Food Runner Job Description 

Fitting into a food running job description is easy, as it does not demand much, so there’s no need to worry. 

However, it is still important to grasp the knowledge of a food runner Job description, qualifications, and responsibilities because you do not want to be caught unaware during a job recruiting interview.

Please read ahead to find out what it takes to handle the demanding responsibilities that come with being a food runner.

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About Food Runners

Just In Case you’re contemplating, “Is a food runner also known as a waiter or waitress? Your answer is “Not at all.” 

Although these two positions have a few similar job descriptions, there are still various differences between them. 

Working in a restaurant as a food runner, all you need to know is how to balance trays, know what table each dish is to be delivered to, find out if any special sauces are needed for every table request, and deliver them swiftly. 

Food running is a lot easier than being a waiter because all you have to do is keep track of the table you’re running. 

As a food runner, your main priority should be that each table gets its specific order -no room for mistakes-. On the other hand, a waiter multitasks, and the job is not for the faint-hearted.

Waiters must build relationships with each customer, stay calm even while panicking, report customer orders to the computer, monitor kitchen staff, and restock drinks from the bar.

They are responsible for customer service, cash exchange/transactions, and ensuring customers are satisfied with the services rendered. 

Being a waiter requires a lot of experience, practice, finesse, physical fitness, and effort, so it is definitely not the same as being a food runner. 

Career And Educational Qualifications For The Job Of A Food Runner

Qualifications to fit into the food runner job description include possessing a high school diploma, a college degree(no specifications), physical fitness training, 1-3 working years of experience at a restaurant or bar. 

There should be delivery service working experience, extensive knowledge of food and nutrition hygiene, and a health education degree is a plus.

Food runners in their newly acquired jobs may also get to master food running skills through on-the-job training or community food running educational classes or by learning through free food running programs. 

Any individual can actually qualify as a food runner with any educational degree, either medical sciences or arts, in his/her possession. Most restaurants can offer extensive training, too, if you can afford their training fee. 

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Age Requirements Of Food Runners

Basically, employers can be quite picky and specific when it comes to employing food runners. 

Physical fitness and agility are very important factors that will determine if you are employable. The minimum age requirement is 16 years old, and the maximum is 30, So yes, specifically youths. 

People between the ages of 24 and 30 may be more advantageous to working full-time food-running jobs; 16-23-year-olds would only be hired as part-time workers because they are usually still in college and will have no time for a full-time job.

Note that, regardless of the age requirement minimum of 16 years old, state laws require a certain age to serve alcohol, so you should make sure you have knowledge of your state laws before applying for a food running job. 

10 Food Runner Responsibilities And Duties

  1. Help Maintain Standards Of Cleanliness And Hygiene in the kitchen 
  2. Respond to customer queries and inquiries.
  3. Take Out Leftovers And Clean Trash Cans
  4. Wipe Down Tables And Sweep Floors When Customers Are Done
  5. Act as intermediaries to customers with servers, bartenders, cooks, and restaurant management 
  6. Pay attention to customer requests and swiftly deliver any additional orders
  7. Ensure the accuracy of orders before delivering them to their respective tables
  8. Double-check all tables for clean tableware, glassware, and napkins.
  9. Ensure that menus are placed on all tables
  10. Assist with arranging tables and chairs to the preference of incoming customers

Skills Of Food Runners

Soft Skills 

  • Physical stamina and agility
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Accurate customer service 
  • Time Management 
  • Cleanliness 
  • Swift delivery skills
  • Very well mannered
  • Friendliness To coworkers and customers 
  • Must Be Well Spoken
  • Must Be Clean, Tidy, Organized, and Punctual to work
  • Pay Attention to Little Details
  • Accountability 
  • Multitasking skills
  • Competence 

Hard Skills

  • Management of inventory 
  • Teamwork collaboration Skills
  • Menu/recipe consciousness 
  • Serving multiple customers
  • Awareness Of fundamental Food Service And Sanitary Skills
  • Knowledge of essential culinary Skills
  • Food Portion And Waste Control expertise 
  • Industrial kitchen operation and procedure competency 
  • Expert knowledge of utilizing industrial equipment and utensils 
  • Time Management Skill
  • Analytical Thinking 
  • Strategic planning 
  • Multitasking Skills
  • Cooking skills

Food Runner Employee Wears

Professional food runner employees should wear clothes that depict physical agility and that give the restaurant a respectful image, as in the job description. 

As a food runner, your work wear includes; Black denim trousers, Cover Shoes -sneakers are preferable -, an apron, Face caps, black polos or t-shirts and a tie, an apron, Face Masks, and appropriate hats to restrain hair from contaminating the food.

Food Runner Restaurant Etiquettes

In the job description, food runners should possess a vast knowledge of kitchen/restaurant etiquette/manners as professionals. Here are some food-running etiquettes they have to keep at the back of their mind;

  1. Please ensure that the tables assigned to you must be swiftly attended to.
  2. You should always wear an optimistic and warm smile.
  3. Greet your customers’ patients warmly, and be polite to them.
  4. Napkins, utensils, and the food you are serving must be clean for customer use.
  5. Be kind to your customers 
  6. Always serve dishes in squeaky clean dishes and glassware.
  7. Keep your belongings tucked and away from the customer’s reserved table.
  8. Serve drinks in a rack and make wine/bottle corks available always.
  9. Always remember to serve drinks with straws or very clean disposable cups
  10. Please remember your table manners, do not serve stretching across the food of others
  11. Please Don’t be arrogant or rude, and avoid nagging & complaints
  12. While maintaining professional composure, always remember to use “Please” and “Thank you.”

Food Runner Salary

Food Runner’s salary varies depending on their employers, their years of work experience, hours of work/shifts, and yearly earnings.

An inexperienced food runner typically Earns a $21,000 Annual salary and earns $10.10 Hourly; if their customer service is pleasing to customers, they may attract additional tips to their hourly earnings. 

On the other hand, a mid-level food runner who is at least one Year Experienced Earns Roughly $25,536 Annual salary – $12.28 Hourly salary. He/She could also earn tips from customers depending on their customer service skills. 

Senior-level food runners Earn Between $29,000 annually and $13.94 Hourly And Tips Worth $18 or more. 

These statistics indicate that the average food runner’s hourly salary ranges from $10.10 – $13.94; hence, the average hourly pay is $12. 

While the average food runner’s annual salary ranges from $21.000 – $29,000, hence, the average annual salary for food runners in the united states is $25,000 

10 Food Runner Interview Questions 

  1. Explain how you would manage a difficult customer.
  2. As a food runner, how would you ensure that dishes are accurately delivered to the exact customers who ordered?
  3. How would you manage to remain calm and effectively work in a fast-paced restaurant?
  4. What are your multitasking skills like? How would you handle multiple orders and customer inquiries?
  5. Do you think it is essential to communicate with coworkers? Why do you think so?
  6. How would you handle accidents in the kitchen?
  7. Have you ever dealt with difficult coworkers? How were you able to resolve the conflict?
  8. How would you handle customers’ complaints about the food you served? 
  9. Are there any food, beverage, and wine fast food experiences you have? 
  10. Do you have any knowledge of food safety and sanitation practices? Mention some of the practices. 


How Do You Put Food Runner On Your Resume?Is A Food Runner The Same As A Waiter?

While food and beverage delivery is the responsibility of food operators, servers deal much more with customers and handle the order-taking and payment process. Food runners can be expected to take on additional duties when problems arise.

What Is Another Name For Food Runner?

Job titles often used interchangeably with Food Runner are Server Assistant.

What Are The Signs Of Clearing The Table?

For example, a clearing order of “Released” means that the servers wait until 60-80-100% of the table is finished before clearing. In contrast, an “Aggressive” cleaning order means that the servers will start cleaning the table as soon as the fork is placed on the plate.

Is It Better To Be A Server Or A Food Runner?

Waiters rank higher than Food Runners and can enlist their help to provide food as needed. Waiters communicate more directly with guests as they greet, introduce, take orders, and check on them throughout the meal.

What Are The Three Types Of Waiters?

Front waiter. A back waiter helps the waiters refill water, refill bread, etc. A barback helps the bartender by bussing and refilling the glass and alcohol. A runner who brings cooked meals to diners.


Now that you have learned the key requirements, duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills that should be in a food runner job description, you are 100% prepared for an interview. 

Honestly, give a good impression that you have every basic requirement and capability to fulfill your food running duties. 

We are positive you will get your dream job; you have our best wishes from us.

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