Does Dollar General Hire Felons? | A Guide

Apparently, felons go through serious struggles when trying to explore convenient and suitable employment possibilities. 

They go on and on to different businesses, firms, companies, and industries trying to get employed. 

Still, they end up getting rejected because of their criminal records, and the daily pressure to land a good job in order to afford their daily meals just keeps on taunting them. 

This article describes the recruitment policies, job application steps, rules and regulations of a particular company that has so kindly decided to offer a second chance to felons, which is Dollar General Store.

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About Dollar General Store 

The Dollar General Store has been operating about 18,774 stores in both Mexico and USA since 1939 till this present day and was founded by J.L Turner and Cal Turner.

Dollar General Store is a well-established store that is known for retailing all sorts of goods, from consumables, toys, pet equipment, interior decoration supplies, housekeeping supplies, cosmetics, clothes, and health supplies, at relatively low prices to the citizens of the United States Of America.

The headquarters of Dollar General Store is located in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, United States Of America.

Does Dollar General Hire Felons?

Apparently, yes, a felon stands the chance of receiving a convenient job employment opportunity of constant workflow from Dollar General Store to help them develop financial stability and stable career advancement. 

Dollar General Stores generally grant felons a second chance to support themselves and their loved ones through their work income. 

Felon Employment Policies For Dollar General

These are the hiring policies of Dollar General that you have to be aware of before you go ahead to send a job application letter to them.

1. Dollar General is unsupportive of the popular ban-the-box campaign. This generally gives off the impression that felons are compulsorily expected to open up about every aspect of their criminal background & past criminal history when filling out the provided job application forms.

A “ban the box campaign” simply enables felons or ex-convicts to be recruited by “felon hiring companies” such as Amazon, Trucking companies & UPS, regardless of their past criminal convictions.

2. A felon is considered eligible to submit an application letter to any of the local Dollar General stores around where he resides. This can be done if he is unable to fill out an application form and submit it online. 

Make sure, to be honest with yourself and check if you are fit for the particular job position before you decide to apply.

3. Granted, Dollar General Store hires felons and ex-convicts on a case-by-case basis. However, they do not have a specific program devoted to the recruitment of felons.

A simpler procedure for finding programs which are specifically intended to support felons would be to communicate with the unemployment station within the area in which you reside.

4. It is essential to note that background checks will be compulsorily adhered to before you can be officially recruited to work as an employee at Dollar General. 

Dollar General has taken background checks as a safety policy for about 8 to 10 years now.

Felonies That May Negatively Impact A Felon’s Job Opportunity. The worst type of felonies is described as arson, murder, manslaughter, violence with the intention of murder, burglary, armed robbery, Terrorism, and treason.

Does Dollar General Do Background Checks On Felon Applicants?

Dollar General Store mandatorily carries out necessary background verification checks on their various job applicants. 

This is done to ensure that only felons with a nice and manageable background or record will be recruited to handle entry-level jobs at Dollar General. 

Meanwhile, felons who are found to have severe convictions and misdemeanours always get disqualified from Dollar General Store’s employment and job application procedure.

Dollar General Application Process | Guide To Get Hired At Dollar General

There are different job positions with regard to Dollar General Store, and a felon can apply for a job based on any of the positions he prefers. 

The hiring process to get hired at Dollar General Store varies because of the different jobs, and they include:

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1. Warehouse Fulfillment Operator 

  • The felon applying for this job position must fill out the application form provided online and submit it immediately after completing the background check. He will receive an acceptance notification in no time.
  • The felon will be allowed to choose the specific time he would be able to go for his biometric and blood | urine | swab screening appointment 
  • The ex-convict or felon is allowed to choose any particular day he would love to begin working in the Dollar General warehouse. 
  • The final employment process will only be finished when the felon decides to begin working.
  • The ex-felon gets officially hired.

2. Main Or Assistant Driver

  • Fill out the application form posted online and submit it.
  • After submitting the application form, Dollar General will conduct a background verification check to ensure that you have a suitable personality and profile for the chosen job position. 
  • Dollar General will let you choose the day you want to begin working as their delivery driver.
  • Driving skills are required of the felon.

3. Seasonal, Personal Drivers

  • Fill out an application form for this job position and submit it.
  • Once your job application has been approved, Dollar General expects you to send a clear photo of the vehicle – the photo will be used – to inspect the vehicle thoroughly before usage.
  • The felon has to complete a paid driving lesson before his work can commence for him.

4. Customer Service Representative 

  • The felon will fill out an entry-level job application form.
  • He or she will wait for an interview scheduled call 
  • He or she will get recruited if they are what the company wants for the customer service job position 

After a felon’s employment approval into any of these job positions in Dollar General Store, he will get a call from their human resource management, go through an interview, a workplace tour and a work ethic & orientation training.


Does General Dollar Do Background Checks?

Does Dollar General do background checks? Yes, when you apply for a job at Dollar General, you should expect an assessment test and background check. At Dollar General, ALL applications are made online.

Can You Get Rehired At Dollar General?

Only if you were terminated on “Good Terms”. If you have given two weeks’ notice, worked well during those two weeks, and had no previous problems, you will be rehired. But if they let you go or you had a lot of writing, they won’t hire you again. Yes, Dollar General will rehire you if you have ever been terminated.

What Is The Dollar General Uniform?

In thousands of American discount grocery and bargain stores, employee uniforms consist of black pants or blue jeans, a black collared polo shirt, a black belt, and comfortable non-slip shoes.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Money Back At Dollar General?

Yes, you can get up to $40 in cash back at Dollar General when you purchase a debit card. Cashback is only available in $10 increments. Some places require a minimum purchase of $5 to $10 to get cash back, and some charge a fee of $1 to $2.

What Is The Youngest Age Dollar General Hires?

The youngest age to work at Dollar General is 16.

How Long Is A Dollar General Interview?

The Dollar General interview process begins with set questions. The management notes the hopefuls’ responses during the individual interview. It takes approximately 30 minutes to complete a meeting with a manager.

What Is Dollar General’s Full Name?

Dollar General Corporation is an American variety store chain in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. On March 28, 2023, Dollar General operated in 18,774 in the continental United States and Mexico.

What Are The Duties Of Dollar General?

Operate cash register and scanner to itemize items and total customer purchases, collect payments from customers and make the change, bag merchandise and assist customers with merchandise as needed.

Why Is It Called Dollar General?

The first Dollar General store opened in Springfield, KY. The concept was simple; no item in the store should cost more than a dollar. The idea was a huge success, and other stores were quickly converted.

Can You Withdraw Money From Dollar General?

Visit your preferred dollar location. To collect cash, proceed to the counter with your ID and phone number.


The bottom line is that Dollar General is a felon-friendly well-renowned shop in the United States that hires convicted felons, and the seriousness of the crime each felon has committed negatively impacts their employment opportunity.

We hope this article has provided you with a good answer to the question; Does Dollar General Hire Felons?

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