15 Best Careers For ENFJ Personality Types

ENFJs are natural-born leaders who often find themselves on the front lines of their careers. 

They’re also highly valued for their abilities to manage others and organize large groups of people for success. 

If you are thinking of the best careers for ENFJ personality types, read on carefully. 

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Best Careers For ENFJ Personality Types

ENFJs are often drawn to careers that involve managing others, such as teachers, politicians, or doctors. 

Here are the 15 best careers for ENFJ personality types:

1. Medical Doctor

Medical doctors are good for ENFJ Personality Types, who enjoy helping people and making decisions. They’re also good at communicating and problem-solving.

The ENFJ is an intuitive personality type that thrives on helping others. 

It can be said that the ENFJ is born to be a doctor because they have such a strong sense of empathy toward their fellow man. 

They can quickly identify patients’ needs and provide medical care accordingly.

This makes them great at listening to what their patients say and understanding how they feel about their health concerns.

They do these while treating them with compassion.

2. Prosecutor

If you’re an ENFJ Personality Type, it’s not hard to imagine this career being right up your alley. 

You’re adept at reading people, seeing the big picture, and communicating with others. 

In addition, you’re strong on making decisions and taking action, and that’s what a prosecutor does. 

These qualities make prosecutor careers very appealing for ENFJs who want to use their natural skills to help others.

3. Teacher

Teachers are good careers for ENFJ Personality Types.

As teachers, ENFJs can help people learn and grow through their unique methods. 

They also have a strong ability to connect with their students personally, which makes them excellent at building relationships with students who may feel isolated or alone at school.

Teachers can work in various settings, including traditional classrooms and online classes. 

Teachers can also train and teach others how to teach children (including those who are developing). 

This means that many different types of teaching opportunities are available to ENFJs.

4. Journalist

A career as a journalist is a great choice for ENFJ personality types, who are good at understanding people and communicating with them. 

Journalists also have an eye for detail and enjoy researching stories others may not know.

Journalists can write articles or books about their subjects. 

Some might want to become investigative reporters seeking illegal activities or government agency corruption. 

Others may want to focus on local stories that affect their community at large while still being able to keep up with national events.

These national events include presidential elections or major sports events happening outside the city limits where they live.

5. Nurse

Nurses are crucial in the healthcare system and the default line of defense against disease.

They provide care that keeps people healthy and safe, which is especially important for ENFJ personality types.

Nurses make sure that patients get the right medicine at the right time.

They can prevent infection or illness before it becomes serious enough to require treatment by a doctor or hospital staff member. 

This is especially important for ENFJs, who tend to be more empathetic than other types.

They’ll want to see if you’re improving so they can check in on you again later.

6. Pharmacist

Pharmacists are health professionals who provide advice and services to patients about medications. 

They are the experts on medicines, so it’s no surprise that pharmacists make a great career choice for ENFJ Personality Types. 

Pharmacists have a variety of duties, including:

  • Providing medical treatment to patients.
  • Prescribing drugs or recommending dosage changes when necessary. 

7. Social Worker

If you’re an ENFJ, social work is a great career choice. Social workers help people who are in trouble, sick or homeless. 

They can also help clients with mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

Social workers can work in hospitals, schools, and community organizations.

They also practice private practice by treating individuals at home or in their offices.

8. Musician or Performer

Musicians and performers are often ENFJs. 

They enjoy the creative process of being an entertainer and excel at expressing themselves through music or the arts. 

The ENFJ personality type is also well-suited to this career because it allows them to organize and lead groups while providing emotional support for those around them.

ENFJs may be drawn to careers as musicians because they already possess a natural ability to perform before audiences.

They don’t need much training. 

This makes it easy for ENFJs who enjoy creating something new each time they perform or performing old favorites again after many years away from performing on stage. 

9. Counselor or Psychologist

Counseling or psychotherapy is a good career for ENFJs who want to help people develop coping strategies. 

The ENFJ personality type needs to have a keen understanding of human behavior.

They must be able to listen and empathize with people experiencing mental health issues. 

They should also be able to help them develop their coping strategy by providing emotional support and advice on moving forward.

10. Sociologist or Anthropologist

Sociologists and anthropologists are good careers for ENFJ Personality Types to pursue because they allow the use of your talents in the service of others. 

Sociology is a broad field that studies society, culture, and institutions. 

It includes several fields, which can be very rewarding if you enjoy learning about people from all walks of life. 

The best thing about being a sociologist or anthropologist is that it requires patience, as there will always be new things to learn about each day.

11. Firefighter or Paramedic

Firefighting or paramedic are two of the best careers for ENFJ personality types. 

These professions require people to be responsible for protecting lives and property in emergencies and providing first aid to injured people.

Firefighters and paramedics work in teams, each member having a specific role. 

For example, one fireman might be responsible for putting out fires while another firefighter takes care of rescue operations at the scene. 

A third person would assist him by carrying buckets filled with water so that he could douse flames quickly before they spread too far.

12. Coach

You may have a natural knack for coaching. 

ENFJ personalities tend to be good listeners and are usually great at helping others improve their skills or achieve their goals. 

If you want to work in this field, it can be rewarding, and you’ll get paid to help people achieve what they want in life. 

Many different types of coaching careers are available, including sports coaching, business coaching, teaching, mental health counseling, and human resources management. 

The list goes on and on.

You could do anything from working with small groups of people through corporate-level leadership development programs with hundreds of employees under your care.

The key is what you choose, whether coaching athletes at a local high school or mentoring managers at Amazon.

You’ll need excellent communication skills and strong emotional intelligence to succeed as an ENFJ personality type coach.

13. Fundraiser

If you’re an ENFJ personality type, you might want to consider fundraising as a career. 

Fundraising can be a rewarding career for ENFJ Personality Types because it allows them to help people in need and work for charities or nonprofits. 

The fundraising field is also extremely competitive; however, if you’re good at communication and persuasion, then fundraising will be an excellent fit for your personality type.

You’ll have to be able to motivate people who don’t usually give money or volunteer their time by asking them why they can contribute through a campaign that appeals directly to their values or interests.

You’ll also have plenty of opportunities where personal connections are crucial.

14. Human resources

As a personality type, the ENFJ is known for its ability to understand people and their interactions with others. 

They’re often described as being “people-oriented.” This makes them good at careers in human resources (HR). 

HR positions require empathy, which helps them understand how different people think and feel so that they can better help people get jobs or promotions. 

It also allows HR professionals to resolve conflicts between employees or departments at work without resorting to violence or other methods of conflict resolution.

They use their empathetic nature and understanding of others’ needs when dealing with employee morale or workplace satisfaction.

Because ENFJs possess so much knowledge about human behavior, particularly within organizations, they can provide this service efficiently.

They also make sure everyone is happy with their performance at work.

15. Politician

If you’re an ENFJ personality type, politics is a great career choice. You are comfortable communicating with people and can persuade them to do things. 

You may be so good at public speaking that you can persuade yourself. 

You also know how to build relationships and motivate others. 

These qualities make it easy for ENFJs to get elected or appointed into leadership positions in politics, government, or both. 


1. Can ENFJ Be Successful?

ENFJs are natural leaders because of their powerful personalities, ability to connect with others, and positive outlook on life. 

They seek order and see the best in others, which makes them particularly competent leaders. 

ENFJs are reliable listeners and communicators who can succeed in any situation.

2. What Should ENFJ Avoid?

They should avoid companies with dysfunctional management, chaotic environment, and ambiguous demands. 

3. Who Should ENFJ Marry?

The Extroverted Feeling Dominant ENFJ is best suited to a partner whose Introverted Feeling Dominant Function.

ENFJs and INFPs are ideally matched because they share an intuitive way of looking at the world, but ENFJs and ISFPs are also very well matched.

4. Are ENFJs Good With Money?

However, considering Diplomats, that’s far from greedy. They are likely to appreciate the value of money in helping them enjoy experiences with the people they care about and are usually generous. They are likely good about saving money.

5. What Powers Does ENFJ Have?

ENFJs feel good about being organized and following a well-ordered schedule. They also have an innate ability to motivate and inspire others enthusiastically.

As natural leaders, ENFJs’ excitement is contagious and can often help encourage those around them to feel optimistic.

6. Why Is ENFJ So Special?

ENFJs are typically good communicators, talented at using words to connect with others. They are perceptive about people and enjoy talking about relationships. 

7. What Should You Not Do To An ENFJ?

Certain phrases everyone hates to hear. “Calm down,” “Relax,” or “You’re Being Too Sensitive” will drive anyone crazy.

8. What Are ENFJs Motivated By?

ENFJs tend to be motivated by their relationships with others. They love meeting and connecting with new people regularly while maintaining close relationships with friends and family. 

9. What Should I Know Before Dating An ENFJ?

ENFJ partners want harmony above all else, sometimes at the expense of their own needs. 

10. What Is The Weakness Of ENFJ?

Passionate and headstrong, ENFJs dive in head first without fully examining or investigating the endeavor before them or fully considering what it will entail.


We hope this list has shown you the best careers for ENFJ personality types, even if they don’t have a traditional career path.

This list is not exhaustive, and many other fields of work may be right for you. 

If none of these fit your personality type, consider starting with one category at a time. You can always add on later.

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