“Why Do You Think You Can Do Well In This Job?”- Best Answers

The way you respond to the questions thrown at you during a job interview determines whether you will get to the next round or not, and one of such questions is – “Why do you think you can do well in this job?”

Consider this article to be an expository one as we are going to be looking at how to answer this question, sample answers to this question, things to steer clear of when answering the question, and most importantly, why an employer is asking.

Read on to find out. 

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Why Do Employers Ask This Interview Question – “Why Do You Think You Can Do Well In This Job?”

There are a couple of reasons why an employer may be eager to know if you would do well in a job.

One of the major reasons is that the hiring manager is eager to find out if you have unique skills or experiences that will be of great help to your job.

They need something to lay a hold on what impact hiring you will make in their business or organization, and that is why you must put your best foot.

Having said that, don’t just share any random thing instead strategically give an answer relevant to the job you applied for.

Another reason is that they want to check your confidence level as every employer would rather have a confident person in their team. 

You need to prove that you are an employee who is confident in their skills, one who isn’t shy or timid, and the way to achieve this is through constant practice.

Finally, they want to see how well you understand your job description. 

This is why we usually advise job seekers to carry out their research and find out about their company before applying for jobs because employers want to hire someone who can expend effort into getting things done.

Again, carrying out your research about the company gives you certain information that will be relevant to avoid giving generic answers.

Tips To Answer The Question – “Why Do You Think You Can Do Well In This Job” 

These important tips listed and explained below will assist you in coming up with the best answer to this question, and by extension, win the hiring manager over.

1. Compare The Job Listing To Your Qualifications

The first thing you should do when preparing to answer this question is to identify all the requirements ranging from skills to personality traits, and qualifications that the job needs.

Having done this, think of the qualities you possess that match the requirements of the job, and then check if there are things you’ve achieved in your previous place of work using those qualities.

2. Give A Simple Answer.

Keep your answers as brief as possible, probably a minute or two. 

Pick just one or two of the qualities you possess that are relevant to the job, then use them to sell yourself.

3. Highlight Skills/Qualities Relevant To The Job

As I have said earlier, look out for the strengths and experiences you have that are relevant to the job.

This will help you to avoid giving generic answers as every hiring manager wants to find out what distinguishes you from every other applicant. 

I advise you to settle for the qualities that will sell you easily to your employer, and look for ones that might not be easily available in all other applicants.

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4. Cite An Example If You Can

If you can, give an example of what you’ve successfully done using that skill as this will give the hiring manager additional insight on what you are saying.

Generally, questions like this one require adequate proof, so giving an example isn’t a bad idea.

So, instead of just saying that you are a hard worker and you learn fast, talk about something specific you learned, and how fast you did it, then relate it to the skills needed for this job.

Please, whether the job is in the same field as your previous job or you’re changing to a new industry or new type of position, ensure that the experiences you share are similar to what this next job requires.

Sample Answers To The Question – “Why Do You Think You Can Do Well In This Job?” 

In this section, we will be looking at Sample answers to this question. You can use one or two of them as a guide when answering yours. 

#1 Sample Answer

“I have the necessary abilities and a track record of success in this industry, so I will succeed in this position. I saw in the job description that this position includes daily client interaction as well as project management. These were essential components of my former position, therefore I’m convinced I can succeed in this one.

As an illustration, during the last month of my employment at my prior position, I handled an average of 20 customer emails daily while overseeing 5 client projects. And to ensure our clients were satisfied, I finished all 100 of these assignments inside that month.”

#2 Sample Answer

“One of my greatest skills is direct team leadership, which I noted is mentioned in your job description. I supervised a full-time team of seven employees in my previous employment, therefore I believe I can succeed in this position right away as well.”

Mistakes To Avoid When Answering The Question “Why Do You Think You Can Do Well In This Job?”

There are certain things you must not say or do when answering this question as they will mar your chances of getting employed. 

Take a look at some of the things you must avoid:

1. Failure To Research.

If you follow through this article, you will know that carrying out your research about the job is very vital for landing just any job.

How do you explain the values that you will bring to the table without even knowing what their needs are?

2. Don’t Be Too Modest

Please, by all means, sell yourself. You need to share your experience because if you have nothing to share, you can as well forget about the job.

You see why you must not be modest about it.

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3. Don’t Make All Of Your Answers Personal

At every point, you must look for a way to relate your answer to them, and so don’t make the answer all about you.

Relate it to their job and their needs. This way, they will know that you have their interest at heart.


Always bear in mind that the employer likes something about your resume, and that was why you got invited in the first place. 

So, when they throw questions at you such as this one, be confident, and answer, especially when you know what to say using the information provided to you in this guide.

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