List Of Top Insurance Companies In Nigeria 2023

Have you ever thought of insuring your property with one of the top insurance companies in Nigeria? 

Well if it has crossed your mind, you must do so.


Because Insurance is an essential service that assists in safeguarding you and your family against unforeseen events.

In addition, These unplanned events can eat up a huge chunk of your finances, If you don’t have any coverage that can stand for you. Hence, the importance of purchasing an insurance plan.

Therefore, to assist you in obtaining an insurance plan, I have prepared a list of the top insurance companies in Nigeria that you can buy a plan from.

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List Of Top Insurance Companies In Nigeria.

1. AIICO Insurance Plc.

AIICO insurance is one of the big shots in the insurance sector of Nigeria.

They were inaugurated in the 1960s and since then have furthered in the insurance sector as one of the best. 

In addition, they predominantly offer health, life, and pension management insurance services. 

2. Leadway Assurance Company.

Established in the year 1970 and ever since the 1900’s we have been functional  in the insurance business 


Our major concerns are in life, business, allied financial, and pension Insurance services.

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3. Custodian And Allied Insurance 

Custodian Allied Insurance service is a firm concerned with offering coverage options to our client’s Insurance desires.

However, We carry out these processes to assist our clients in achieving their needs.

In addition, we offer a huge range of insurance plans that are customized to suit your requirements and wishes.

4. Cornerstone Insurance Plc.

Cornerstone came into Nigeria as a private company in the year 1991.

However, 6 years later we became a public company. We are committed to giving our customer’s the best. 

Furthermore, We put your needs first in any decision we make. This has grouped us among the top insurance companies in Nigeria.

5. AXA Mansard Insurance.

AXA Mansard Insurance is under the AXA Group. 

We are one of the leading insurance groups in the world.

We manage assets and insurance plans of over 150,000 workers, we serve 60 nations with over 100 million clients worldwide.

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6. African Alliance Insurance Plc.

Founded in the 1960s, we have made a name for ourselves over the years in the insurance sector of Nigeria.

Our main aim is to provide customized insurance plans that would suit our client’s needs.

Some of the plans we offer are group life insurance, annuity assurance, and investment insurance coverage.

7. Lasaco Assurance Plc.

We are a financial service that offers composite insurance, which was created in the 1970s in Lagos state.  

Lasaco assurance means Lagos State Assurance Company Limited.

We are licensed by the government of Lagos state, all our services are geared toward giving the people of Nigeria the best insurance plans that they can ask for.

8. Anchor Insurance

Registered in the 1980’s anchor has earned its place as one of the best insurance firms in Nigeria since its registration.

However, Anchor Insurance is one of the notable insurance firms in Nigeria.

We offer mainly business insurance. 

Furthermore, Nigerians love anchor insurance because we have continuously given them the best. This implies that our customer’s needs are our priority.

9. Goldlink Insurance.

Created as a private insurance firm in 1992, Goldlink Insurance has been offering the best since its registration.

Due to our methods and services we have been able to stand out as one of the top insurance companies in Nigeria.

Furthermore, since its creation we have been providing Business, Life, Travel, and Motor Insurance to assist our clients.

10. Continental Reinsurance.

We started as a private insurance company In the year 1985.

We provide business and life insurance to our customers. 

Nonetheless, We have successfully climbed the ladder to become one of the top insurance companies in Nigeria.

Therefore, we aim to become one of the best  insurers in Africa as a whole 

11. Consolidated Hallmark Insurance.

CHI Plc is one of the top insurance companies in Nigeria.

We aim to change the way residents see insurance in Nigeria.

Furthermore, through the help of technologies and insurance experts, we have hired. 

You would get the best insurance plans customized to meet your needs.

12. FBN Insurance.

First Bank of Nigeria developed an insurance body called FBN insurance.

FBN Insurance offers life and business insurance plans directed to Safeguard individuals and companies.

We created this subsidiary to assist you in managing your everyday risks.

13. Niger Insurance Plc.

Niger Insurance offers a huge array of insurance plans for its clients using computerized insurance patterns. 

 Our professional team is highly experienced in the insurance sector.

Their years of experience have earned them one of the top insurance companies in Nigeria.

14. NEM Insurance.

NEM Insurance has been in existence for many years now.

We started in Nigeria as Edward Turner and co. However, in the year 2007, we joined Vigilant Insurance Company to perform all types of general insurance.

Furthermore,  Over the years, we have grown and explored the West African sub-region.

 We concentrate basically on general and special risks insurance services.

15. Mutual Benefits Assurance Plc.

Mutual Assurance for over many years has worked hard to be among the top insurance companies in Nigeria.

In addition, We are an organization you can trust. We have expanded in different areas of insurance, with over 2000 staff and a customer base of 230,000 in the nation.

16. Staco Insurance Plc.

Since the year 1991, we have been in the insurance sector of Nigeria.

We are licensed to perform all types of business, including general and Special Risks insurance.

17. Nicon Insurance.

NICON is one of the top insurance companies in Nigeria as well as the best in Africa.

They were handled by the Nigerian government which helped in developing the insurance sector of the nation.

However, in 2005, we became a private firm with offices in all of the 36 states of Nigeria.

In addition, all our insurance plans were curated to suit your insurance needs.

18. Royal Exchange Plc.

Royal Exchange Insurance is a significant company in the Nigerian insurance sector.

However, In the year 2008, we restructured ourselves into a group structure to properly carry out the insurance needs of Nigerians.

We operate generally in providing a Non-life insurance business in Nigeria.

19. Guinea Insurance Plc.

Over the years, we have lived up to the standard our clients need.

This has enabled us to be among the top insurance companies in Nigeria.

Through the provision of risk management insurance solutions.

Furthermore, we have a strong financial base, highly recommend experts, and we carry out our duties using modern technological methods.

20. Coronation Insurance Plc.

Coronation Insurance is one of the best insurance companies in West Africa.

We were created in 1958. Over the years we have gained notable experience in the insurance sector of Nigeria.

Furthermore, our wide array of insurance plans and services safeguards the life, assets, and business of Nigerians 


Of course, you can find other insurance companies in Nigeria. But with the list above we have provided you with the top insurance companies in Nigeria 

They are arranged according to their level of experience in the insurance sector of Nigeria.

Disasters are bound to happen whether you like them or not.

Therefore, you must Secure what you own. So that if anything happens you would know that your insurance got you covered.

However, if you have any questions, you can drop your questions in the comment section.


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