How To Ask Someone For Money Politely – 10 Best Ways

Politely communicating with someone when asking for money can render you eligible enough to receive it from whom you are asking. 

This is because respect is fundamental and very much valued, irrespective of the individual you are asking money from.


Whether you are requesting money from a best friend, acquaintance, co-worker, or family, everyone deserves to be respected, regardless of your relationship with them.

Learn how to ask someone for money politely and the 10 best measures & effective mannerisms to go about requesting money politely from someone by reading this well-detailed article.

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Polite Phrases For Initiating A Request For Financial Assistance 

Polite phrases signify courteousness and kindness, and they also serve to make the potential lender feel acknowledged and respected.

  • “Hello, please, could you do me a favour”? 

This phrase can be used to ask for assistance from someone you know.

  • “Could I bother you to….”? 

This phrase is used to politely ask for a quick favour.

  • “Please, can I ask a favour”? 

You can use this phrase to initiate a request from acquaintances or co-workers.

  • “Please, would you be so kind as to lend me some money”?

This phrase is used as a polite approach to borrowing money.

  • Resort to polite greetings like “Hello dear”, “Hi there”, and “Good evening dear” when you want to ask for financial assistance.

Be careful to avoid phrases like “Do not be angry”, “It is okay if you say no,” or “I understand if you cannot help” when initiating a financial help request to someone, these are negative assumptions & conclusions. They may negatively affect your chances of being offered help.

How To Ask Someone For Money Politely

1. Consider Making Plans

This may sound ineffective, but you have to trust that it works perfectly. Your plans with regard to requesting money should include the following:

  • Acknowledging exactly how much you need and the exact day you would like to get the money.
  • Accurately decide the best way and time to make the request
  • Plan your reaction if they say yes or no
  • Have a repayment plan and schedule in mind.

Making concise plans will keep you on edge because by doing so, there will be no mishaps, and you will avoid being rude when making the request.

2. Make Your Request At The Right Time

When requesting money to reach a certain goal, it is absolutely crucial to do so at the right time. Sometimes people may not be in a good mood or not financially stable enough to assist you. 

If you observe that whomever you want to ask for assistance might not be in the best situation to do so at the moment, it will be wise to just abort the mission until they come around before you attempt to make your request.

Taking this polite step will make it possible for you to get a positive response because people willingly offer help when they are in a good state of mind and are financially stable enough to offer assistance.

3. Be Polite And Straightforward About Why You Need The Money

Before you take the bold step of asking someone for financial assistance, you must note that you may be asked questions about what the money will be used to achieve. 

In cases like these, it is considered wise to offer concise and honest explanations regarding the importance of the money you are asking. 

Show them that you are not really financially stable to achieve your goals by making your current financial status known, and also explain how their assistance will greatly help your current situation.

In addition, you may also put the lender at ease by showing them a blueprint of how you intend to repay the money so that they will consider it to render you some assistance.

Answering their questions regarding the money in a polite and honest manner will render it possible for your request to be granted upon seeing how crucial it is for you to be offered financial assistance.

4. Speak Over The Phone Instead Of Texting

This may require a bit of courage because asking someone for money over the phone can be complicated and difficult.

However, suppose you look on the bright side. In that case, you will observe that asking for money over the phone is a win-win situation because you can efficiently explain your reasons regarding your request and express your emotions more understandably.

The lender will also feel deeply respected and valued because at least you deemed it fit to call instead of sending a mere text message.

5. Do Not Be Rude About It

If you ask for money with a rude countenance, your chances of being offered the money are zero. 

Deciding to avoid asking for money with a rude countenance is a very polite approach to take because being rude about it will only make it more difficult for your request to be willingly granted.

Utilizing a kind, emotional tone will make the lender feel sorry for you and, as a result, grant your request.

6. Use Kind Words

Many people do not realize the power of “Please” and “Thank you”; those that make it a habit to use these kind words usually face little or no problems in life. 

When you are requesting money from someone, it is of utmost importance to use kind words while communicating with the person. 

Kind words are always appreciated whether an individual makes it known to you or not, and communicating with kindness will definitely increase your chances of getting the money you need.

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7. Be Patient About It

Lack of patience can render individuals unfortunate most times. When asking for money, a potential lender will observe your every body movement, behavioural patterns and countenance. 

You do not want to give off an impression that you lack patience because the lender will be displeased by such unethical behaviour and tell you off immediately.

Hold on patiently until they are financially stable enough to finally render you the financial assistance you made a request for. The patient dog, as people say, eats the fattest bone.

8. Avoid Feeling Entitled To Be Rendered Financial Assistance

This particular behaviour will negatively impact you, especially if the potential lender declines your request. 

This is because if he or she actually refuses to lend you some money, you will feel let down, sad, disappointed and depressed. It might also negatively change the relationship between you and the potential lender.

You need to be ready to accept rejection just Incase it comes, there is no way in the universe that we can always get what we want, and that is just the way life is.

If you have an entitled personality, it will be best to have it checked out. Afterwards, you can possibly try again to request money once you have successfully learnt how to avoid feeling entitled to people’s assistance.

9. Acknowledge And Compliment Them

Acknowledging an individual’s importance in your life and complimenting him or her is a polite measure to make them feel appreciated and respected. Doing this will make them feel elated enough to grant your request for financial assistance.

10. Make Sure You Show Gratitude

Expressing gratitude after a person has granted your request for money will make the person feel appreciated and valued. It is also a very polite approach to take when dealing with someone who just offered you money.

If you express gratitude, the lender will also feel blessed, elated and thankful for being able to help you and will plan to do more for you when next you ask for assistance.

Polite Phrases For Initiating A Request For Money You Lent

  • Are you able to repay the amount you borrowed last month? It would be of great help to me.
  • Would you please refund the amount as soon as possible?
  • Can you make the payment that I lent you? I am in great need.
  • Can we meet to discuss your loan with me?
  • I want to talk about this month’s payment. I think the deadline has passed. May I know what your plans for repayment are?
  • I have to pay the rent for my apartment this Monday. Can I expect a refund of the amount I lent you last month?

How To Ask Someone For Money Politely | Lender

Discussions about money are always uncomfortable for many people, especially when you are asking for it as a lender or creditor. 

People are never ready to pay back, so you have to be extra careful. However, here are some tips that can help you claim the amount someone owes you.

1. Set Deadlines And Give Gentle Reminders

Setting a deadline when you lend money to someone is always better. And you can also give gentle reminders without offending the borrower.

2. Politely Explain Your Need

You can explain to the borrower why you need to repay the money. If you explain the reasons to them, you may get the amount back as soon as possible.

3. Be Polite

When asking for money from a borrower, you must be calm and polite. It would help if you did not say anything or show any attitude that the borrower may find humiliating.

4. Suggest When And How You Can Get Paid

You can request or suggest a convenient time and method for you and the borrower to settle the loan amount.  After discussion and negotiation, you should conclude.

5. You May not get paid

When you lend out money, try accepting the fate that you may never get paid. 

It is always good to lend someone an amount you can forget or live without, so if they don’t pay it back, you will be able to handle it.


How Do You Politely Ask For Payment On Whatsapp?

“I hope you can pay me soon.” “Please, can you pay me? “Could you please pay me?” You can also say, “Pay me what you owe,” but it’s more direct and can sound rude. Example: “I hope you pay me what you owe me.” “Pay me what you owe me.”

How Do You Start A Conversation About Money?

Your situation or something similar may have appeared in a TV program, book, or news. State how this is similar to what you are experiencing. Use whatever is around you to start a conversation—like bills, a new piece of furniture you’re still paying off, or something you’re watching on TV.

How Do You Ask For Money In A Sentence In English?

“Can you please lend me some money?” lend, and “Is it possible to repay the amount owed now?” ask for the money you borrowed. When applying for a loan, you should state a specific amount, when and why you need it, and of course, when you will pay it back.

How Do You Ask For Something On Whatsapp?

Open the chat. Tap Connect > Polls > Create Poll. Enter your question in Question > Ask a question. Enter voting options in Options > tap + Add.

How Do I Ask My Partner For Financial Help?

Let them know how the extra money would help. Be as specific as possible about how you will use the money and whether the money is expected to be returned. This way, they will know exactly how much money would help them and can decide whether or not to give it based on their own feelings and beliefs.

How Do You Politely Ask For Money From Relatives?

Don’t ask for more than you need. Instead, mention that it is based on current circumstances.

How Do You Ask For Pocket Money?

If you have a good reason to ask, asking politely and presenting a plan to repay them will probably win them over. Expressing gratitude and keeping your promises will reassure them and breed more help in the future.

Is It Ok To Ask Someone For Money?

Ultimately, asking for money is one thing you should try to avoid, Klontz says. Blowing money on things like rent are high-risk situations for your friendship, as recurring expenses can leave you open to coming back for more. Only request these payments if this is a one-time situation.

How Do You Say Borrow Money?

Could you borrow me some money? Could you lend me some money?

What Is One Word For Looking For Money?

Borrow or Lend


We hope this article has been helpful in offering the best tips on how to ask someone for money politely. 

Using these 10 best polite approaches is an effective way of increasing your chances of being offered help by a family member, friend, co-worker, acquaintance, or fiance, and it will also help to maintain a positive relationship with whomever you ask for money.


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