Average Time To Get A Job After Graduation In 2023

Graduating from college is an exciting time. 

After years of hard work, it’s easy to feel like you’re done with school and ready for the real world. 

But what happens when you graduate? Can I get a job right away? 

Let’s discuss the average time to get a job after graduation in 2023.

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What Is The Average Time To Get A Job After Graduation In 2023?

In 2023, the average time to get a job after graduation is six months, while the average time to get a job after college is four months. 

Practically, the average time to get a job after high school is two months, and the average for people who go straight into the workforce with no previous experience is one month.

How Does It Compare To Pass Years?

The average time to get a job after graduation has been increasing since 2010 when it was 15 months.

But how much longer does it take for your degree to pay off?

It depends on what field you’re in. An engineering degree can take longer than an English or history degree because engineers often have more experience and better skills than those who study literature or history. 

That said, even if you’re not an engineer, plenty of jobs still exist.

Why Is Employment Slow?

The answer is simple; the job market is saturated.

Since 2000, there have been more than 50 million job openings in the United States. 

During that same period, the number of people with bachelor’s degrees has risen from about 20% to nearly 30%. 

The best part is that you can find an excellent job if you have a degree and are willing to put effort into it. The bad news? 

So many people are competing for these available jobs and so few openings.

It can feel like an uphill battle to break into your chosen field or even get noticed by recruiters.

If you need more time, consider taking some classes at a local community college or technical school to understand better what careers are available and which ones might be right for you. 

Once you have that figured out, start looking for opportunities in your chosen field.

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What’s Causing The Delay In Getting A Job After Graduation?

There are several causes for the delay in getting a job after graduation. They include:

Lack of experience. 

This is the most common reason graduates are not getting jobs immediately after graduation. 

Most recent grads lack work experience and need more practical knowledge or skills to offer employers. 

They may be too green or need some time to build up their resume and get more comfortable in their new environment before applying for jobs.

  • Lack Of Connections. 

Connections are essential for getting hired because they can affect a big difference in finding suitable opportunities that match your qualifications, personality traits, and needs. 

If you don’t have any strong connections yet, no opportunities are available where you live. 

Worst-case scenario, it means nobody knows about your talents yet.

So try making friends at school or joining clubs or study groups related to what interests you most about life.

These will help open doors once we graduate college.

  • Inability To Speak English Well Enough. 

If you are fluent in English, finding jobs in the US will be easy because most employers require applicants to speak and write in English fluently. 

You can take classes at your local community college or adult education center.

This will help improve your skills or practice speaking with friends who are native speakers of English and who can correct your mistakes.

  • Companies Are Hiring Less Right Now.

Companies are hiring less because there are lots of people looking for work right now, which makes it difficult for them to hire new employees. 

It can also be more challenging for companies to find experienced workers who have been through the same training and education program as the ones they’re looking for. 

The result? Less competition between employers and higher pay rates for both candidates and employees alike.

Why Is It So Hard to Get a Job after College?

The Global economy is in a downturn, which means it’s harder to find work than ever since the Great Recession. 

And with more job seekers than available, it’s no wonder you’re having trouble finding your first full-time position after graduation.

The competition for entry-level positions has never been so fierce.

What Is The Most Effective Method to Get a Job After Graduation in 2023?

If you want a job after graduation, you must start applying for jobs before graduation. 

The most effective way is through social media. You can use your network and apply for jobs you are qualified for but not necessarily your dream job. 

Another method would be applying for jobs in your field of study and other related areas.

If none of these methods work out, other options exist, such as networking events where people who work at companies meet and talk about how much fun their careers have been so far.

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Do You Need to Get a Job Right After You Graduate?

Before you start panicking, it’s important to remember that getting a job right after graduation is not the only way to get one. 

You can also wait until later in life and take time off from school or even travel before starting your career.

If you want to ensure that you have a steady paycheck coming in, it might be best for you to look for work immediately after graduating college. 

But if there are other things on your mind or the school feels like a more enjoyable experience than working full-time at an office, then waiting will be better for everyone involved including yourself.

When Should You Start Applying for Jobs before Graduation?

If you plan on applying for jobs after graduation, starting is essential. 

But wait to apply. Several factors can affect your chances of getting hired and landing an interview:

  • How many applicants are there?
  • What are their qualifications?
  • Are they from the same field as you?

If you’re not prepared for all these questions, then it’s best to wait until after graduation before applying for jobs.

How Long Are You a Recent Graduate?

This question is a bit tricky to answer, and it’s important to distinguish between recent graduates and long-term ex-students, considered adults.

  • A recent graduate is someone who graduated within the last five years.
  • A long-term ex-student has not been in college for more than five years.

You can also think of it this way. If you graduated in 2016, your time frame would be 12 months; if you graduated in 2017, it would be 18 months, and so on!


1. How Long Does It Take A Graduate To Get A Job?

The average time to get a job after graduation is approximately 3 to 6 months for most students. Finding a job after graduation can take a long time due to many factors.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Good Job?

Job hunting can take five to six months from application to hire.

3. How Long Does Finding A Job After Uni Uk Take?

On average, this can take several weeks to months, depending on the industry and the level of competition.

4. How Difficult Is It To Get A Job After Graduation?

As you have put so much time, money, and energy into finishing university and getting good grades, you’ll be keen to turn your degree into a career you’ll enjoy. However, the competition for good graduate jobs is fierce. It’s a sobering fact, but only 52% of graduates get a graduate-level job.

5. Why Is It So Hard To Find A Job After Graduation?

A common factor among many graduates struggling in their job search is the quality of their resumes. 

6. Is Six Months Enough To Find A Job?

On average, getting a job takes about 3-6 months from start to finish, and you have an 8.3% probability of getting a job interview from one job application.

7. What Time Of Year Is The Hardest To Get A Job?

Late November through December are usually the worst times of the year for job hunting, as many managers and employees are away for seasonal vacations.

8. What Time Of Year Is Easiest To Get A Job?

January and February are the most popular recruitment months.

9. How Long Is Too Long After Graduation?

There’s no official limit on when you can apply for a graduate job. However, you’re more likely to be accepted to a graduate scheme or graduate job within the first three years after your graduation.

10. Is It Hard To Get A Job In The Uk As An International Student?

The labor market is competitive.

Many foreign graduates are disadvantaged compared to their domestic counterparts because they need to familiarize themselves with the UK job market.


You can now tell the average time to get a job after graduation in 2023.

With all of this information in mind, graduates will likely take longer than last year to get jobs. 

This results from many factors, including lower unemployment rates of recent graduates nationwide and higher competition for positions.

 The best way to begin your job search is by looking at your resume and researching companies that interest you so they know how well-prepared they might be if they hire one or two people from each group.

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