Get Paid to Watch Netflix in 2023: All You Need To Know

Netflix is a great way to unwind and escape the fast-paced world with a lot of money invested in it.

And for someone who is trying to make a living, that subscription doesn’t look good on the bank account. At least not all of the time.

Unfortunately, cashing out on your TV-watching fantasy isn’t as simple as you might think. But we’ve come up with ways for you to just sit in the comfort of your home and watch your favorite movies while earning money.

So, If you want to learn how to get paid to watch Netflix in 2023, then this guide is for you.

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Get Paid to Watch Netflix in 2023: All You Need To Know

Netflix subscribers can earn money simply by watching their favorite movies. Many Netflix users are unaware that they can get paid with good cash on Netflix.

To learn how to join the ranks of Netflix earners, you must first learn how to turn your leisure time into money-making time.

Things About Making Money On Netflix.

Just like every other legitimate source of income, watching movies and getting paid is worth a shot.

But, before we get started on how to make money watching Netflix,

This is critical information from Netflix that you should not overlook.

The Best Way To Get Paid To Watch Netflix?

If you choose to cash out on Netflix, the options aren’t quite as simple. This is because you do not simply watch Netflix and money appears in your account.

You will have to do some follow-up with this advancement.

You will need to visit some websites and go through some processes and some side hustles to supplement income for similar activities

Watching advertisements and commercials is an example of a side hustle activity. 

You can watch Netflix on another device while doing these things.

You have some spare cash in your wallet and decide to watch another episode of your favorite show.

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Which Websites Will Pay You to Watch Netflix?

As previously stated, you do not earn money on Netflix simply by watching a movie. Some websites enable this.

Below are complete sites that will pay you to watch Netflix. So all you have to do is go through them and find your best fit.

Here are some sites that pay Netflix users to watch movies on Netflix:

1. Netflix Tagger:

To make money watching Netflix movies on the Netflix website, you must become a Netflix tagger, also known as a metadata analyst.

Your duty as a Netflix tagger is to watch shows and assign them a specific tag. 

Such tags include movie release dates, language, genre, and so on.

You must have a degree in library science or a related field to work as a Netflix tagger. You should also have prior experience working with online catalogs.

Netflix taggers make $50,000-$70,000 per year, according to Glassdoor.

2. Get Paid on Netflix To Watch InboxDollars Videos.

InboxDollars is another website that pays you to watch Netflix. 

You must complete tasks such as watching videos to earn money on InboxDollars.

Some of the videos are interesting, while others are so boring that you just let your phone play them while you watch your favorite Netflix shows on another device.

When you watch these videos, the company that owns the video pays InboxDollars, which then pays you a portion of the earnings.

The more money you want, the more videos you watch.

3. Get Paid By Swagbucks When Binge-Watching Netflix

To get paid, you must complete tasks such as watching videos, just like on other sites. 

All you have to do is create a free account and start watching videos.

Swagbucks rewards you with points for watching videos. The more points you have, the more money you will earn.

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can exchange them for cash prizes such as gift cards to Amazon, Target, and other retailers.

If you want a cash settlement, you can request a direct payout to your PayPal account.

4. Get Paid By MyPoints

To earn points, you must play both your recommended video playlist and your Netflix playlist at the same time.

You’ll be paid to watch Netflix while your phone plays your MyPoints videos.

Signing up for MyPoints is free, and you can get $10 right away as a bonus.

After finishing your playlist, you can cash out your points for prizes such as Amazon or Visa gift cards.

5. Get Paid Watching EduBirdie Videos While You Watch Netflix. 

To earn money on EduBirdie, you must first apply to be a Smart Watcher. 

Normally, only 20 candidates are chosen.

You will receive a one-month subscription to Amazon Prime and Netflix if you are accepted.

Smart EduBirdie viewers are rewarded with a $1,000 one-time payment.

How Do I Get Paid To Watch Netflix Movies?

Now comes the important part: if you want to earn or make money watching Netflix movies and shows, here are some simple ways to make it.

1. Create A Blog

You can get paid to watch Netflix by starting a blog dedicated to watching Netflix shows and movies. 

You can do these:

Binge-watch new series, accept Netflix’s recommended shows.

Try to keep an eye out for new releases, and indulge.

Once you’ve finished a series or watched a movie, write a review.

Publish those reviews on your blog and drive traffic to it.

You can earn money by placing advertisements.

2. Create A YouTube Channel

This is comparable to starting a blog. 

Your channel will be dedicated to reviewing Netflix shows and movies.

You can earn money by running advertisements on YouTube. 

When someone views your video.

3. Create A Podcast Based On Netflix Videos You Watch And Earn Money.

Creating podcasts which is similar to radio hosting in order to discuss Netflix movies and shows.

It will go a long way to promote traffic on your site as you make more money.

Owners of podcasts can earn money through sponsorships and donations.

4. Become An Affiliate Marketer.

When Netflix users click on their special links to sites like Netflix, affiliate marketers receive a commission. 

Affiliate marketers’ commissions vary.

Affiliate programs with large corporations such as Netflix exist on websites such as FlexOffers.

All you have to do is sign up and accept its marketing terms and conditions. 

Then, begin advertising the companies to which you have subscribed.

5. Get Paid To Watch Netflix By Becoming A Nighttime Babysitter.

If you live off of babysitting, it’s time to turn it into a more lucrative business. 

As you can watch your favorite Netflix shows while babysitting while you make your money.

With this, you can see that there is no limitation irrespective of what you do to make it big through Netflix.

Is Getting Paid Watching Netflix Legal?

Getting paid to watch Netflix videos is perfectly legal. 

As a matter of fact, working as a Netflix tagger is a great job that is socially acceptable.

While some may regard binge-watching as a waste of time, it actually pays.

All you have to do is find a way to get paid to watch Netflix with any of the means listed above that suits your schedules.


The sites we have listed above have been tried and confirmed to be the true methods of getting paid to watch Netflix movies on the internet.

Bear in mind that not all of these websites are affiliated with Netflix. 

Nevertheless, there are numerous ways to make money from Netflix. Just find what suits you.

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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