Travel Agent

Primary Duties: Offer travelling aid and support to tourists in a particular region. Tourists employ travel agents to show them the way around a country or state, how to book hotels, how to book airlines and offer insight into the best restaurants and chill places in a particular country or state. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: A travel agent is a business-oriented professional; it is an entrepreneurship business. One needs a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management or tourism management to be a professional travel agent.

National Average Salary: $135,000 Annually

13. Travel Paralegal

Primary Duties: These are experienced law professionals who are self-employed and work only on contract. They do not work in any law office or for any organisation. They are always mobile and travel to locales, countries and cities to provide legal assistance to clients that summon them. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: A bachelor’s degree in law is required. If you want to be a top-notch paralegal, then you can attain a bachelor’s, master’s and associate law degree.

National Average Salary: $69,890 Annually

14. Financial Consultant

Primary Duties: Any advice regarding savings, business ventures, taxes, estate planning, expenditures and risk planning is handled by a financial consultant. 

Financial consultants are also known as financial advisors, private or commercial banks employ them, and every individual who banks with a particular commercial bank has the right to consult the financial advisor of that particular bank.

Required Education, Certification And Experience: A bachelor’s degree in business administration or financial accounting. If you plan to serve a large clientele, you may have to earn an MBA in accounting or business administration.

National Average Salary: $70,424 Annually

15. Human Resources Manager

Primary Duties: This is part of the business sector; every big enterprise that has a large clientele base usually has a human resource manager. The human resource manager is responsible for organising his or her co-workers. He is like the boss when the CEO is not around, second in command.

He handles the welfare of the people, and he works for the people. He tackles every worker’s complaints and ensures their independent needs are met fairly. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: Anybody with communication skills and a business management degree can land the human resource manager job. 

National Average Salary: $71,801 Annually 

Marketing Sector

16. SEO Specialist

Primary Duties: SEO is an abbreviation for Search engine optimisation. The SEO specialist is responsible for increasing the rate of user traffic on as many web pages as possible. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: An SEO specialist requires experience with search engine optimisation and Google marketing. Also, a bachelor’s degree in English language, marketing or finance may go a long way to help with this particular job industry. 

National Average Salary: $44,208 Annually

17. Market Research Analyst

Primary Duties: The market research analyst of an organisation is responsible for compiling information about consumer purchases, likes and dislikes. 

They evaluate a company’s risk possibilities, competition and performance and figure out strategies for a company’s productivity and sales to boost highly. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: A bachelor’s degree in mathematics, communication, business, marketing or market research is required to attain such a job position. 

National Average Salary: $56,048 Annually 

18. Public Relations Manager

Primary Duties: A public relations manager, popularly known as a PR, is an individual employed to act as an intermediary between an organisation and its clients. They usually collide with press members to maintain an organisation’s public image. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: A bachelor’s degree in journalism, at least one-year internship training in public relations management and verbal & written communication skills. 

National Average Salary: $60,066 Annually

Education Sector

19. Professor

Primary Duties: A professor works with college students. His or her duty is to inspire students to perform excellently in their field of specialisation and teach them all they need to know in order to have good grades. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: A professor is a master’s degree and PHD certificate holder. 

National Average Salary: $51,732 Annually

20. Tutor

Primary Duties: This is the general term for a private teacher that gets paid to offer extra teaching or support in educational fields such as – Medical sciences, Computer science, Agricultural sciences, Biology, Chemistry or Physics – which a student is unable to understand. 

The working environment of a tutor is in their client’s home, online or in his or her staff room. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: A high school graduation certificate, a PHD and a bachelor’s degree in any field are required to be a tutor. Qualities such as communication skills, patience, problem-solving skills, an open and flexible mindset, and teaching expertise are also required. 

National Average Salary: $56,007 Annually

Other Career Jobs

21. Fashion Designer 

Primary Duties: A fashion designer is a lady or a gentleman who is responsible for all the designer clothes worn by individuals to attend distinguished occasions in today’s society. 

Fashionistas are responsible for making an exact replica of the dress style that suits his or her client’s fashion interests, a fashion designer must deliver wears on time and should be able to amend clothes which are short, too loose, too tight, too long or even torn.

Fashion designers also measure their customers in order to make beautiful designs out of various fabrics, some of which include silk, Ankara, linen, organza, wool, leather or cotton. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: A fashion designer basically needs training experience in tailoring to perfect the art. 

National Average Salary: $31,420 Annually

22. Real Estate Attorney

Primary Duties: When real estate homeowners face legal-related issues, they call a real estate attorney. A competent real estate attorney provides legal support regarding issues relating to taxes and apartment violations.

Required Education, Certification And Experience: Real estate attorneys have qualities such as wide IRS experience, the ability to keep up with law trends and also accounting skills. A bachelor’s degree in law is required to be a real estate attorney. 

National Average Salary: $67,000 Annually

Beauty Sector 

23. Nail Technician 

Primary Duties: They beautify the nails of every walk-in client. They know all about nail art and are experienced enough to satisfy you by giving you the exact nail design you desire. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: A nail technician only needs at least one to two years of experience as a nail artist and a bachelor’s degree in any educational field will do. 

National Average Salary: $64,000 Annually 

24. Hair Stylist

Primary Duties: They beautify the hair of every walk-in client. They know all about braiding styles and perming, and they are experienced enough to satisfy you by giving you the exact hairstyle you desire. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: A hairstylist only needs at least one to two years of experience as a hairstylist; also, a bachelor’s degree in any educational field will go a long way. 

National Average Salary: $35,068 Annually 

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25. Makeup Artist

Primary Duties:

  • Any gender can take up the responsibility of this job.
  • It is a good 30-year-old job.
  • One can use it to make good money and gain financial freedom.

Makeup artistry is actually a fast-growing business in the job market today.

A makeup artist is responsible for making an individual look aesthetically pleasing with colours that blend with his or her skin. 

The colours of makeup result in the enhanced beauty of the client, and if you offer a satisfactory service, clients will definitely come back for more. 

Required Education, Certification And Experience: One to two years of makeup experience is needed. Any degree will do. A makeup artist does not need a specific degree to do well in the business. 

National Average Salary: $22,434 

Job Industries And Trends For 2023

In today’s world and job market, investors seem to be putting their money into only the fastest-growing industries and sectors with the most promising opportunities. 

Below we will be highlighting emerging job industries and sectors with promising opportunities. We shall also discuss technological advancements and the impact of these fast-growing jobs on job market trends.

Suppose you are an ambitious 30-year-old who is looking for a high-paying job of prestige and high technological advancements. In that case, you can try these industries if you have the needed expertise & qualifications required for a particular job position. 

Booming Job Industries And Sectors In The World Today 

1. Hospitality & Leisure

In today’s world, money is invested seriously into the hotel, music, concerts, movie production and restaurant business sectors. 

The Bureau of labour statistics has even identified the fastest growing occupations of the sector by diminishing percentage of employment rate; these occupations include: 

  • Ushering agents & bar attendants For distinguished restaurants and cafes (40.5%) 
  • Film production and music video production motion picture projectionists (40.3%) 
  • Restaurant chefs (36.6%)
  • Choreographers for music video production (29.7%)

2. Healthcare-Providing Sector

This is a sector for medical professionals. All PhD certificates, Doctorate, Master’s degrees, and Bachelor of Science degree holders with training experience and in-depth expertise regarding all kinds of medical conditions and solutions work in the healthcare provision business sector.

This sector is a need for all masses in every region of the world, it is among the fastest growing, and the sector’s technological advancements are steadily improving over the years. 

By percentage of employment rate, here is a descending order of the fast-growing occupations in the healthcare provision business sector: 

  • Registered nursing (95%)
  • Medical doctors (90%)
  • Plastic surgeons (80%)
  • Laboratory scientists (75%)
  • Physicians and physician assistants (60%)
  • Physical therapists (50%) 
  • Dentists and opticians (40%) 

3. The Business Sector 

This sector has to do with self-employed business enthusiasts; the rate of business-minded men and women in our world today is quite powerful. 

Different individuals come up with their own unique ways of making a fortune for themselves every day, and they put in the effort to keep it up and running for sustenance throughout their prime. 

By percentage of the self-employment rate, here is a descending order of the fastest-growing and most lucrative business ideas in the self-employment business sector today: 

  • Transportation (Logistics, Buses, Taxi drivers, Tricycle and Motorcycles) (90%)
  • Pure Water bottling companies (85%) 
  • Eat outs and cafes (78%) 

4. The Engineering Job Industry

Last but not least is the engineering sector; the professionals in this sector make a lot of money, and they have the second fastest growing technology advancements after the medical / health care sector.

Here is a description of every most hired engineering occupation, in descending order: 

  • Software engineering (60%)
  • Oil and gas engineering (50%)
  • Mechanical engineering (49%)
  • Electrical engineering (47%)
  • Chemical engineering (45%)
  • Aeronautical engineering (40%)

Identifying In-Demand Skills And Qualifications For The Future Job Market

The top 10 regular soft skills in demand by employers of the fast-growing job industries and sectors in the world today include: 

  • Analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Resilience and adaptability
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Leadership skills
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Communication skills
  • Customer service skills
  • Finger and manual dexterity, motor skills.
  • Business management skills
  • Mathematical mindedness 

Navigating Career Transitions

The search for well-paying jobs for 30-year-olds is never easy. Now when you finally land a well-paying job as a 30-year-old, you may not even work there for long due to a lack of organisation and lack of proper planning to fit in and actually prove your worth to the organisation.

By proper organisation and planning, we mean writing down – personal and professional – goals and strategic plans that will help you pull through in your new organisation. This strategic process will help you adjust and transition perfectly into a new career path in your 30s. 

However, organising yourself and planning is just a baby step toward your transition process. There are more things beyond your knowledge that planning for a smooth transition into a new organisation entails. 

In order to become a person of great value to your new organisation, you have to put in the effort and use all your acquired skills and experiences from previous jobs to perform greatly in your new organisation. 

Soft skills are general skills required of any organisation, including communication, organisational, customer service, interpersonal, problem-solving skills, etc. 

The hard skills and educational qualifications required depend on the business sector you get employed in, but you must have it all in order to be valued and highly respected. 

Peradventure, you do not have all of the hard skills it takes to fit in and be recognised. You can change this condition for good by networking with co-workers and getting them to teach you everything about the job.

By networking with your fellow co-workers, you attain professional development in your field of expertise, and your skills will also improve highly.

Work-Life Balance Considerations

When you successfully attain a well-paying career job, before you call it quits at your old job, you may need to carefully analyse the work-life balance employee perk of your new company. 

Identifying job roles or industries that offer flexibility and promote healthy work-life integration may be easy, but getting employed in these industries may be difficult, except for 30-year-olds who have the required skills. 

As for 30 year old who do not have the required expertise to land such a job, unless you are ready to do what it takes to attain a job in such an industry, only then will you enjoy a satisfactory work lifestyle and work-life balance. 

Considering families, you should figure out the stipulated number of time-offs per year, the working hours and whether you get weekend time off or not in your potential new workplace. This is an underrated strategy for managing work demands while maintaining personal well-being and family commitments, and you should start by knowing your worth and getting the decent work lifestyle you deserve. 

After analysing these carefully, ask yourself, “Is it worth the shot” “Should I go ahead with the job”? Granted, this new job may assist in paying a butt load of bills, including rent, but you still have a family that needs your attention and a personal life to live, right? 

Never underestimate the importance of a work-life balance as a 30-year-old. Overworking yourself would mean you are just gathering enough money for hospital bills in the future as a result of ceaseless stress. 

Pursuing Entrepreneurship or Freelancing

As mentioned above, the business sector is a fast-growing sector in today’s world. A 30-year-old can invest in any service of his or her choice and gain financial freedom.

Remember that nobody gains financial freedom by rushing into a business without proper preparation, self-evaluation, skills, educational qualifications and strengths. 

The Jobs for 30-Year-Olds enlisted above are all career & professional office jobs in which the management can employ an individual. 

There are 30-year-olds who do not like such jobs for several reasons, two of which are: Such jobs may limit an individual’s financial freedom and Such jobs rarely offer a satisfactory work-life balance.

Exploring the option of starting a business or working as a freelancer is the best thing any 30-year-old can do for him or herself. Let’s take a look at more advantages of entrepreneurship in the 30s. 

  • Control of your life and choice to work.
  • Unlimited success and financial growth
  • Consistent work-life balance
  • Creation of generational wealth for offspring and family at large
  • You will officially be an employer
  • Promotes self-confidence, self-reliance and happiness
  • Unlimited freedom to purchase whatever you want

The possibility of facing challenges when venturing into entrepreneurship in the 30s will be quite rare for someone who knows all business hurdles. The challenges faced are only normal initial problems, and by initial problems, we mean the problems an individual faces when he or she is venturing into a business for the first time. 

Some of which include: 

  • Deciding what lucrative service to provide
  • Finding the right target market
  • Initial cash flow and profit may be slow until after you gain some grounds
  • Hiring skilled employees
  • Managing time
  • Consistency

All these are challenges that can actually be overcome by 30-year-olds who have an entrepreneurship mindset and are ready to grow their businesses. These challenges can even be overcome by exploiting available resources for individuals interested in self-employment. 

For 30 year old who will consider exploiting the entrepreneurship sector, some common resources and support for individuals interested in self-employment are skill acquisition training programs, on-the-job training programs, and IT training programs, and you can also gain business insight by reading entrepreneurship books sold online and locally.  

Professional Development And Growth

To attain professional development means to indulge yourself in new experiences and skills required to positively impact your career success and life in general. Once you attain such height, there is no going back, and this is when you can consider yourself a successful career person. 

Education plays a crucial role in achieving professional growth. Before you can be employed in high-paying job positions in one of the fastest-growing job markets in today’s world, you will need to get more than a high school graduation certificate. 

You must achieve advanced degrees by levelling up your education and acquiring a bachelor’s degree, doctorate degree, or PhD certification. 

In addition to these, obtain a medical residency program certification if you are interested in the medical field and specialised training if you are interested in the engineering, financial accounting and computer science sectors. 

So many people in the world today also underrate the importance of not only advanced learning but networking, seeking mentors and staying updated with the trends in their field of specialisation. 

All of these serve to indulge you in consistent planning and professional goal setting, which in turn results in professional growth and happiness. 

One can only be proud of themselves when one attains a certain level of success, people all around the world aspire to be happy, and happiness entails success in all aspects of life, such as education, marriage, social networking, ability to take care of mum, dad, grandparents and siblings, having a work-life balance etc.

Work Culture And Organizational Fit

If you can recall, one of the “Factors to consider before acquiring a job position” is “Evaluating your personality”, which entails the quoted question, “Based on my personality, what type of work environment/culture would I be able to thrive in? 

You may not have considered the deep meaning of that self-evaluation question, and it encompasses more than you actually understand. No 30-year-old and above or younger individual can work effectively in an environment that does not align with his or her personal values and priorities. 

As a 30-year-old employee in your potential new workplace, you will definitely have to work in an office, and it is recommended that you do not underrate the importance of finding a work culture that aligns with your personal values and priorities.

Personal values and priorities differ. In regard to priorities, consider evaluating the company’s employee benefits and work-life policies before you accept the job offer. Make sure that your needs align perfectly with a particular organisation, and do not accept a job if you are underpaid and overworked. 

In regard to values, you may want to evaluate the company’s culture and work ethics. Values that align with your personal values = better job performance. 

All 30-year-olds searching for a good job in 2023 should be aware that their performance increases when workplace values match their personalities. 

They will be able to work diligently and access their true expertise, and their productivity will be top-notch. The possibility of wasting energy distrusting their co-worker’s every move is reduced drastically. 


The Jobs for 30-year-olds are vast, and they are all very lucrative. If you venture into any of these jobs enlisted in this blog post, be assured that financial success is for you to attain.

Before you choose any one of these jobs, remember that you have to perform a self-evaluation exercise to decipher which career path will best suit your professional interests. 

You cannot only achieve financial success by exploring the best job opportunities in 2023 and making intelligent career decisions. 

You must also explore advanced learning, networking and find mentors who will inspire you on your path to professional development and growth. 

Friendly reminder that values that align with your personal values & priorities = better job performance. This means only one thing, prioritise working in an organisation that aligns with your personal values and priorities. 

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