Does Food Lion Drug Test?

Food Lion is undoubtedly one of the grocery store corporations that randomly tests its staff for drugs, and it does so regularly, which is every 30 days.

Food Lion takes these precautions to maintain workplace safety and prevent unfortunate accidents. Currently, Food Lion operates over 1,089 locations, and each may have a distinct policy regarding drug testing.

It is within Food Lion’s discretion to test personnel for drugs randomly, whether this is done on a reasonable, ad hoc, or post-accident basis.

We’ll learn more about Food Lion drug test policy in this post, along with a lot of other information you might find interesting about the company.

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What Is Food Lion?

One of the nation’s small but rapidly expanding grocery store businesses is called Food Lion. The firm currently operates over a thousand supermarkets throughout ten states.

Even though the business has evolved throughout the years, many Americans are still employed there. Therefore, Food Lion should be the first stop for anyone looking for a solid job.

American citizens are often hired by the company in the states it services. Remember that before you start working at one of the company’s grocery stores, you must complete the pre-employment process.

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Some Facts About This Retail Store

A chain of American grocery stores called Food Lion has more than 1,100 locations across ten states. More than 88,000 people work at Food Lion at its 1,103 locations. The business was run independently up until 1974.

Nevertheless, it was bought by the Belgian-based Delhaize Group. It was established in 1957 in Salisbury, North Carolina. Its original name was Food Town. Most people now recognize it as Food Lion.

The business attempted for years to grow in Thailand. However, it ultimately left the nation and sold all its locations to Tops Supermarkets.

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Jobs In Food Lions

There is a significant potential that you can land an appointment at your neighborhood Food Lion, depending on where you reside.

The business frequently hires new employees as it loses current ones and grows into new regions. For people of various ages and backgrounds, Food Lion offers multiple employment opportunities.

There is a strong possibility that you’ll discover a career that works well for you, regardless of whether you’ve operated a cash register or assisted with grocery bagging.

The business frequently hires stock clerks, buggy pushers, and part-time cashiers. It might also employ managers. Both full-time and part-time positions are available.

Finding a career that matches your preferences and qualifications is essential, to reiterate. Job searchers can look for retail operations positions and corporate support center careers on the company’s official website.

Does Food Lion Drug Test Their Employees?

The food chain should use the figure above to rank employers who do drug tests on their workers. Every 30 days, Food Lion Drug carries out rigorous drug tests.

The main reason is that the business can ensure safety and prevent unanticipated mishaps. Every day in the office, Food Lion offers safe activities to avoid accidents.

It is reasonable to assume that a random drug test is involved in most food lions. Food Lion conducts sporadic drug tests in cities like Gloucester, VA, Durham, VA, Mechanicsville, Richmond, Raleigh, NC, and others.

The corporation must do random drug testing of its employees, regardless of whether the test is random, post-accident, pre-employment, or reasonable.

Additionally, Food Lion has safety-sensitive job openings, which is why this random drug test is required to prevent accidents that can be caused by negligence or a substance’s side effects.

The company’s drug testing policy is made available in writing to prospective workers. The pre-employment drug test is then carried out at a lab hand-selected by Food Lion and is accredited.

What Types of Drug Tests are Used?

Food Lion conducts pre-employment and random drug tests using the industry-standard 5-panel urine test.

However, it also has the right to use different drug tests, particularly if it wants to check for different kinds of narcotics. For instance, Berryville, Virginia, uses blood drug testing as part of its pre-employment drug testing program.

Can You Still Get Hired If You Fail A Drug Test?

You’ll probably lose the job opportunity if you fail a drug test. Unfortunately, because it can’t wait, the company will look for someone else.

You likely wasted the opportunity. However, if you’re prepared to finish a rehab or substance abuse course, some employers will offer you the job.

What Is The Starting Pay At Food Lion?

The Food Lion’s beginning salary varies depending on the position you are hired for and where you live. You might earn up to $10 if you land a job as a cashier.

The pay for this position, however, ranges from $7 to $16 per hour.

What Are The Requirements To Work At Food Lion?

Depending on the role you want, Food Lion has different prerequisites for employment. The criteria are straightforward if you want to work as a stocker or cashier.

You need education and training if you want to work as a manager. To view what positions are open, visit the organization’s official website.

Additionally, doing so will give access to the position’s prerequisites. Usually, to work at Food Lion, you must be 16 years old.


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