How To Get More Reads On Wattpad?

So many people want to get more reads on Wattpad

They want to become famous and have millions of followers. 

You have to know what works for other writers and how you can improve your work so it gets more attention from readers worldwide.

Read through to get knowledge on how to get more reads on Wattpad.

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What Are Reads On Wattpad?

Reads are the number of times people read a story. 

They’re measured by how many people have clicked on your story and started reading it, so they’re not directly related to how many views you get.

Reads are important because they show how popular your story is.

If you want to be published, having lots of reads will mean that people want more from you! 

Some authors don’t publish their books because they don’t have enough readers, but those who do can get noticed by publishers interested in publishing new authors with lots of potential.

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Getting More Reads On Wattpad

Getting people to read your stories on Wattpad is hard. 

You must find your niche, be consistent and patient, and be strategic, social, creative, and original.

You must do all this while trying not to sound like a broken record!

There are a lot of different factors that go into getting more reads on Wattpad.

You should know your audience. Who are they? What do they want? Where do they hang out online? How can you find them?

You should craft compelling content. How will you build an engaging storyline for readers who aren’t sure whether or not it’s worth reading yet? What kind of imagery should be used for them to see themselves within these pages and feel as if their lives could easily fit into this world too?

This will help create more trust between author & reader, which leads us back to our next point.

Here are practical ways to get more reads on Wattpad:

1. You Have To Find The Right Audience.

There are many ways to get your work read, but the most effective are those that get to the right audience in the right way. 

You need to find a way to make them want your story and want others like them to read it too.

You also need a strategy for making sure they talk about what they’ve read and share it with their followers on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, or whatever platform you choose.

2. You Need To Join Groups Focused On Your Specific Topic Or Genre.

Joining a group is the best way to get more reads and engagement. 

There are many groups on Wattpad, but you must find the right one for your specific topic or genre.

Look at what other Authors are posting in their groups. 

Some will have more followers than others, which can help you determine whether or not it’s worth joining them.

Check out how many views each post has received, and then keep an eye on those numbers. 

If no one has clicked through yet, it might be time for you to try something else! 

You do not want all your work going down the drain while someone else gets all of their attention by creating content that’s easier for readers/followers to consume.

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3. Make Friends With Other Writers And Share Their Work For Them To Do The Same With Yours.

Another way to get more reads on Wattpad is by making friends with other writers and sharing their work in exchange for them doing the same with yours. 

You can do this by commenting on their stories and leaving feedback, sharing their work on your social media pages, or giving them a shoutout in your story.

4. Spend Time Writing A Good Description With An Interesting First Line And Plenty Of Tags.

When you’re writing your Wattpad story, you want to:

  • Write A Good Description.

Writing a good description is the most important part of your story and is also one of the most important parts for getting more reads. 

Make sure that your description is interesting and relevant to the work itself. 

  • Use A Good First Line. 

You’ll need a good first line because people will immediately click through if they see something exciting happening! 

For example: “It was raining outside.” That’s not very interesting compared to “The rain beat down like bullets on our little town.”

5. Update Regularly.

Your story will become less popular if you don’t update it regularly. 

People are less patient and get bored reading the same thing repeatedly. 

You may think weekly updating is enough for your readers, but this isn’t true! 

The best way to keep them returning is by updating them at least once every week or two (or three). 

If you want more traffic from Wattpad, make sure you’re making changes in the plot line of your stories.

Ensure that they are interesting to readers who come back again each time they visit the website.

6. Be Strategic And Link Up With Other Readers And Writers.

If you want to get more reads on Wattpad, you have to be strategic about it and link up with other readers and writers there.

You need a good, engaging story. 

You also need patience because it takes time for people to read your work. 

If your story gets rejected by one person, try another until you find one that works for both of you.

Remember that some people are just not interested in reading stories like yours, so don’t get discouraged!

You must also be committed.

When it concerns getting more reads on Wattpad, it requires commitment from all parties involved, including yourself! 

This means staying consistent with what makes your content unique while keeping up with industry trends.

Importance Of Reads On Wattpad

As a writer, you want to be able to get feedback on your writing. 

That’s why reads on Wattpad are so important! 

They help you build a following and learn more about your audience.

With more readers, you will make money from selling books in the future. 


We hope this article gives you some ideas on getting more reads on Wattpad. 

We also think it’s important to remember that many other factors are involved in getting people interested in your stories.

These factors include visibility within the platform or social media outreach efforts. 

However, there are no shortcuts when it comes down to getting started.

If you want people to read your work, start with creating a plan and stick with it until success is achieved!

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