How Do You Know What’s Trending?

We are In a most refined age where every now and then, lots of things just come up and everyone is talking about it, intrigued about it and very excited about it etc. Especially in this digital age, a very weird topic or style can just pop up and you see everyone talking about it and putting their whole concentration on it

I’d like to define ‘trend’ as a something causing lots of controversy and engages people from different social backgrounds. Some trends last a longer time, while some don’t.

Trends can come in different forms e.g fashion trends, news trends etc. Our world now is filled with so many trends that is beneficial to some persons and hurtful to some persons.

There are lots of trending topics and lots of trends being set Because we have different platforms that Forster them.

Let’s take a look at tiktok for example, lots of trends have been set from the platform. Someone might just create and Interesting challenge and you see everyone jumping into that challenges and with time, making it a trend.

What about the fashion niche, when it comes to fashion we can see that trends usually come into play. A particular hairstyle or design might pop out and becomes the desire of everyone thereby creating a trend.

Did I mention to you that because of this trends, lots of people have become really famous and make lots of money from it. A good trend will definitely make people famous and also most Busineses seize the opportunity to advertise their goods in alignment to the trend and make lots of money.

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Sources To Know Trends

Social Media

Ovee the years, the social media has really evolved and there’s lot of new ways to excite people, engage them in activities etc. The social media has been a great source to know what is trending. 

Almost everyone has a smart phone and is in one social network or the other, since social media connects people together definitely there’s going to be latest information going around that we can’t really Avoid. Social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, tiktok, YouTube, Pinterest etc are a very good source to get trending information Because people always want to be up to date and that’s what social media does, keep you updated.

Niche Blogs And News

There are some very active blogs that set the pace for others to follow. In this digital age, everyone has one or two trusted blogs or news page that they know gives legit informations. So in that way, for you to know what is trending you can always stay updated on their page to see the latest trending news or activity. This is a great way to stay in trend Because most bloggers give legit informations.

Google Trends

We all know that Google is home to many and everyone’s favourite bestie. There’s literally nothing we can’t get via Google so it’s a great way to stay ahead of a trend. If you want to know what’s trending then definitely Google trend is a great way to keep yourself updated.

What the Google trend does is, It tracks global search trends and provides a rich data broken down by date range, geo-location, category, search type etc.

Google has become a destination not only for inputting a query but also for reading the most recent trending stories based on your interests.


Famous people or celebrities always like to stay on trends or initiate a trend. So following a large number of celebrities and turning on their notification could help, because when there’s anything trending, celebrities are usually the first to work on them while others take follow their steps. Let’s say when it comes to fashion style, celebrities are usually given the privilege to showcase them and thereby causing a trend.

Celebs and renowned fashion bloggers tends to keep themselves up to date with latest fashion trends.


A good way to stay in trend or know what is trending is through younger age interests. Find out the interest of those in younger age Because they are usually more active and tend to know about everything going on.


Quora is a very great place to find trends, because most times there are questions that causes controversy and thereby causing a trend.

You can browse the Top Stories feed on your home page to see some of the most popular Quora content. In addition, you can search for specific keyword phrases and look at the most popular content

Reasons Why Trends Are Important

Staying on top of trends gives you an edge in whatever you do because people are more likely to follow you and listen to what you have to say if you’re consistently sharing or producing quality content that your audience values or cares about.

Below are some reasons why trends are important.

  • Content strategy

If you’re one that has to work with the online space often then trends are definitely very important for you as it will help you get ideas to rank up your content strategy. When a content strategy is in place with the right trend there will be definite results.

  • Content Creators

For all digital Creators or content creators, trends are very important because it’ll help you get inspiration to create your own content production.

  • Niche Growth

Most Businesses remain mediocre Because they don’t stay in trend. For example a fashion designer should take note of the latest trends on fashion wear and work around that, it is good that as the trends are changing you are also changing. Lots of people will definitely be in your niche so staying in trend will definitely help you rank up better than your competitors.

Tools To Help You Stay Ahead Of Trend

  • Exploding Topics. …
  • SparkToro Trending. …
  • FrontPageMetrics. …
  • Feedly. …
  • Podcast Notes. …
  • Buzzsumo. …
  • Trends.co.
  • Treendly
  • Product hunt topic
  • Trendwatchers
  • Conferences Agendas
  • Trendhunter

How To Create A Trend For Others To Follow

Because we live in a digital world, starting up a trend has become easier than ever.

Here’s some tips on how you could be a trendsetter.

  • Be creative

Most engaging tries show creativity, so before you can start up a trend you should know that you aren’t going to give something everyone else can give. There should be a certain level of creativity before you could start up a trend.

  • Mobile friendly

Millions of people use their phones everyday to keep themselves updated and social. Whatever trend you’re trying to set, it should be mobile friendly in order to give you more reach.

  • Advertise

If you don’t put your trend out there no one will know about it. So you need to push your trends. Ensure to make use of your social media platforms etc to push your trend to a wider reach.

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