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About SPIE

As an international subsidiary of the SPIE GROUP that specializes in the energy sector, SPIE Oil & Gas Services has been working at the heart of energy production infrastructures for several decades, designing, installing, starting up, and maintaining these infrastructures, while ensuring that the best possible conditions in terms of safety, costs, lead times and quality is guaranteed.

With about 3,100 employees of about seventy (70) different nationalities working in over twenty countries in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, SPIE Oil & Gas Services offers its customers from the oil, gas, and renewable energy industries sustainable solutions in the following areas:

Well delivery & management, projects, engineering & construction, assessment & competency development, commissioning & start-up, operations, maintenance & asset integrity.

From its very beginnings, SPIE has contributed to every subsequent technological revolution within the transport, energy, and communications sectors.

The company has, alongside its employees, followed up its technical and human adventure and has never stopped reexamining itself to grow and become the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the fields of energy and communications.

Ever conscientious and loyal to the spirit of the entrepreneurs who created SPIE and have developed it over the last 120 years, the company now employs 46,000 men and women who are strongly committed to achieving the energy and digital transition alongside their customers.

More than ever, their actions focus on the long-term challenges posed by climate change.

Core Values Of Proximity And Responsibility At SPIE Oil And Gas

CO2 Emissions Reduction

SPIE Oil & Gas Services is dedicated to the energy transition, therefore being exemplary in terms of environmental protection is a sign of professionalism.

There are shared rules that have been defined by SPIE that are simple to apply in the field and the employees are encouraged to adopt them on a daily basis, incorporating them into service offerings to help their partners and customers reduce their carbon footprint.


At SPIE, diversity is considered to be an integral part of corporate social responsibility and therefore stands as a drive for the group’s development.

Diversity is inextricably bound up with the group’s guiding principles and management values in general, and is therefore considered a cornerstone of the company-wide project “SPIE, sharing a vision for the future”.

SPIE is committed to curbing discrimination, and fostering equal opportunities and treatment, during the recruitment process and throughout its employees’ careers.

Time For Society

As part of the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy, SPIE  has encouraged its employees to dedicate their time to ensuring a sustainable society, by volunteering in local associations, schools, and other organizations.

These actions focus on two major themes: access to water, energy, and education. Such initiatives create the perfect platforms/opportunity for SPIE employees to put into action the group’s shared values, one of proximity and responsibility. 

Gender Equality

In a bid to develop diversity, equality, and inclusion, SPIE introduces a branch known as So’SPIE Ladies, an implemented group aimed at creating a link and an interface between employees.

By means of very specific actions, gender versatility is being encouraged and promoted through creating awareness and staying committed. 

Goals of the So’SPIE Ladies Group

  • Increase gender balance & maintain professional equality among teams.
  • Create awareness of the advantages of gender diversity.
  • Facilitating career development plans for women (Mentoring Program).
  • To attract & retain new female employees. 

Join The SPIE Group As A/An;

  • I&E Construction Rep.
  • Site/Construction Operations Manager. 
  • Instrument and Control Engineer.
  • Senior Control Engineer.
  • Commissioning Head.

For inquiries relating to recruitment & employment (CVs, Applications, and Internships.), please login directly to the career page: via 



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